Spirit-filled Mind Renewal

My name is Ryno van Heerden and I have been on a journey of Spirit-filled mind renewal in Christ. I was born in Gauteng, South Africa on the 10th of October 1992. I have lived in Gauteng all my life. I grew up in a “religious” setting, where I went to church on Sundays and did the Christian thing but I never really knew God.

After school, I went to the University of Pretoria where my lack of intimacy with the Father took its toll. I engaged in a typical student life of drinking, partying, etc. I grew into that lifestyle to a point where I had ruined every relationship I had and was on the verge of being kicked out of university. I hit rock bottom when my high school sweetheart finally couldn’t put up with me anymore. I was down and out, depressed and completely alone, or so I thought.

Not long after hitting my all-time low, a friend invited me to attend a six-week conference on learning to hear God’s voice. With much skepticism and expecting a “God” that would condemn all my mistakes, I had the shock of my life when He supernaturally revealed His heart to me. I experienced the goodness of God that drove me to repentance. Jesus became real to me. After this conference that radically changed my life, The Spirit started patching up my broken life. He restored my broken relationships, gave me the resilience to finish my degree and even gave me a second chance with my girlfriend.

I once was moved by “religion” into church activities, now it was this new relationship that got me involved in church and ministry. After about 2 years of ministering where I taught on the prophetic and hearing God’s voice, I came across a certain Professor who taught on Biblical psychology and counseling. At first, I thought that the topic of the “soul” and Spirit-filled mind renewal was automatic and up to God. I started a 3-year course that soon made me realize how broken I still was on the inside and that mind renewal was my part as Jesus already did His part on the cross.

Although I still have many flaws and areas that need transformation, God has really helped me heal in the dimensions of the soul and renewed my mind to the reality of the finished work of Christ.

My vision is to be used by God wherever He requires. I have seen the lack of intimacy in the body of Christ and also the necessity of Spirit-filled mind renewal and healing in the soul of man. Therefore, I would like to enrich myself with as much knowledge as possible so that through His Spirit I can touch as many lives as possible and reciprocate the grace that I have received. The courses here at Christian Leaders Institute can help me do this.

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Evangelist Herman Peyper

Read about evangelist Herman Peyper’s dream to become an instrument in God’s hands sharing the Word and his testimony.

My name is Herman Peyper and I’m 39 years of age. I currently reside in the south coastal region in the Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa. I came to know the Lord through my own life experiences. I had walked a long and hard road struggling with addiction until the Lord Jesus intervened in my life through prayer and unconditional love. I gave my heart to Jesus and was baptized and have been clean for close on two years now and my Lord has helped me to remain strong in my recovery as an addict.

There are many challenges in South Africa (evil times, political issues). Nowadays it’s a very dangerous place to live and we as citizens are exposed to much crime, hi-jackings, and various other criminal activities on a daily basis.

My ministry dream is to share the word of God and help other people to strengthen their faith and service in the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have a powerful testimony of what God has done in my life that can impact many people’s current struggles.

The online classes at Christian Leaders Institute have given me more knowledge and insight. The information gained through the classes and exercises have definitely helped me to grow in faith and continue to remain strong. The word evangelist is one that I identify with because I believe that God has called me to preach the word.

My local church has been very helpful in my journey so far with the help of my pastor mentoring me. I’ve been involved in outreaches through my church. Having said this, obtaining a scholarship will be important for me to realize my ministry dream. The certificates will prove that I’m competent to do what God has called me for. I’m looking forward to undertaking this new venture at CLI.

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Free Bible College Classes

My name is Jolie Mongane and I am taking free Bible College classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Congo, Kinshasa. I am currently based in South Africa. I am coming from a very strong Christian background where grandparents and parents are pastors. I have known the Lord since I was a child. I was baptized when I turned 12 years old. At the age of 15, I lost my father and the experience was so painful that I started to depart from my Christian beliefs. I wasn’t happy with everything around us. My Christian life became very weak every single day because of the death of my dad.

After high school, my mum decided to send me to South Africa to learn English and go to college. I was so happy about coming to S.A. but when I arrived in S.A. everything was not going the way I thought it would go! I couldn’t get registered in college because I didn’t have enough funds to pay my fees. All was going very bad with my mum, sisters, and brother back home in my country. I was so upset with God and asking so many questions about why God allowed my dad to die! I saw my dad serving God with everything he had, he put God first in all he did and yet God allowed that to happen. It was something that I couldn’t understand.

But through the time of pain, God has always been saying to me through men and women of God that I should consider Him as my father, but I didn’t want to acknowledge that. I wanted a father that I can see. I become very far away from God though I used to go to church and pray, now I didn’t have any strong relationship with God. After 5 years of being away from God, I finally surrendered my life back again to God and started to build a strong relationship with God. All the emptiness, unhappiness, and bitterness that I was having were totally washed away.

Then, I remembered how when I was in high school my dad promised my sisters and me that he would send us out of the country to a Bible college before we were done with our high school. Suddenly after surrendering my life to Christ, the desire of attending a Bible college was more alive in me and it became much stronger. I so desired and still desire to serve God with my all by attending a Bible school and learning the basics of ministry.

So, I started my journey of looking for free Bible college classes, and I have been looking for that for so long. But I couldn’t find any affordable Bible Colleges. After three years, God has answered my prayer by sending me to Christian Leaders Institute through my current church by referral. I am still so happy and grateful to study with Christian Leaders Institute because my dream has come true. And many of my questions have been answered through these free Bible college classes I have taken so far. I am really looking forward to learning more with Christian Leaders Institute!

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Bible School Education Opportunity

My name is Caz Livingstone and I am excited to have this Bible School education opportunity with CLI. I am originally from Rhodesia, which is now called Zimbabwe. I currently live in South Africa.


Billy Graham visited our country, Rhodesia, when I was just 8 years old! He held a campaign near our village, and all the villages around for miles attended the event. My entire family was saved that day! Things completely changed at home and our walk with Jesus began in earnest.

I will never forget the Billy Graham event as long as I live. I never heard of Heaven or Hell before, and I knew I definitely did not want to go to Hell. I had never heard of Jesus in quite the way Billy Graham told us about Him. Even more incredulously, we witnessed many miracles which made a huge impression on me as a child. I think I walked about wide-eyed for about a month after that, thinking about them!


Unfortunately, due to the civil war and other family issues, I had to leave school at the age of 14 and start working to support my family. Despite my lack of education, God gave me the ability to learn anything, and at the age of 21 I completed an international correspondence course and graduated with the highest grade available in the course, in the subject of accounting.

I have since done many courses on a wide variety of topics. I also self-taught myself many skills to the point where I am simply not afraid of learning new topics or new skills. I love the challenges and have the confidence I can learn anything.

Learning, the actual process of reading, exploring, finding out new things and figuring out how to do new things, mastering them to the point where there is nothing further to learn about them – is one of the things I just love to do. Completing tests are not that important to me, they are just the little cherry on the top of the mountain of delicious ice-cream!

This learning hunger and ability still amazes me to this day, and I can only agree that it is the Holy Spirit who gives me this love for learning and the ability to learn. Think about it – nobody who leaves school at age 14 and never returns should be able to learn the way I have. It is a gift from God!

I have never really known what God wished me to do in life, so I simply continued living my life as I was led. I met and fell in love with my husband almost 30 years ago, and we are as in love with each other as the day we first met. We are both business people who love God with everything we have.


In the last five years, we have grown in our relationship with Our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in leaps and bounds. It was an accelerated growth that included impossible miracles that astound me every time I think of them. For example, I have been instantly healed of two chronic diseases, one of which I was told was a virus that altered my genetical make-up, and that there was no known cure! The healing was instant, and so quiet, that only the next day did I notice I was fully healed. My husband was also healed of a hernia that needed an operation. The operation never happened!


We have also experienced abundance in many areas from God. For example, we have had people bring food when we had nothing, due to a food seed we planted. And we have had finances poured out on us due to financial seeds and Gods favor when we least expected them. We have had legal charges dropped, and prosecutors become our advocates. These are just a few of God’s gracious provision for us over the years, all due to God our Father’s Love and Favor!


About three years ago, I decided I wanted to study God’s Word more seriously and officially. I started hunting online for a Bible school education opportunity that was Holy Spirit guided. I enrolled in two different online schools, and with each, I was just not satisfied I was going to be able to continue. They both felt cold and distant. I gave up and thought I should just study the Bible on my own and let the Holy Spirit be my only teacher. And then one day out of the blue, our Pastor recommended Christian Leaders Institute. It was like a light went on in my heart, and I knew I had to go check out this Bible school education opportunity!

Once I started the first course and spent time reading about and listening to CLI’s philosophy and beliefs, I knew I had found the right place. I’m extremely excited about CLI, and can’t wait to spend time exploring new concepts and idea’s, learning new things about God’s Word. I’m also very impressed with the scholarship system and trust that God will make a way for me to be a contributing partner very soon.


In the few weeks, I have been with CLI, I have felt welcomed and have noticed their extremely fast responses via their online support page. I have also enjoyed reading comments of other students and mentors on their network site. And the video teachings are just amazing, portraying the people behind CLI.

You won’t be disappointed with CLI if you are seriously seeking God, looking for a structured, progressive, ordered, yet loving institution to learn with. Don’t miss this wonderful Bible school education opportunity! Don’t waste your time on cold online institutions that don’t even seem to have anyone on the other end.

May the peace of God our Father be with you and your family in abundance, and may His Blessings pour out onto you and your family in every area of your life, starting right now. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Ministry Calling Dream

My name is Leonette Saayman and I have a ministry calling dream to bring God’s word to the people. I live on the South-Coast of South Africa. Probably the most beautiful part of the country. I am married to the most amazing man God chose for me and we have two brilliant teenage boys.

I grew up in a Christian”religious” home with battles to fight daily. My mother and stepfather went to church on a monthly basis, but I would walk to church if it was possible. We moved around a lot so at times it wasn’t possible to get to church, but my Bible study was important to me. In grade 11, I volunteered in the grade 2 Sunday School class. Wow, what a journey! They had me caught up in their little busy hands! It was a real wake-up call to me!

Ever since I have had a ministry calling dream to teach the word of God to the ones in need of knowledge, however, my self-esteem got the better of me. I always looked at my disadvantages from a point of not-good-enough. I first had to find out exactly what God saw in me. It was a life’s journey… the opportunities never arose and I gave up on that dream.

About 9 years ago, my husband and I joined the local church in the new town where God purposely moved us. It was a new experience with praise and worship, praying in heavenly languages, baptism, and everything that goes with it. It was a revival of my spirit. Then at my first home cell meeting, an elder of the church prophesied over me from an open Bible, even knowing that I am shy, that I will bring the Word of God to people.

Now that was unexpected but turned my vision back to my ministry calling dream where it was previously. The church we attend is so amazing and supportive, with good values and solid doctrine. Our pastor is a man that leads and guides God’s sheep, a faithful shepherd and God-fearing man, who gives good advice and support and sets a true example. We have grown through the word of God and have volunteered wherever we could.

We (my husband and I) are fully devoted to our church as elders. Our sons are honoring God for the calling He has on their young lives, and they attend a brilliant school away from home in a boarding establishment in Durban on the north coast. We support each other the best we can, and are always connected in Christ and our precious Holy Spirit. Due to the school fees and expenses, we chose to lay a firm foundation for our boys and their future. I am a florist and my husband is in construction, and the funds first are for them right now. So we will proceed with our calling once they’re settled.

Now, we praise God for the opportunity at Christian Leaders Institute, to make God’s perfect will come to pass and to see His plans and purposes for our ministry calling dream in our lives. This causes us to study and grow into the very persons God intended us to become. With no parents alive anymore to support us, except for a mother-in-law, there would not be a possibility to study to grow as God’s disciples as He intended. CLI made this possible and we give God all glory and honor. We pray daily for CLI and the people that make this free ministry training possible. I experience God’s divine direction in my life and His glory every day as I grow in knowledge and in His Word.
Thank you, CLI, for being the vessels of God, to enable me to carry the correct information and knowledge of love and grace to others in my season.

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Pastor Call

My name is Ntombende Mthembu-Nyoka and I have a pastor call from God. I am married with three kids and many spiritual kids that the Lord has given me. I am currently staying in South Africa in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, eThekwini Metro which is where Durban seaport is located. I stay in Tongaat one of the towns within the metro, it is where KwaZulu-Natal airport named after the founder of the Zulu nation, King Shaka is located. A lot of innocent blood was shed when this nation was established, this was coupled with a lot of ancestral sacrifices to appease the gods.

Since our province is a mixture of ancestral and Jehovah worship, it takes God’s grace for an individual to completely surrender to God and make Him Master. I was one who truly practiced both going to church and doing ancestral worship. One day, I had a divine visitation from God and He told me the only necessary being I was missing in my life was Jesus. So, I asked Jesus to come in. At that time I did not fully understand salvation, but I was saved as soon as I asked Him to come into my life. God then helped me to study the Scriptures even though I did not know that Jesus Himself is the Word of God.

After reading the book of John, it became much clearer that I needed to hear from God more. I have been reading the Bible. Some of it never made sense to me and some of it confused me. Through the years, the Scriptures became more clear as I continued to read. I then had so much hunger for the Word, I started studying short Bible courses. There was still so much hunger for the Word so I began to look for an institution of higher learning where I could study. By God’s grace, I found this great institution, Christian Leaders Institute.

My pastor call ministry dream is to establish a prayer center where people of God can come to pray and be enlightened through the study of the Word of God. This is mainly because, in my few years of knowing God, we as His children pick and choose those Scriptures which are in line with our thinking while leaving out those we feel are not in line with our feelings. By this, we have limited God to our feelings and no longer train ourselves to walk and live by faith. This must change. I need to be equipped so I am able to teach at the prayer center which will be interdenominational.

Studying at CLI has already pushed me to start a prayer session where we meet at least twice a week to pray and study the Word. This is renewing my faith walk. I believe in taking care of the children of God, so I identify with my pastor call. Our area is characterised by idol worship and perverse living. Even our churches are accommodating the things of this world while the world is going far away from God.

I must confess my church does not clearly understand my ministry dream. I only hope they will join in later to support. These classes at CLI will equip me to have a much deeper fellowship with God and to be able to feed His sheep. I have seen that as I share His Word I am more eager to study His Word more deeply.

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Christian Leader Free Training

I’m Humphrey Mathalo of South Africa, and I am receiving Christian leader free training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born on the 9th of January, 1984, at Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi, Africa. As I grew in my community, being a small schoolboy, I had a complicated life as I was living and attending my primary education in a Christian-Islamic environment. However, since my childhood, I knew that there was and still is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. My spiritual seriousness was under attack due to peer pressure and the effect of a Christian-Islamic environment which in turn brought in spiritual confusion.

As a teenager, the day to remember approached when there was a Christian crusade right in my home village. It was organized by some Christian Pentecostal brethren from the city of Blantyre, who came to my home village for evangelism. These brethren stayed in the village for three good days. On the third day of their witnessing for Jesus, I responded to them when they asked, “Is there anyone who wants to receive Jesus as the Lord and personal Savior of their life?” So at the age of 16, I met Jesus! I became a new, born-again Christian.

There were a lot of obstacles along the way when I was growing. It always is for poor African children who drop out of school because of hunger, poverty, and long-walking distances between home and school, the same factors contribute to the failure of church-going. Despite all these negative factors, my parents used to encourage me to move on with my Jesus and education, saying, “No sweet without sweat!”

When I went to attend my secondary education, I met a worship team which I joined. It was so influential that I felt the presence of God hovering over the campus. This is where God became real to me even though at that time I had already received Christ in my life.

So having obtained my doctoral degree in Christian Evangelism, I have been curious to learn more about Christian leadership so that as a leader, I should lead the sheep of Christ accordingly. I found Christian Leaders Institute where the Christian leader free training is a great opportunity for me and those I minister to. This training will contribute positively to the knowledge of principles of good Christian leadership that brings forth spiritual growth in the ministry.

Honestly, this Christian leader free training is a blessing to me. As we all know, gaining accredited Christian education costs a lot of money, which is a barrier to Christian leaders who lack Christian education. So I’m blessed, feeling good that this free training is necessary for me as I happen to lack finances. Truthfully, the opportunity for training or education is always important with no question, as it gives a go-ahead encouragement to the less privileged individuals who were likely to drop out of their studies due to lack of study fees. So thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for stretching out a helping hand for the work of God!

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Free South African Christian Education

My name is Christopher and I am blessed to receive a free South African Christian education at Christian Leaders Institute. I grew up in a small South African city, in a family that professed to be Christian. However, that only meant going to church at Easter and Christmas. But I was no stranger to church. I sang in the choir of the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint George in Grahamstown from the age of 8 until just after I turned 13. I never questioned whether or not I was going to Heaven when I died. Salvation was not a message that I ever heard preached. I just assumed that Heaven was my destination. It was only when I was 16 years old that I was saved.

I attended a private boarding school in South Africa and a team of young evangelists from a church called “His People” was preaching at one of the boy’s hostels at the school over the period of about a month. Many of the children in that hostel were inviting Jesus to become their Lord and Saviour. Out of curiosity, two friends and I decided to attend a service on a Sunday evening. It was the first time that I ever heard the simplicity of the message of The Gospel preached. It was life-changing.

An altar-call was made toward the end of the service and I literally ‘found’ myself walking forward. I hadn’t made any conscious decision to give my life to Jesus. It was almost like I was being pulled forward by God himself. The young man who had been preaching lay his hands on my head and I fell to the floor, slain by The Holy Spirit. I came to my senses about 15 minutes later filled with an indescribable sense of peace and joy, and words that I didn’t recognize were tumbling out of my mouth. It was a dramatic encounter with a living God and left me without any shadow of a doubt that God the Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit were real, alive and loved me. Outrageously.

I wish that I could say that I was a faithful disciple from that day on. But that would be a lie. This mountaintop experience was with me for about 6 months and for that time I walked very closely with Jesus. But then I started to question the truth, backslide, and eventually, I turned my back on Jesus completely. After dropping out of university, I was bitten by the travel bug and spent the next decade backpacking around the world. I call it back-packing, but a more honest description would be that I was running. Running from myself and running from God. I was looking for answers in all the wrong places, trying to forget that I already knew the Truth.

On my travels, I found myself spending 18 months buried in the Moslem Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. I was working at a youth hostel for a militant Palestinian family who had owned the building for over 800 years. It was originally a caravanserai on the Jerusalem – Damascus road. And so began one of the most interesting periods of my life. It was not my first visit to Israel and wouldn’t be my last. I had worked for a Jewish family on their Moshav near Yehud, a tiny village close to Ben Gurion International airport. And I would work for a Jewish family again on their dive-boat in Eilat on the Red Sea. In total, I spent three and a half years in the Holy Land and explored every square inch. I questioned everyone and everything. I became close to an English speaking Imam at a small mosque around the corner from where I worked in Jerusalem. I still remain friends with Uzi and Nitsa Dekel, the Jewish Moshav owners on whose farm I had picked and packed fruit. And the whole decade of my travels was spent having a party. I got into alcohol and drugs in a big way and lived a hedonistic lifestyle. Then God called me. Again.

I realized that I had addiction problems and chose to spend 6 months at a Christian Rehabilitation Centre in the middle of the arid Karoo region of South Africa; Family Outreach Ministries. One night, I had been talking with one of the counselors and the presence of The Holy Spirit in the room was tangible. Real. Unmistakeable. Mike and I wrapped up our discussion and I headed back to my dormitory beneath the light of a billion stars. Suddenly, I was pushed to my knees by an indescribable force. And for a moment God showed me one facet of an infinitely faceted crystal. He showed me one tiny aspect of Himself and it was limitless. I was crushed, humbled, and for the second time in my life filled with that peace. That joy.

God eventually gave me the woman of my dreams, and when we were both 37 years old we were married. Both of us for the first time. The following 5 years were bliss. Then sadly, my wife was killed in an airline crash in Libya, Tripoli en route to London. I can honestly state that it was only my relationship with God that got me through the next few years. Yes, I got angry. No, I did not understand. But eventually, I got to a place where I could honestly get onto my knees and thank God for every second that He had given me with Bree. And life went on.

Today, I live at and volunteer at a Jesus-focused Christian Care center in rural South Africa. I work as an assistant to the manager. The center takes men off the streets and gives them a roof over their heads, a warm bed, hot showers and three meals a day. We provide work in a structured kibbutz-style Christian environment, and Jesus does the rest. There are healing and restoration and men are touched by God. I don’t get paid for what I do, but I am filled with passion and purpose, peace and possibility. Every day is a miracle for which I thank our living God. I also thank God for the opportunity to study at Christian Leaders Institute. I couldn’t afford a more conventional Christian education, and living on a farm far away from any city, it would be impractical. So thank You, Lord, and thank you, CLI, for my free South African Christian education. I am infinitely blessed.

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Pastor Ministry Training

Become a leader in Pastor Ministry Training today. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony in South Africa below who found CLI a tool to strengthen his relationship wtih God and become a strong leader of Christianity:

I was born 1977 in South Africa and raised in a Christian family and my father was a principled Anglican church leader. I got introduced to Christianity at a young age, through regular evening prayers and Bible readings. Later at age 12, I served as an Alter boy. It is quite fascinating how wearing an alter-boy cloak influenced my inner wish to be a pastor, by then I saw myself leading the congregation as my ultimate goal and later as I grew older, 21, was being mentored in Cathedral leadership.

At that age, I had already started my tertiary studies holding Audio-Visual Communication certificate and wanted to pursue Information Technology, which I accomplished in December 2000.
Relocating from Taung as my hometown to Johannesburg to study, gave me the opportunity to visit other churches including Revival Ministries, Presbyterian, and apostolic. I, therefore, felt something different from what I had for the past years. My understanding of scriptures and Christianity enriched.

At age 25, I realized my calling and switched from Catholic and followed Apostolic faith mission, as I also found Africanising the worship fulfilling and mainly feeling pushed by the holy spirit to be part of the underserved indigenous denomination so that I share with them my walk and knowledge and start building a strong church.

I got married in Easter 2011 to a Jehovah’s witness. My background of being from an indigenous Apostolic faith mission was not well accepted by her family and her church unless I change to be a Jehovah’s witness. Also, the same applied to my family as they wanted her to join my church as traditional dictates. To me that was a total NO, I couldn’t allow a change to please people and told my wife that God will guide us through the holy spirit, and so we go separate ways on Sundays to worship that we both get spiritual fulfillment, and at home we find common grounds to teach our two kids the word of God.
I am currently working as a manager for Emergency Care Service for the Hospital laboratory to fend for my family and at church, I am serving presently as Evangelist.

After joining CLI, I gained more touching sermons and teachings and I just felt it is all propelled by the holy spirit, Philippians 4:13, and today at our church I am mentored to become a pastor next year.

CLI scholarship won’t just be a blessing to me, but the entire congregation that is looking forward to more informed and principled Christian leader. Most of our Pastors and Bishops haven’t got an opportunity to study theology, due to lack of funds and literacy, so my advantage in technology can be an advancement to an effective change in our ministry.the value of education and guidance yet to be received from CLI, shall be an honor to my area of practice and the community at large, and still I stand strong walking with God when I say I am poor, he says: I am with you. when I say,

The value of the education in pastor ministry training and the guidance that I will receive from CLI shall be an honor to my area of practice and the community at large, and still I stand strong walking with God when I say I am poor, he says: I am with you. when I say, say the doors are all closed, says: you will go through… Philippians 4:13 I can do all through the Lord who strengthen me.

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South Africa Bible School  – Danielle Landman

South Africa Bible School – South Africa, where it is said we live amongst the lions and the wild wanders our streets, maybe a long time ago, but not so much anymore. The only jungles I am familiar with are the urban jungles. I am living in the City of Port Elizabeth, it is a small City, but I can see Revival coming from this city, our churches are world class and it is amazing to have such a big community to share God’s perfect Grace with people walking on the same journey.

A few years ago (5years) I matriculated from high school, and what to do next was kind of a big issue for me, I needed to please my parent while studying something I loved, the problem was, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I enrolled in a course I had no interest in and just rolled with it, I liked the socialization part more than the studying part. As the year went on, I partied more than studying and eventually dropped out as I had no interest. As the year went on, I had no clue where my future was heading. My parents started going to church and I thought it was just one of their phases. They kept going to church and their lives changed completely for the better. I went with them a few times and one day I was at a cross road where I had to make the decision. On 24 January 2014, I gave my life to the Lord and haven’t looked back at the world since.

I am studying education and is currently part of the women’s ministry team at our church, I would love to serve people on a more deeply way and grow through serving others.

South Africa Bible School – Evangelist The Goal

Evangelist describes me best as I want to spread the gospel and serve others as I spread the word of God. I felt that something inside me wants to know God more and minister more to those who don’t know God or want to know God or just have conversations with people who are hungry for a Godly conversation.

My local church is so amazing and being part of something so much bigger than me is beyond me, the love for God is over flowing, the love for one another is just something everyone wants to be a part of, not in a click way but as a support, love, encouragement and as family we uplift each other.

My dad is busy doing his degree in ministry with CLI and I would like to follow his footsteps too. It is important because in every aspect of your life without noticing it, you are ministering, at work, school, in public, our presence and God’s grace over us people see God reflecting in and through us and people long for that. When we walk with God, people feel it and draw closer to you and that is when they want more of His presence through us

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Christian Mission Training

Christan Leaders Institute bring Christian Mission Training for free! Danya van Deventer has a calling on her life. Read her power story that has brought her to England, back to South Africa and beyond. She is getting her Christian Mission Training at CLI!

My name is Danya van Deventer.
I am a South African. I was born on December 3rd, 1993 in Rustenburg,
South Africa.I had the amazing privilege to grow up in a Holy Spirit
filled, Jesus-centered home.I remember as a small child I would always
be at all the prayer meetings, church services, and Bible study
groups my parents attended.This way of life inspired me to devote
myself to God from a young age.

I distinctly remember the first time I decided to give my heart to the
Lord.I was eight years old and in a Sunday school class.The Sunday
school teacher told us all about Jesus dying for us.I hung on to her
every word.When we were asked if we wanted to say the
sinner’s prayer, I was the first one with my hand up.I remember
feeling Gods love as I prayed the prayer and although I was a bit
young to understand all that went on, I felt something change inside my heart.

Two years later at the age of ten, I was at a church service with my mother.
As we listened to the sermon, The Holy Spirit convicted my heart. I knew that it was time to rededicate my heart to the Lord.On our way home from the service, I asked my mom some questions about a personal relationship with Jesus.

As soon as we got home, my mom and I prayed and talked together about
the love of the father and what Jesus had done for us as sinners.How He gives us the free will to choose Him or not.I loved horseriding at that stage, and my mother used an example of a person trying to ride two horses at the same time with one foot on each horse representing the world with its ways of doing things and compromise and Jesus with a life of obedience and fullness in Christ.

She said you could only ride both horses for so long before you fall off because they will split and you will end up in the dirt.She explained how God would never force us to make the right choice because of its a free choice but once we made that decision to follow Him only, there is no turning back unless we reject Jesus as our savior.I had a true conviction of sin. And confessed every sin I could think off and even broke my worldly cd”s by my choice.

My heart was overwhelmed with joy and as I gave my life over to Jesus
I was filled with the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit filled me with a joy that bubbled up inside me, and my life was never the same again.

That night my life was completely changed, inThe Holy Spirit now lived inside of me and I want that moment sure of the fact that I became a
child of God.

From that day on, through I started hearing the Holy Spirit speak to me through His Word, visions, and dreams. I was given many prophetic words from the Lord saying that I will go to the nations and make his name known.

At this time we as a family ( my mom my dad and my younger sister) was in the process of immigration the United Kingdom. My parents moved there as a step of obedience, not knowing what awaits them in a foreign country.All they knew was God spoke and they followed.We came there each with a suitcase and a backpack leaving all we had behind in our pursuit of following where Jesus leads without question.

This was both exciting and scary but we believed that God had sent us there for a purpose.During our time in England, we grew closer together as a family.We took many walks in the beautiful English countryside and traveled most of the UK together. We origanally stayed in London but my dad”s work needed somebody in Manchester.

We lived in a small village in between Manchester and Liverpool.The first few months was very hard without a good church and church family.But after lots of prayer we finally found an amazing church in Liverpool and knew since we walked in, that it was home.

We ended up moving to Liverpool because of our involvement in church and my dad commuted to work.

We were welcomed and loved like part of their own family and because of the amazing love we experienced there we were completely changed.Although we were very much a middleclass family in South Africa we were brought to a place of utter and total reliance on Christ living in a new country where foreigners struggle to make ends meat.All of that taught my parents and I to walk humbly with God and trust Him in ever step you take.

At this church God built a good foundation of the Word into my heart.I am so grateful that I was included(at age ten) in all the bible studies, church activities and even prayer meetings. That was really the foundation of my growth in Christ.We were treated as leaders and just the same as our parents.We were challenged to step out in the areas of calling God placed in our lives.

This season in England was a season of change and
growth and I feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to grow and
be treated like an adult even though I was in my teenage years.I
believe personally, there is no junior Holy Spirit.God is willing
to use us all whether we are young or old. I believe for me personally
that the time I spent in England was to prepare me for future
missions God had in mind.

In 2009 God called us back to South Africa.The Lord spoke very clearly to us through various people and scriptures that it was time to move back to South Africa.Although we didnt understand why we knew, we could not resist the Holy Spirit”s leading.We officially moved back in 2010.

Through the obedience of my parents towards God, I learned how
important it is to put God first and to always act on what he asks us
to do, whether it is difficult or not.My family has always been
supportive of my ministry and missions dreams.They have shown me first hand to follow where God leads me no matter how uncomfortable it may be and have inspired me to trust God with every situation big or

My dad struggled to find a consistant job because his profesion is of such a nature that he doesnt get a monthly income but relies on contract work in IT training.

When he finaly got an huge offer in Swellendam as a IT programmer we all felt relieve but God had other plans.The Lord didnt allow my dad to take that offer because He wanted us to stay in Rustenburg and be involved at a specific church there.I remember how hard it was for my dad to lay it down but the great sence of relieve and peace he felt when he finely gave up his own will.

To this day my dad is still working contract based Microsoft training and we still need to trust God every month to supply enough to pay the bills.We dont have a fixed income so we cant afford fancy cars and has to rent a very basic house.But God is faithful and supplies in all our needs as we put Him first.

I met a friend who introduced me to the Operation mobilisation ship, called Logos Hope. This conversation reminded me of something that God had been speaking to me since I was 10 years old.In that moment I remembered what God had said about me going to the nations.The longing to go for missions grew even more in my heart. I did not know it at that time but God was preparing me through meeting this young man to go for missions on the Logos Hope.

God made a way for me to do the training and join Logos Hope for three years. At this time I was 19 years old without money and my parents had very limited income. The Lord convicted three people to sponsor me to join the Logos Hope without me even asking. That was incredable!

I joined Logos Hope in Cambodia and basicly ended my contract with them at Cambodia. The amasing thing was that I always knew that I will oneday minister in South East Asia.

I believe my time on Logos Hope prepared me for my future ministry and I trust to return there oneday setting up a ministry for the orphaned and abused children.

What is my ministry dream?
My ministry dream is to be an effective pastor/ youth pastor.I have a
passion for the younger generations to be set on fire for God.They are
all the future revival carriers.My ministry dream is to set up teams
and churches that go all out for God.People who are fearless to share
the gospel to pray for the sick and do street ministry and reach out to the lost and broken.I want to be used by God to bring the kingdom of heaven down to earth.I want to see revival leaders raised up and mobilized to change the world one
person at a time.

Papa God also gave me a heart for the people of Cambodia.I was there
In 2015 for three months with a team from the Logos Hope.We worked with the orphans and local churches.Our main project was to build a church in one of the rural areas.This was an amazing experience and this brought me closer to the people.God put a burden in my heart for the children.It was heartbreaking to find out about the wrongs done to the children and women sexually.Cambodia is one of the countries in Asia most exposed to child prostitution and human
trafficking.My heart has broken by God for these people and the many
difficult situations they face in this country. My dream is to go back
to Cambodia and set up either an orphanage or a place where women and children can be helped to stay off the streets.

Why is Christian leaders institute so important to me? I have a desire to be in fulltime ministry and to be used by God to full capacity. It could also help me to get a good biblical foundation in the Word and a better knowledge in Theology and to be better equiped for ministry.

It would be a wonderful privilege to be a student of Gods Word and to better myself in knowledge and understanding of His Word.

It is my goal not only to have all the knowledge of the Word but to really know Jesus as the Word and to apply what I learn in my daily life and change people’s lives where I live and work.

At the moment, I am doing a part time job as an Aupair so that I can have some sort of income to cover my needs but its just
enough for basic because its not a sleep in job. I needed a job thats more flexable and gives me free time on weekends so that I can be fully involved at church.But it puts me in need of finances to study.

I believe the Lord led me to Christian Leaders Institute for a reason.I prayed about provision and a way to study to become a pastor and God provided.God is so faithful and I want to make that known to all.

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My name is Eisele Mboyana; I was born on the 11th of August 1988 in Umtata and grow up in Cape Town, Khayelitsha. I come from a very spiritual family, particularly my mother who raised me as a single parent, with the help of the Lord. Growing up from a religious upbringing, my path was almost defined for me and it was only a matter of time before I fully devoted myself to the work of the Lord, although it was not cut-and-dried decision for me to serve in the ministry due to influences around me that could have led me totally astray, however on 30 March 2010, when a life-shattering occurrence came into my life, only the Lord could revive and strengthen me during that period, it was on this day that I was encouraged to take the walk of salvation much more seriously and re-accept/re-affirm my stance in Christ once again as my Lord & personal Savior.

In October 2012, with wife and daughter at the time, I relocated to Johannesburg from Cape Town.

In February 2013 I joined the New Covenant of God Ministries family, while there, I served the Lord in every way I could. As my quest to know more about the Lord persisted, I decided to look for online Bible study lessons/courses, after a thorough search at the time, World Bible School (WBS) was my preferred choice. Doing the online bible study through WBS has helped me grow a lot and has opened my physical and spiritual eyes to many things about my God and His will.

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Maria, since 22 September 2011 and together we are blessed with two beautiful and intelligent kids, Hlumelo (a five-year-old daughter) and Junior (a two-year-old son).

I am currently employed as an Account Manager for P&G SA by Print Outsource International. I believe that it is indisputable that I am passionate about teaching the Word of God and sound doctrine of the Gospel of Christ. I am one of the founders and an executive director of Christ’s Righteousness Ministries (CRM) NPC since October 2015, I also play the role of a secretary and public officer of the ministry.

Earning a scholarship at CLI will afford me an opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of the biblical principles as God intended. All I wanted is the ability to teach the sound doctrine of the Gospel, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, so that we all come to the knowledge of Christ and are restored back to God’s original plan. Nowadays we see a lot of compromising in our church life, and it is for this reason that the CLI revival leaders course will restore God’s intended plan. I believe that this course will open my eyes to Christ’s righteousness, and it will transform my mind into being Christo-centric.

Ordained for Women’s Ministry

Charmaine Coetzee is a woman with a purpose she is focused in and didn’t let anyone or anything stop her from being ordained for women’s ministry in South Africa.

“I was brought up in a Christian home, and my mother was my role model of leading a Christ-like life,” Coetzee said. “However, my personal journey with Jesus truly began when I was a student at the North-West University, where I graduated as a Law Student. I joined and served in one of the student churches, His People (Every Nation Ministries). My eyes were opened for the first time about what it is to walk with God. I began to live for Jesus! I did not think of entering into ministry at that time, nor did I realize my calling to ministry.”

After coming to know Christ, Coetzee was a new woman, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later she started to feel a call to be ordained for women’s ministry in her community.

“After my graduation, I relocated to Pretoria and married my varsity sweetheart shortly after,” Coetzee said. “Unfortunately, after relocating, it took quite a while to get the “right” church again. We finally found our church family, Christ Generation Church Centurion, in 2014 and our whole lives changed. We started walking a path with our Pastor, who trained my husband and I to be the head ushers (deacons and elders) in the church. He laid a firm foundation for us out of the Word and understanding Grace. My hunger for knowing Christ was ignited again. This was the first time I realized my calling into ministry and my passion for it.”

Once Coetzee started to feel the desire to be a minister the Lord used death as a prompter for her to take action.

“The pivotal experience that prompted me to pursue ministry was the bereavement of our pastor,” Coetzee said. “He passed away at a very young age in April 2016, leaving behind his wife and two babies. His wife, our Senior Pastor, asked us to take over the church since she was left in a tough position and not able to proceed in the ministry although she still serves as a guide and supervisor to us.”

With the loss of her pastor, Coetzee and her husband have been made the main leaders in their church, and CLI has significantly help Coetzee with this leadership.

“My ministry dream is, therefore, to officially become a Pastor, alongside my husband,” Coetzee said. “Although I am already serving in this position, CLI assists equip me for ministry and make it official.”

Coetzee is now ordained for women’s ministry, but she still is a lawyer.

“It is probably two of the most contrasting occupations…A lawyer and a Pastor,” Coetzee said. “I would be my dream to enter into ministry full time, but until that is possible, I will use my passion for ministry in my law occupation to help people.”

Coetzee passion for ministry has lead to her starting her own ministry based in her church.

“I have recently started a women’s ministry in our church called Women of G.R.A.C.E. I want to use this forum to minister to women and to support my husband in the church,” Coetzee said. “I am trusting that the women in our church will grow spiritually, not only in themselves but also to lead their husbands and families and even the community to a mature relationship with God.”

CLI’s classes that are targeted for women’s ministry have been a blessing to Coetzee to achieve her dream to be ordained for women’s ministry in her church.

“The CLI Women’s Ministry course and Women’s Ministry Ordination course is truly helpful to reach this goal,” Coetzee said. “I have noted a lot of practical guidance on how to manage the ministry and things to be aware of. The teaching about women’s roles in the Bible also gave great insight.”

Coetzee is ordained for women’s ministry because she often feels women are the one that brings the family to church.

“Unique challenges in my geographic area are that there are a lot of churches and denominations,” Coetzee said. “Getting new members to visit and stay in the church is a challenge. It also appears that women are the forcing drive in bringing their families to church. A women’s ministry is ideal to introduce the women to our church and hopefully to bring her family here as well.”

Coetzee couldn’t be more thankfully that CLI has allowed her to be ordained for women’s ministry and give her the chance to marry couples.

“As an ordained minister, I will be able to assist people in my Women’s ministry to get married,” Coetzee said. “This provides the opportunity to work close with a couple and minister to them about the Godly institution of marriage.”

Due to the poor economic situation Coetzee wants to help more people get CLI training.

“Contrary to popular belief, South Africa is not a place where lions and wild animals roam the street,” Coetzee said. “However, we do face an economic crisis and poverty is a reality here and can prevent a person to obtain tertiary education. Sometimes, it is a challenge for people who do not have a computer or internet to complete CLI online courses. We have therefore decided to set up a space for interested students to use the church facilities to do the courses online on a weekly basis.”

Financially Coetzee couldn’t go to some fancy seminary. Thus, CLI has provided her with the ability to further her ministry education.

“I am a small business owner without a stable income, and furthermore, our church needs a lot of finances to sustain it,” Coetzee said. “Therefore, finances for further studies are not readily available. CLI made it possible to reach this dream.”

Supporting each other is key in Coetzee’s opinion.

“My family’s role in ministry training will be to be supportive,” Coetzee said. “My husband has been a pillar for the church after our Pastor’s passing as well as me. We all need to support each other, learn together and pray together for the ministry. It is also challenging for me to speak publicly in front of a crowd. My team of women have supported me every time I preach to become more confident.”

CLI gave Coetzee the confidence and credibility to be a minister.

“People do not always understand how you can be a Pastor without having any theological training,” Coetzee said. “I also had trouble referring to myself as a Pastor, since I did not have any training. Completing the CLI ministry training and receiving certificates, which is handed out in our church, also gives credibility to our ministry training. I will feel more at ease to call myself a pastor now, after completing this ordination program.”

Coetzee is equipped for the ministry she now only asks for pray.

“Completing the CLI courses assisted me to achieve my ministry goals and provided me with the tools required for ministry,” Coetzee said. “Thank you, CLI for making this possible. You can pray for my journey in ministry to become more confident in preaching and growing our women’s ministry and our church.”

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Hi, my name is Johan du Plessis. I am 24 years old and currently living in South-Africa.

Ministry in South-Africa is challenging in South-Africa. There are a lot of religions, and is free to practice as each person sees fit. I feel that a high percentage of Christians in South-Africa are caught in a “traditional church” system. Witchcraft is also very popular among the local African people, however this serve as an environment where people can see and experience God through fellow Christians.

I have started my relationship with God at the age of 21, a few years after the divorce of my parents. Before this, I was living fully in the world, but was always searching for something more, until I met Jesus one Sunday morning.

My ministry dream is to focus on the youth. To reach teenagers who are going through the same trails I had gone through, and lead them to Christ. This is also the category I identify with most. I feel that I have a great connection with the youth will serve the Lord most sufficient in this area.

The day I fully gave my life to Jesus Christ, my plans fully changed as well. I now live to serve Him. I strongly feel that I am called into ministry to be a tool for the work of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

My local church supports me in my ministry calling, and the Leader of our church is also my mentor.

I am the middle child of three. I have two sisters who love and serve the Lord dearly. During our parents divorce we grew very tightly and were introduced to the Lord in approximately the same time. This is mostly because during this time, my mother kept on pursuing God, despite the difficult time we went through as a family. However today, 7 years later, my father and mother are reunited. With my father being born again, and baptized at the age of 51, this is one of the great miracles that happened in my family, and give the Lord all praise for He is good, always!

As a law student, specializing in Labor Law, I will benefit from the scholarship program from CLI, as post degree studies are quite expensive, and doing two courses without the CLI scholarship at once will not be financially possible.

CLI can pray that the Lord will protect and guide me in all my ways. As serving other people and winning them over for God is the ultimate in life.

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