Faithful God

My name is Lancelot Okocha and I serve a faithful God. I was born on the 2nd of October 1980 in Nigeria, Lagos Island. I am the ninth child of my parents. I attended Satellite Town Primary School and Navy Town Secondary School. I concluded my education at AA College in Lagos Nigeria.

Due to an intense strike and no payment of lecturers at the time in Nigeria, people were unable to finish an education at the time. So I decided to travel to pursue further education. I spoke to my late father about my plans to further my education. I wanted to eventually work and see how to get my family out of the bad situation we were facing as at that time. My father and my mother took all they had and made it possible for me.

So I embarked on a journey to South Africa to study with a later move to Canada as my final destination. However, things did not work out as I planned. I spent many years in South Africa unable to get the education I desired due to the fact that I met the wrong people who duped me and I got stranded. I had no place to go, no family relatives or friends to call on for help. My dream for school was there but began to fade away.

My faithful God had other plans. In 2012, I met a woman called Decent at church. Both of us served in the choir (She later became my wife and the mother of our two boys). I was a worker at my local church LifeGate Assembly International where I was the Praise and Worship leader. Gospel music was the only thing that consoled me and connected me deeply to God. Though all the challenges, my faithful God provided for my every need. Then I met Decent, broken in her own way, seeking to know the Lord. I remember vividly encouraging her to follow the Path of the Lord, which she did, not knowing she would someday be my wife.

In 2013, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I began to pursue my wife. At the same time, the Lord began to reveal to her through revelation in dreams and the Word that He had put her in the season of marriage. It wasn’t an easy road because of what she went through in her previous relationships.

Eventually, our faithful God spoke through a guest pastor that was ministering at our church during an anointing service. She heard that “your husband is standing next to you.” On that day, I was standing next to her singing. And the Lord opened her heart. We began to prepare for the wedding not knowing where the money would come from. We held on to God, and the Lord, our faithful God, began to provide for us in the best way. My wife’s wedding clothes, the venue, my clothes and all we needed were provided. We got married in 2014.

Then, not only did the Lord do that for us, but our faithful God provided the things we needed for our house. We have still not opened all the wedding gifts. The Lord has provided for our children as well. They lack nothing. God has never failed us ever since. My family and I give God the glory and praise for what He has done, is doing, and is going to do. Praise the Lord!

I also thank our faithful God for the opportunity to study with Christian Leaders Institute. What I have learned so far has given me hope again. Now I am receiving the education I always desired. Free online ministry training at CLI is the answer to my prayers for further education.

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Robust Biblical Education

My name is Iyere Eigbadon and I am pursuing a free robust Biblical education.  I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria. I began to study the Bible at the age of five with my uncle. From my childhood, I have been involved in the things of God in one form or the other. At the age of nine, I made a verbal heartfelt commitment to the Lord Jesus at the prompting of a house fellowship leader who was impressed with my zeal for the Lord. Then I was baptized in water the following year.

As a result of my zeal and my work for the Lord, during my teenage years, I had strong opposition to my faith from a relative that I lived with. This though only strengthened my resolve to serve the Lord. However, in my later teens, I had my faith tested with temptations common with youth. Although I never strayed too far from the Lord, it was a season of backsliding nonetheless. I later rededicated myself to the Lord and His work and was very active during my university days. Sadly, this impacted my grades negatively. What I lacked then was proper mentorship and leadership from those older in the faith to train me in burning for the Lord and excelling academically also. In other words, finding the proper balance and focus that truly glorified God. Thankfully, this is one thing that characterizes the Christian Leaders Institute.

For about nine years now, I have been involved in ministry among the youth. My passion has been to be a responsible mentor steering them in the path that results in a truly fruitful relationship with the Lord, their parents, fellow believers and being fruitful in their life goals. It has been quite a challenge as there are conflicting images available to them of what a relationship with God ought to look like. Quite a number of ministries are involved with the youth and many of them seem to take advantage of the zeal of the young. They want to drive the growth of their ministries at the expense of the other things that will make for success in the lives of these young ones. This is sad as they are so impressionable.

My ministry dream is to give God my best, trusting Him to use it as He sees fit to change the landscape of ministry among the youth in my country. There is a proliferation of churches in Nigeria, yet far too many of us do not reflect the character of Christ. The focus of our pursuit of God, for the most part, is for personal enrichment. When one interacts with the average person on the street, it is obvious that the general impression of the gospel that they have is what is known as the “health and wealth gospel.” This was not the case in our country as little as twenty-five years ago. I know this because it is my story and the story of many others around my age that I know.

The impact of laboring in the things of God, yet coming to realize that I was not doing His will as revealed in his Word led me to do a lot of searching in the scriptures. I kept looking and studying because I was determined not to repeat the same mistakes. I realized that the root of these problems was that too many who started ministry did not take the time to truly understand the things that Jesus commanded us. So we end up presenting a different message and modeling a different life which is not like Christ’s. My studies in Scripture had been an entirely personal effort, but I came to see the need for some specialized training in a robust biblical education that can only be found in a good seminary. I, however, cannot currently afford the tuition of traditional schools. Thankfully, the Lord providentially led me to the Christian Leaders Institute and I am grateful for it. I really look forward to being a Vision partner so that many more like me will enjoy this opportunity at a free robust Biblical education at CLI.

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Evangelism Mission

My name is Yitagesu Mulugeta and I have an evangelism mission. I am from the Northern part of Ethiopia and I was born on October 17, 1983, in a place called Zuti. I once was a religious person but didn’t know anything about the real life that I could have until that historical day when I was born again. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 15 years old. Ever since that night, I have been hungry to serve the Lord. I was so bold, I would speak about the good news to everybody, even if it was risky to preach the gospel. After a year, some of our church’s choir members asked me to join them and serve the Lord with them, and I was very happy to. Ever since that time I have been in ministry.

I came to America 10 years ago on March 8, 2008. Right now I am ministering in the church through worship and leading the young adult group. I see myself as a missionary and evangelist. For this evangelism mission, vision, and dream, Christian Leaders Institute has been helping me right from the beginning. I learned a lot about communication, leadership qualities, prayer, Bible study, and so much more. I am sure that I will learn more and more while I keep taking the CLI training.

My wife and I have the same evangelism mission and vision for our people where we were born and raised. Most of them are Ethiopian Orthodox and Muslims. The born-again Christian number is not even 2%. So this is our opportunity and method to address those people who live in the dark:

1. Preaching the good news by using one-to-one witnessing and crusades.
(By the way, my wife and I went there in 2016 to hold a big crusade and it was a powerful time).
2. Helping the poor and orphaned children (right now we helping 25 children).
3. Giving different kinds of training for the pastors and leaders about how to spread the gospel with knowledge and wisdom.
4. Building institutions like schools, hospitals, and clinics.

With God’s grace, we will continue this evangelism mission and vision as long as we exist on the earth. Thank you, CLI!

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Ministry Training Recommendation

Thousands of students have been taking free ministry training classes at Christian Leaders Institute. Read how Christian Leaders Institute is helping Peter Mahase as a Christian leader. In his testimony, Peter gives a beautiful ministry training recommendation for CLI:

I was born in Lesotho. That is where most of my development has been, both in terms of academic and professional work. I was born in 1987, and I am the last born among my three siblings.

From a young age, I always had a zeal for the things of God but never gave my life to Christ. My father is a pastor, so I got exposure to a number of things in the ministry, such as Christian literature. I only got saved in 2002 at the age of 15 as a result of a strong urge from God to come to Him and a sense of urgency to serve Him. I got saved and moved straight into serving the Lord in evangelism. Note that there was no discipleship: I carried all the knowledge I had from my early ages, from books, sermons etc, into the ministry, building on a weak foundation. I quickly led a revival in my high school at the time, which brought more than 30% of the school to Christ in a period of two years. That was my take-off into ministry.

I have always loved serving the Lord but never saw myself as a pastor until 2011, when the pastor who I was seconding at the varsity (National University of Lesotho) church I was in had to leave, and I had to take over. This is where my role as a church leader started. I have since been serving here, given the blessing of my church, the Apostolic Faith Mission church in Lesotho. My title is Assembly Leader, not Pastor until I am ordained.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics from the National University of Lesotho. Since I got my degree, I have worked for Econet Telecom Lesotho. By the time I left in 2016 to respond to the call of the Lord and focus on ministry, I was a Network Quality Management Engineer. Leaving was a tough decision for a man who just got married in 2015, but I had to obey, and my wife was in full support.

In 2017, I made a decision to step down from ministry until I am better equipped to handle the Word and leading in the church. This decision was confusing and hard to grasp, to me and everyone around me. I believe God really wanted to use me but saw that for the work to be done, I would need proper training, lest I continue building on a weak foundation. A very humbling move from God, I must say, but I took it. I stepped down from all my ministry activity, including my leadership in my church, speaking engagements, Christian events business and the like to get proper ministry training and mentoring.

That is where Christian Leaders Institute came in. It came in highly recommended by my mentor as a free yet high-quality Christian ministry education and now I offer a ministry training recommendation to CLI as well. Since I had left my job, I had no funds to get my education, and I had also stepped down from ministry, meaning there was no ministry support for me to pay for any tuition, hence CLI was very relevant to my situation.

One of the major challenges in my country at the moment is many people preaching “the gospel” without proper ministry training. This exposes people to incorrect doctrine and twisted theology, making them follow a false god of our imaginations, instead of the God of the Bible. This is the thing that God was calling me out of when he asked me to step down from ministry. That is why I give a ministry training recommendation to CLI for its sound doctrine and Biblical teaching. Since beginning my training with CLI, the picture of God is becoming clearer with more study of Scripture, not from human ideas. The Lord is teaching me to take charge of my life with him before I rush to teach other people. He is teaching me to pastor my family before I can pastor a church. It is amazing how the Bible interaction part of the Getting Started class fits into this. My prayer is that my involvement in ministry training through CLI will not only help me in my calling but would encourage others as well.

My vision is bringing scores of young people (in Lesotho and beyond) to Christ and to make them radical Christians in their spheres of influence. This is where my ministry focus actually is. I am excited to continue with this call as I continue to get training. It has been an encouragement to see many young people readily receive the message, and many actually go on to be effective ambassadors for Christ.

My request for prayer would that I may be faithful to the course and become an effective steward of the Lord’s calling. The young generation really needs Godly mentors, and I am intent on being one, by God’s grace.

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Nurse Ministry Training

Join today and receive free nurse ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the free ministry training to answer her call from God and become a nurse in ministry.

Adelaide Agyapomah Dankwah is my full name. I am a Ghanaian, born in a town called Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region of the country. I hail from two towns in this same Eastern Region. The towns are Pepease and Obomeng respectively.

I was born on 5th of October 1991, into a family of five siblings – two males and three females. I am the second among the five.

The majority of people in my country are Christians and doing ministry in this country is not a big deal even though it would require a lot of inputs to get there.

My family is a Christian family and Presbyterian. I got baptized at age 18 when I consciously accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior who died because of my sinful nature.

My high school education was kind of tedious because my parents were not financially sound to support my education and I have to engage in menial jobs as selling candies and assorted foodstuffs to acquire funds to support my education. What resulted from this situation was the fact that my father had traveled to a faraway place for a better job opportunity which left our mother as a single parent looking after us all. As this was more than her, I had to pick myself up and support my education by dint of hard work. By the close of the day, I would be so tired that sometimes, studies become almost impossible.
It did affect my overall performance at the end.

After my Senior High School final exams, I could not perform remarkably. However, in 2009 I got the offer to study nursing but could not utilize the opportunity because the person who promised to sponsor my education through the nursing withdrew his support.

In 2010, I met a man who expressed interest in me and came forward to declare his intent to my family. Sometime later, in 2011, we got married as per our custom. My husband believes that I must realize my goal of becoming a nurse. He wanted me to better my grades by retaking the Senior High School examination. But, after a second thought, we decided I take the General Studies Course at Christian Leaders Institute and then use the certificate to further my studies and take on a program of study in nursing.

This course has rekindled in me the feeling of becoming an evangelist while still practicing my dream nursing. My husband’s gift of preaching and ability to predict the future and also receive messages from the Holy Spirit in dreams prompted me to decide to work on my passion of becoming a nurse and support him.

My Bible connection walk with God has been revived after studying the various steps in walking with God

I believe granted a scholarship to study at CLI, it will enable me to acquire a general studies certificate which will assist me further my education in nursing and then uses that calling to support my husband in his ministry work as he has completed a program of study in divinity (diploma) from CLI and preparing to launch into ministry.

It is my conviction that no matter the circumstances, I must become a nurse in ministry to support my sweetheart.

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Finding the Grace of God

Start free ministry training today! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who was a lost son of God and found CLI as a tool to finding the grace of God:

My name is Elvis James Kamau. I live in a city called Nairobi in Kenya. I am 23 years of age and by the grace of God, I am saved. Jesus Christ is my personal savior.

I am saved, but this wasn’t always the case. I was raised by a single mother in a family of three. I have two sisters. I have always known my mom to be a ‘churchwoman’ since I can remember. I am saying this because I didn’t really grasp the concept of Christianity until later. She gave me the basics at a very young age. We used to read the bible and pray every day. So in a sense, I knew God and His word. I even went through all ceremonies involved – baptism, confirmation, etc. However, it was not until I was in high school that I experienced strong spiritual revelations. I came to the realization that this is serious. There is God who desires to save us from the devil and his temptations. 

I was mostly in bad company and I came to Christ a couple of times but found myself backsliding several times. I went to three different schools and my grades were poor. In my final year, I decided to just trust God and change. God showed His mercy and I excelled at school. I was even awarded a government sponsorship to pursue a degree in Computer Science. When I came to university, is when I found myself falling off the path to Christ. All that was surrounding me was the temptation of sin, alcohol, fornication, hard drugs etc. By then I had several jobs, but this did not loosen the grip the devil had me in. It was only after a series of events that God humbled me and brought me to a point of brokenness so I could seek Him. I was involved in a drunk driving accident and was almost killed. This changed my whole perspective of life. After this, I was broken and in debt, that I am still paying off. I was still doing drugs. One night, I got wasted, got into a fight, and almost bled to death. At this point, God found me. Unfortunately, it got worse before it started getting better. I started seeking spiritual enlightenment in all the wrong places. I involved myself with very many different doctrines and new age stuff.It is in the process of encountering these deceitful spirits that I found the grace of God. He revealed Himself to me in such a way I couldn’t deny. Thank you, Jesus!

So I got saved and was delivered from all of it. All my addictions stopped and God gave me the wisdom to see the truth amidst all this. In my walk with God,  I desired to know Him more. I did a lot of scripture and God taught me a lot. Being a teenager, I wanted to influence my fellow friends and just explain about Jesus and what He had done for me. This is when God led me to seek ministry training. It was my desire to help others in finding the grace of God. I want to reach my fellow youth and mostly be able to pass the pure gospel of Christ. I don’t know about there, but here its mostly watered down and I just can’t take the half truths. I had no money and was even struggling with finishing my current endeavor. CLI was God’s answer for me. I couldn’t believe it and am so glad I can have quality training all the way from the US and for free.

To all the donors and supporters, may God bless you mightily. I am sure God is like -Well done good and faithful servants. This is such a blessing and a great way to get more understanding of God and our kingdom and how to relate it to our life and share it with our friends, relatives, and even strangers. I pray for your continued support and one day I know I will support it too. I hope to contribute to the creation of revival leaders and spread the gospel to all parts of the world. Thank you, CLI for helping me in finding the grace of God. God bless.

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  Trained Christian Leader

Become a trained Christian leader today! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI as a tool to follow his dream of becoming a pastor and serving God:

My name is Faustin Buteera. I currently live in Uganda. My parents came to Uganda escaping the genocide in Rwanda. I am currently running a small business in Mukono district as my official work. I was given the privilege to go back to school and attain my bachelor’s degree in procurement and logistics management in the year 2011.

I serve in a local church of a small congregation of about 50 people. In this part of the country I live in, Kayunga road, people are still so much into witchcraft even though they claim to know and believe Christ. At one time, we were attacked by a group of Muslim youths who wanted to remove timber from our church. We are glad the local authority was around to put the young men to sanity.

Growing up as a young man, we always went to the local catholic church at our previous location before we moved here. My mom really wanted me to go to the Catholic seminary school, but I never attained the right grades to get the scholarship. Like many young men here, education is such a huge privilege. I attended the catechism classes which I excelled. But still, I couldn’t join a seminary college. My mom was disappointed, but she really had nothing to do about it. I miraculously managed to go through high school with help of lots of mom’s friends. My dad was that kind of father who was never responsible.

By 16, I had started making wrong decisions, drugs, alcohol but, always made sure my mom had no idea. I pulled it off for 2 years until one evening when I met young Mormon missionaries who were moving in my previous area of residence. I was taught and finally got converted and eventually stopped all my old habits. I really didn’t care so much about the doctrine. I was enjoying the company of young men who strive to live according to the precepts of the Lord. Fast forward a few years. While at work, I met a nice lady who later financed my second year of my college education. This is when I started questioning many things I had learned from the Lord’s church. I started reading my bible and understanding who I am in Christ and what the bible says, about marriage, grace and biblical authority and not adding or reducing on the word and the holy spirit. It was after this deep search for the God of the bible that I started attending Pentecostal scripture unions and later on by the end of my second year I confessed the lord Jesus Christ. And finally got baptized.

My dream is to be a pastor, share the word, and start my own ministry. We have many church leaders here, but the field is ready but the laborers are few. I dream to become a trained christian leader within my community. The Lord delivered me from drugs through people who really never taught biblical doctrine, but nevertheless, he did. I dream to minister through the holy spirit and help the souls I touch. I hope to cultivate a relationship with the Lord and understand Jesus Christ. Many young men and women still struggle with tuition. Eventually, because they can’t study, they end up joining peers that lead them to paths that led to their destruction. My aim is to touch the youths and remind them of the grace of the Lord.

My pastor has been very instrumental in my growth, he has always given me a chance to preach on Thursday, which is the youth Thursday every week. I have been able to inspire and revival in our youth service which has been a strong indicator in my ministry journey. I have also been able to move to different churches courtesy of my pastor’s network.

I have always struggled with tuition; this has made me search for free lectures, papers on the internet until one time the Lord revealed CLI. I had to wait as it was hard to access the internet and a personal computer but now glory to the Lord I can.

My scholarship will help me build my knowledge for the gospel and also be more confident when sharing the word. It will also enable me to be recognized as a trained Christian leader through my certificates and diplomas eventually in ministry.

Please, pray for me so that my ministry dream will come to fruition.

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Africa ministry training including ordination is something ministry leaders need. In places like Zambia, pastors must have credentials to be considered credible. There are many reasons that Africa Ministry Training and Ordination is very important! The Christian culture in Africa rightly sees that untrained pastors and leaders can create cults or can damage people. A credible ministry training is crucial.

Christian Leaders Institute offers free ministry training which provides over 120 credits of high-quality education. Christian Leaders Institute is accredited by IABCS. Christian Leaders Institute also offers ordination programs that bring together a student’s study credentials with local confirmations. Christian Leaders Institute is under the banner of Christian Leaders, NFP. which is a religious non-profit recognized by the United States government to grant ordinations. Christian Leaders, NFP has started the Christian Leaders Churches who guide these local ordinations. Students go through a rigorous process of establishing credibility where local church leaders confirm an ordination candidate has the calling and ministry readiness to minister as a church leader. CLI has developed this program for a worldwide benefit.

Africa Ministry Training including Ordination Graduate

Apostle Douglas Mazimba is from Zambia. He needs an Africa Ministry Training including Ordination option which is not easy to do in Zambia.

Listen to his story (this story is from Zambia but will be similar to other nations in Africa):

My name is Douglas Mazimba. I am 39 years old, a father of three wonderful children; Grace, Benjamin, and Gauis. I am married to Sera. My wife and I are Zambians; we live in a rural part of Zambia in the Copperbelt. Zambia is a landlocked country in Central Africa with a population of 14 million.

I gave my life to the Lord in 1993 after a lengthy battle with sin during the time when I thought within myself I had the power to stop sin and that I was still young with enough time to change.

It was one Sunday morning; my friend invited me to their church in an urban area, a church with a small number of members meeting in a classroom at a primary school. The Pastor was an old evangelist with an interpreter. When he stood to preach, it was like he was reading from what was written about my behaviour. At the moment I thought maybe the ushers or some ladies have communicated to the Pastor concerning my life. He ended the message with the urgency to turn to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. Without hesitation I ran to the front and asked Jesus to forgive me my sins, wash me in his blood, to be my Lord and Savior, and to come into my heart.

What made me join the church was “the welcome.” The Pastor came and hugged me and whispered to me, “Jesus loves you, so do I.” I was wearing a shirt written “real savage”, and had spent the previous night selling drugs (cigarettes and alcohol). I was producing a bad odor but the pastor hugged me regardless, and his nice perfume remained on my clothes. Wherever I went, I felt loved and belonging.

Bible studies made me grow and fellowship in worship and evangelism drew me closer to God. I became a house church leader, worship leader and interpreter to the pastor.

In 1999, I married and moved to a rural area where I was offered a job as a secondary school teacher. I moved away from this Pastor who was full of humor, love, and kindness. Going to church became a forcing matter in this rural area. Though in the local church, I rose to the rank of elder, deep inside I started going back slowly to my old ways of life. I could still hear within, a wonderful voice, “repent and come back”. So I resigned from my position as Elder and set on the journey to return to the Lord. I thought positions and titles were doing more harm to me. This was because every member of the church knew me as an elder and that I am holy without knowing of my backsliding in prayers and fellowship with God. I had lost my joy of testifying to others about Jesus.

My resignation from being an elder did not please the local Pastor, but I was set to seek the Lord, return to him and experience the peace that I once had. It is during this period that the Lord revealed his calling on my life. He said to me, “Go and preach my unconditional love, call everyone, preach the gospel.” I said not me; there are Pastors in this church who are better than me, speak better and are ordained. As for me, I had even resigned as Elder, how can I preach?  The church had four ordained Pastors.

Every time I would ignore the voice of God, I would lose peace, joy and just myself. Until when I heard a voice, “One day soon, you will stand before my throne and I will ask you what you did with the calling to go and preach.” I yielded to the voice of God and started to reach out to areas that are far and near preaching about the love of God and turning to him in repentance. I am now leading a rural church, even though I am not officially ordained.

 Overcoming the Africa Ministry Training including Ordination Problem

In Africa, there seems to be a barrier that stops called local Chrisitan leaders from receiving the needed training and ordination to do ministry in Zambia.  Pastors who are ordained and have been to Bible Schools are the ones who are respected to do ministry. This made me learn that in most parts of Africa, this is a challenge. More credible leaders are available, but accessible training is expensive or rare.

I pastor a local rural church. I had several challenges, though the church was growing in membership, I could not officiate at funerals, weddings and had no idea on how to conduct these ceremonies and my Bible knowledge was too shallow. I really needed an Africa ministry training including ordination option! When I met other pastors the only question that was difficult for me to answer was, “What are your credentials as a Pastor? Which College did you attend?” So I set out to find an online option that offered high-quality education and ordination options.

Most of the Bible schools that offered acceptance in Zambia were very expensive and couldn’t allow me to study at my pace. With a family of five, I failed to go to any of them. I was offered acceptance by an online college, but the content had nothing to do with the word of God. I searched for more online Bible colleges when I failed to find any with emphasis on God’s word; I prayed to God that If I did not hear you clearly or you just want this work to fail or be suffocated by the will of man, it’s your call.

Africa Ministry Training including Ordination is Now Possible!

After two years of giving up on Bible school and hearing Pastors announcing that all the churches with Pastors who do not have credentials must stop operating, I tried to search for an online Bible college again. One click, Christian Leaders Institute appeared.
My first response was, “Where have you been, you good thing?” and then I exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!” Christian Leaders Institute, to me, was God’s timely answer to the challenge.  Our 200 member church that was about to be closed!

When I opened to check the organization, I had so many questions, but the main one was, can something like this nice, well-organized Institute be free? After I was enrolled in 2016, right then, I committed myself. Night and day, I studied the materials provided and finished the quizzes.

The organization of the Institute makes me feel that I am no longer in my room but in a classroom at a college learning. The contact with highly qualified lecturers through videos and the hands-on activities in sermon preparation and preaching has really helped me. Materials are adequate and readily available. Studying with CLI is like you have your own more than enough personal library with all the materials needed for the courses. There are no other expenses in looking for the materials, it is really free training. The other part is the friendliness and helpfulness of the help desk team. They have been quick in responding to my challenges. God bless this team.

This ordination will be very helpful to me as a Pastor because it brings with it the confidence to conduct church activities and make me stand on a better platform within the stipulated laws of Zambia. Furthermore, for the church to reach out to areas where the preaching of the love of Christ is hindered by the demand for such credentials.

The church I am Pastoring is in the rural area. Most of the challenges we are faced with are to do with illiteracy levels that are high; very few adult members are able to read and understand. Even those who are able to, do not have Bibles. Lack of Bibles is a major challenge.

Poverty levels are also high. Most girls and boys are made to stop schooling or fail to continue their education due to financial constraints of their guardians. The church is managing to support only three school going children in paying fees.
My passion is to see people from the rural areas receive the message of Jesus Christ, be transformed into better Christians, and serve God by bringing others to the Lord. This ordination is very important to me and the church I am serving.

Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for giving me a chance and opportunity to learn valuable content and transforming my life to become a better and wiser counselor, preacher, husband, father, and pastor. You are truly sent by God. God bless you.
Keep on praying for us that the work of God in the rural parts of Zambia succeeds.

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