Online Bible and Ministry Study

My name is Nicholas D. Bright Sentsima. I am at the Christian Leaders Institute for online Bible and ministry study (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Story

I am the second-born with two sisters and one brother. My home country is Botswana, in the southern part of Africa. I married my childhood Sunday schoolmate 19 years ago. We have three children, two boys and a girl. My wife and I grew up in the same church. Our parents were friends and neighbors. Our bond has been for many years. My mother told me they took both of us along when we were young on evangelistic missions to other towns.

Our childhood was one of service to humanity, Bible study, and prayer in the morning and evening. My father had us take turns praying and reading a Bible text with a brief explanation of what it meant. Sometimes we walked some distance to the bus stop to catch a ride to church on Saturdays and Sundays when my parents had no car. We got used to it and even walked to save money to buy some sweets. That experience strengthened my love for the church.

Another motivation for me was the responsibility the Sunday school teacher gave me. I became a choir conductor early because of my confidence in singing and reading music. I taught others to read and sing notes. Also, I played a few hymns on the church organ while the congregation sang. I also got the same opportunity to be a choir conductor at my school. It increased my knowledge of music.

Ministry Opportunities

As I grew into my teenage years, I continued in church with added responsibilities. I prepared Bible teachings for the younger children. Little did I know that the young sister and colleague with whom I taught Sunday school would someday be my wife.

Here we are, 19 years in holy matrimony. We are raising our children the way we were. None of them have disappointed us. We have 24-year-old and 16-year-old sons and a 9-year-old daughter. All of them have some responsibilities in the church. They are excellent musicians and orchestra players. The firstborn is a Chef and an Accountant by profession. They accompany choirs in the church with various instruments.

For over 15 years, my wife and I have been instrumental in the Youth and Sunday school ministry. We mentored many people. Some are now Pastors and Sunday school teachers in other churches. We also served in Christian marriage and couple counseling in and outside the church.

Online Bible and Ministry Study at CLI

I enrolled in Theological courses for the love of the Bible and evangelism. At one point, New Covenant International University, USA, awarded me a scholarship to study online Master of Arts in Bible and Theology. However, the turning point in my Christian life was when I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute. Praise God! I could hardly believe it at first. Such an excellent opportunity for tuition-free online Bible and ministry study!

The courses are so relevant to my current ministry. Youth, marriage, family restoration, pastoral care and support, evangelism, Bible study – CLI is heaven-sent! There is nothing like this anywhere else. We all are so motivated that we listen to the course instruction together in the evening on the television. But, of course, we never want to miss Rev. Henry Reyenga and his beloved team. Lately, we also invited some of our neighbors for prayer and switched to CLI topics to share with our neighbors.

Further Service in Ministry

I approached the government of Botswana regarding registration as a Wedding Officiant. I am awaiting permission to practice according to the local laws. It is all thanks to the Christian Leaders Institute marriage ministry awards and licensed Christian wedding officiant recognition class. It also gives me more confidence in running a private marriage and couple counseling consultancy.

Let me thank Christian Leaders Institute for allowing me to pursue my passion for studying the word of God and for the many awards and credits accumulated so far. With more than 12 courses completed so far, I still have the energy to study more and share with other people in Botswana. I wish to run a Bible College here in Botswana and have CLI as an examining body.

We are currently running a non-profit making trust called Sentsima Arts Foundation, where we teach Bible and musical instruments for FREE to underprivileged children and street kids in orphanages. We train the kids to be professionals. Some were rehabilitated through our programs from drugs and alcohol. I am the legal Founder. Our Foundation depends on donations to succeed. The many topics provided freely by Christian Leaders Institute will be highly instrumental in our Bible study groups at the Foundation.

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