Free Christian Leaders Institute training

Free Christian Leaders Institute Training

Hello, my name is Joseph Onuoha, and I live in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. An easy-going, single, student at CLI, I am indeed excited about the free Christian Leaders Institute training and to study God's word here. I grew up in a Christian family…
Needed Bible Training

Needed Bible Training at CLI

Hi, my name is Carley Rutkowske, and I am receiving needed Bible training at the Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, with my husband Jeff and our five kids. From oldest to youngest, there is Dominic(15), Peyton (8),…
Study Free Bible Training

Study Free Bible Training at CLI

My name is Barbara Carr, and I study free Bible training at CLI. I live in the United States. I'm a child of God, a wife, and a mother. I also am a business owner, a friend, a leader, and much more. For a long time, I've had a hard time seeing…
Bible Training Study Opportunity

Bible Training Study Opportunity

My name is Michael W. Furlonger, and the Bible training study opportunity at CLI is a Godsend. Where do I begin with my story? I was the first person in my family to come to faith at age five. Slowly, my family started going to church. My father's…
Free Proper Bible Training

Free Proper Bible Training at CLI

My name is Christina Martin, and I am excited to receive free proper Bible training at Christian Leaders Institute. My husband and I have four children. I am from a small city called Martinsville. I am an LPN, QMHP-A, and serving others has…
Free Bible Training Online
Free Online Australia Bible Training

Free Online Australia Bible Training - Women Revival Leaders are Being Raised Up!

My name is Janine Bower (Parslow). I am 47 years young and live in Perth Western Australia. I belong to a beautiful Christian community part of a church not far from home. This community is very accepting of people of all races, backgrounds…
Vietnam Bible Education

Vietnam Bible Education: Saved by Grace

Vietnam Bible Education My name is Lucelia Nicolene Pretorius, but everyone calls me Nicky. I am excited about my free Vietnam Bible Education with the Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Three years ago,…