Thato Ookeditse –

“My name is Mr Thato Ookeditse. I am 28 years of age. I was born in Mmadinare, Botswana. I currently live in Gaborone city in Botswana where I pastor a church branch which I planted 5 weeks back for a church called Joyous Christian Centre. I am an ordained minister of the gospel and an international Administrator of the named church.

“I got saved in 2002 while I was at senior high school in scripture union. I decided to accept the Lord as my personal savior after the preaching I heard in an outreach that was organized by the scripture union of the same school.

“God called me in 2009 to be a minister of the gospel in the apostolic anointing to plant churches, nurture churches, and establish their administration. Doing ministry in Botswana is quite challenging but at the same time interesting. I had an opportunity to plant and nurture six churches in Botswana and one church in UK. The main challenge in Botswana is financial problem towards supporting the ministry but i spend most time doing house to house which help the church to grow and reach many unsaved souls.”Thato Ookeditse

Thato Ookeditse Receives a Scholarship

“Having CLI sponsorship helped me to be enriched on  the word of God like i have never imagined. it helped me to have depth on my teachings and it have made my teachings to be much easier. I believe it will help me to have qualification since in some countries that I want to reach in the future, for a person to have a permit they need a qualification.

“My prayer is that God may help me to be bold when I preach the gospel. I want to reach as many souls as I can.”

Thato Ookeditse ministers in a church in Botswana, where poverty makes it challenging for ministers to find the financial support they need to survive while focusing wholly on preaching the word. As he seeks the growth of the kingdom of God, Thato Ookeditse goes door to door, but still isn’t able to earn enough to go to traditional seminary classes. Still Thato Ookeditse feels the prodding of the Spirit to preach the word not only in his own country of Botswana, but in other countries as well. Thato Ookeditse has come to Christian Leaders Institute because he knows that he can be equipped to carry the message of the gospel to all nations.

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