Ministry and Bible training online

Hi, my name is La Biance Bezuidenhout. I’m from Hartbeespoort, South Africa. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). The tuition-free ministry and Bible training online will equip me for my call to minister.

How I Met Jesus

What a question, “How did you meet Jesus?” Well, I met Him at the very young age of eight years old. It was during a church rehearsal for a theatre show on life after death. I have, ever since, loved and adored Him. I have pledged my soul, life, and heart to Him and live only to know Him and to be close to Him.

My Youth

I grew up as an only child which felt very alone at times. However, I was always aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence. When I was 14, my parents were called by God to start a children’s home. So, they did, and soon one child became ten which became thirty. At the very least, it was extremely overwhelming and lonely. I was almost always set apart, never fitting in, never feeling welcome, and never feeling at home. However, it pushed me closer to the Holy Spirit, and He has become my best friend.

I learned a lot about broken homes and broken hearts as all these children came from extremely broken environments. I obtained a great awareness and empathy for broken hearts, so much as to feel the person’s emotions. This definitely created compassion and love for people who need healing of the heart. I felt this urgency to make known the love of God even for myself. We needed (and need) compassion and trust in our God, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh, Elohim, my soul savior and first love, Jesus Christ.

Marriage Struggles

I married at the age of 23 in the year 2021 to the man I had been praying for my entire life. However, he came with an extremely broken and hardened heart. God entrusted me to patiently endure the healing process and be a pure vessel through which God was going to conduct this process. This process may have been the most difficult trial of endurance I ever faced, a very painful and tearful journey.

Married for a year now, I see the amazing and fruitful work God has done in this man’s heart and life all in a year. However difficult, this had been a time when I grew very intimate with God, learning to hear the Holy Spirit as clearly as a person speaking.

How I Ended up at CLI

I always knew that I was called according to God’s purpose. However, I never quite knew what God wanted me to do. At this stage in my life, I don’t want to do anything unless it has to do with God. Nothing interests me as much as knowing God, being in His presence day and night, talking to Him, and just grabbing Him with everything that I have.

Then, I realized I wanted to study to be a pastor when my mother made a joke about me acting like a pastor. I asked my pastor, who is my spiritual father appointed by God, where he had studied. He mentioned the Christian Leaders Institute. I googled, read up, and felt it is right. Then, when I saw the video of Francis Chan on the webpage, I was sold. With the tuition-free ministry and Bible training online, I trust CLI to lead me further in my studies with God.

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