Trained and Equipped to serve

Beauty From Ashes

Hi, my name is Eloïse. Born on the 4th of December 2003, I am from South Africa. I believe that God can change anything that seems worthless and insignificant to something beautiful and of great purpose. At least that’s what He did for me. So, I am getting trained and equipped to serve through the tuition-free courses at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

A Sown Seed

I always believed as a little girl that there’s something about life. I had a lot of questions and doubts about one’s purpose in life. Sadly, I searched for my life’s purpose in every source in this world except the One True Source that created life. That led to confusion and frustration as to why am I even here. What is the point of living if I don’t know what I am living for?

My life was ordinary growing up, I grew up in a lukewarm Christian home where words spoke louder than actions. I always thought God had favorites, and I was certainly not one of them. Because, why did my friends have more than I had? Why do they have a loving family? Why do I feel unworthy? Those are just a few questions I had that led me to search for acceptance in worldly pleasure.

Then, I sought my identity in the things of this world. So, as I journeyed through that, I began to feel worthless. I knew that there was something about life, but I did not want it because of what I thought life was. The day God rescued me was the day I was on my knees for the first time. I begged someone or something, anyone, to just give me an answer. Am I worthy of life? That same night, God answered all my questions at once by saying, “My beloved child, I love you, I am with you, and always was.”

How God Pruned Me

From there on, my journey of living for Christ began. Through my journey, I discovered the true meaning of life. “If you truly want to live, try walking with the one that created life.” I discovered freedom and purpose in Jesus. It’s my biggest desire that every heart I touch may find it too. My passion and purpose for my ministry are to simply give to those who are willing to receive.

My heart for ministry is to fulfill a need for those who long to be loved and cared for. The vision is to create an environment where women can be served and find beauty within their ashes. My Christian Leaders training will equip me to an extent where I serve others through Kingdom principles. After all, “Those who want to lead, must first serve” (Matthew 20:26).

I am grateful for this opportunity to study through CLI. My ministry training focus is on women’s ministry, leadership, and Kingdom business. God bless you all!

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