Ministry to Women

I am Andrea, a South African, living in Mauritius. With a ministry to women calling, I am also a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up in a family of many believers and pastors. For most of my life, I grew up in the church and felt the presence of God. However, I never quite understood it. As I entered adolescence, I chose the wrong friends and partner for myself, this led to a life of disobedience, alcoholism, and no plans for my future.

Pregnant out of wedlock by an unbeliever who I thought was my soul mate, I discovered he was abusive and carried a lot of trauma which affected his life. I had my son, Adriano, at 23. We later found out that he had neurological complications. By 24, I was a single mom to my special needs boy.

God took me on a journey of losing myself even more, eventually finding His love and experiencing His grace. I received healing and deliverance. I became a volunteer at my local church. Able to change careers and start teaching English, I taught in Vietnam for approximately 18 months before COVID-19 began. It was during this time, I realized God was calling me into ministry to women.

Marriage and a Move

I trusted God for a Godly man, and three years ago, I met him. He had a similar journey of disobedience, but thankfully, also experienced the power of God and was transformed. Now, he is a worship leader in the church and a great evangelist. He is also a wonderful husband and a loving father. We relocated to Mauritius earlier this year and we trust God to lead us in His Will for our lives.

Ministry to Women Calling

I am passionate about ministry to women and the struggling. That would include abused women, single mothers, special needs parents, and any person who feels knocked down by the struggles of life. Having experienced the power of God move in and through my life, I trust God for a greater territory to bring healing, wholeness, and deliverance.

I am grateful for CLI because I want to be equipped for ministry but do not have the funds to do so right now. One day, I will become a donor to this God-birthed vision at CLI. May God bless the visionaries and volunteers at CLI!

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