Oden Makiwa –

“My name is Oden Makiwa. I am married with 2 children (12&15). We currently live in England, United Kingdom. We are originally from Zimbabwe. We have lived in England for 12 years.

“I grew up in church. I have been passionate about studying the Word of God all my life. Living in another country as a bi-vocational pastor and working hard to support family members back home gives me little opportunity to pursue my passion to study due to time and financial constraints.”Oden Makiwa

Oden Makiwa Receives a Scholarship

“I came across the Christian Leaders Institute online and immediately concluded that this was a prayer answered. Now I can pursue my studies part-time with easy Internet access. I am involved in my church as an associate pastor and one of my responsibilities is to do missionary work. I have been to Africa 4 times in the last 2 years training leaders. With a CLI scholarship I believe I will be well equipped to impart more advanced knowledge to a lot of other people who do not have the same access and opportunities like I now have with CLI.

“Pray for me that I will be able to fulfill the call of God over my life to plant more churches and share the mercies of God with many people.”

Oden Makiwa has a passion for Christ. He immigrated from Zimbabwe to England, where he pastors a church while working full time to support his family. Oden Makiwa isn’t content to live a stagnant life, though. He knows that he has more to learn, but he doesn’t have the finances or time to attend a seminary. Oden Makiwa sees Christian Leaders Institute as a doorway to a greater impact for Christ – in his community now, and others in time.

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