Tungamirai Musendekwa –

“I come from Zimbabwe where a lot of ministry work is being carried out in a peaceful environment. I have managed together with my family to establish a congregation in the newly acquired suburb.

“I was born again when I was doing my secondary education in 1985. I used to be very stubborn and my parents were surprised when I was baptized and gave my life to Jesus. I became a totally different person. Some of my friends thought I was going to go back to my past activities but I persevered.

“My dream is to bring many souls to Jesus. I have an ambition to see a fellowship of congregants. I have a calling in the healing ministry. I intercede for the Church, the family and my country. I believe in the power of Jesus.”

Tungamirai Musendekwa Receives a Scholarship

“I believe the scholarship will help go through all the necessary basics and detail so as to equip myself to be able to share with everyone possible the Gospel. I believe at CLI I get the best of what is required in every person’s christian life. The scholarship will be a key for me to be able to study the Bible more and more for I have seen this as very relevant to me.

“I ask that you pray for me to be able to start a project to raise funds for evangelism. I would like the Children’s ministry to grow. I kindly ask that you pray for success in whatever we intend to do to grow the Church. You can also pray that Christ be the one all Glory should go not to me.”

Tungamirai Musendekwa grew up without God, but when he was called to serve God in 1985, his friends and family were amazed at the changes in him. Tungamirai Musendekwa knows what it means to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and he wants others to experience the transformation too. It is this goal that brings Tungamirai Musendekwa to Christian Leaders Institute. Tungamirai Musendekwa sees a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute as a doorway to winning more souls for Christ.

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