Liberian Pastor

Read here the testimony of David Ted Williams, a Liberian pastor whose faith came alive in the midst of his nation’s civil war:

Before the Liberian civil war, I had just graduated and worked for a rubber company as an electrician. Even though I was born in a Christian home, I only played at Christianity and never dreamed I’d one day be a Pastor. But during the Civil crisis, I never had the opportunity to escape the country like others did. We lived between various warring factions, and they decided who lived to see the next day. One day three of my friends and my older brother were slaughtered before my eyes. I heard them say, “Let’s keep this one for tomorrow.” When the day came they still did not kill me, but I did not know why they spared my life.

The night of that day was the beginning of my prayer time. I would remember how my late mom prayed and I tried following the pattern. The next day, four people joined me to pray. On and on the number increased to thirty-two persons. Then everyone, including the rebels, began to call me “Pastor.” My passion to pray, teach and win souls began to grow more and more. Here I am today, no more an electrician, but the pastor of a church of three hundred members with two branch churches in Liberia.

Liberian Churches don’t have money, so the majority of the pastors cannot afford to pay for seminary courses. Christian Leaders Institute is an opportunity that I can share, especially with its latest program. CLI will be a tremendous help to this nation.

I want to learn in order to support what I believe CLI will do to raise up revival leaders in this nation. God be your helper, as you are our helper. The Lord bless you.


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Bible Study Leader Training

Join today and receive a scholarship towards pursuing Bible Study Leader Training and becoming a leader in Christian ministry. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the scholarship for pursuing youth leader training to spread the word of God.

I live in Monrovia, Liberia where doing ministry requires self-empowerment and self-support. But praises and honor be to God who has been faithful and caring from the very beginning till now. Growing up in a Christian family was joyous and wonderful because it gave me the sense of direction and relationship with Jesus Christ and God. My family’s daily morning and evening devotions drew me closer to the things of God and obtain an understanding of living for God through the Bible discussion we had. I have always loved and wanted to share the word of God and God’s love and kindness with other young people, which I now do. So for me, I am now living my dream.
The class has empowered and nurtured me with good ingredients to grow in the things of God and to spread the Gospel to other lost young people. The Education, I received through the class is very valuable and worthy to be kept and lived by. As a youth leader, I have come to know that young people need direction and guidance on life issues. I see myself as an instrument to be used to direct and lead young people on a godly platform that make their lives fruitful and God’s glory will be revealed in their lives as well. This is my passion and ego.
Getting young people who are frustrated by the economic, political, social and illiterate crises from the path of ungodly to a godly path is a major challenge. One must be able to identify in whatever way the crises these young people are going through be it providing education, food, shelter or job for them. Many young people in my country are alive striving for these things daily as their ultimate goal and have forgotten about God and Heaven. But through the local church workshops and training, many of the young people are gradually changing their minds and giving their lives.
Obtaining CLI Scholarship is like a stepping stone to bridge the many crises in my country. It will enable me to receive the Biblical education and materials and tools that I cannot afford to buy or pay for. It will empower and strengthen me to reach the young people with the Gospel of Jesus Chris. Keep me in prayers as I reach the Gospel to the lost young people of this world. May God win them at all cost.

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Church Planting in Liberia

CLI student, Jerome Allison is seeking ministry training because he feels the call to church planting in Liberia. Allison hasn’t had it easy he was raised in a home with two conflicting religions but he chose salvation.

Read Allison’s story in his own words below:


I was born and raised in West Africa, Liberia. Currently, I’m living in Las Vegas, NV with my wife and five children. My wife is an African and also a chef.

I grew up in the midst of two tough families with an opposite belief. My parents and grandparents, especially my mother and her father are completely opposite to each other when it comes to religion. My mother is a very strong Christian and on the other hand, my grandfather is a traditional man. When I was two years old, my grandfather took me from my mother to be with him as his own son cause his only son, died before I was born. My grandfather’s purpose for my life was wholly different from that of my mother. However, I grew up learning about both Christianity and West Africa/Liberia’s traditional beliefs. As I grew up, I found it very difficult to decide what belief to follow. With my grandfather, I always had the spirit of not belonging. For this not belonging spirit, I decided to spend more time with my mother and my uncle who was a pastor for a Baptist Church. Even though, while I was with them, going to church was an act of obedience to them. After years of their encouragements, teachings, and prayers, I became a Christian. In the year 2000, at the age of 15, I finally accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. After I was baptized, I became a member of the church (Effort Baptist) in the Ivory Coast which was pastored by my uncle. I also voluntarily became its janitor. Later, I was made Sunday school teacher for the church’s kids. I work for the church until relocating to the USA. The journey has not been smooth, but God is always there for me and my family.

My life has been truly inspired by CLI beyond my expectation when I started. The sound teachings help to shift my experience in so many areas of my life. My understanding of God’s word had greatly improved compared to when I first started with CLI and without a pressure of student-loan debt. There is no better way to really explain the experience with CLI but to just say thanks to God for CLI.

Been ordained is very important to my ministry calling. With this ordination, my family and local church will rejoice with me, knowing that I have responded to God calling by studying his word and by the confirmation of other pastors.

I love reading God’s world, it brings joy to my heart. I always desire to share this joy by teaching other people the word of God and helping them to understand how to live base on God’s word. I believe the first thing in my calling is to study God’s word. I believe Christian Leaders Institute Ordination as a pastor and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I can accomplish the work God calls me to do.

I am so grateful to CLI for this Ordination. Even though I teach sometime and after many studies with CLI, recently started preaching once in a while in my local church, with this ordination my preaching will now be regular in my local church preparing me for my mission calling to the world, starting with Africa.

My calling is church planting in Liberia. In my country, there are villages where the gospel has not been preached. The mission is to reach out into these villages and share the gospel of Christ and establish churches there. However, most of the people in these areas can’t read. Therefore, for the gospel to be effective, there must be some kind of Educational system in place to teach those that can read so they can teach other the gospel. The first challenge is how to establish this educational system. The second challenge is, no Internet connection can be found in most of these villages and the Internet café in the city can be expensive; therefore, I can’t get those that can read to be trained by CLI.

I am grateful for my local church for their encouragement and support. My ordination service has been fully organized by my church members. The senior pastor who is also my mentor was always willing to answer me and explain to me in more detail where I had questions.

I am seeking for God’s protection, boldness and his direction in church planting in Liberia.

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Christian Leaders Institute’s student Lawrence Yeanay enrolled to Bring Revival To Liberia by gaining a formal ministry education 100% free of cost. Here is his story…

Bring Revival To Liberia – Lawrence’s Story

My name is Lawrence S. Yeanay; I am from Liberia, Nimba County, Ganta city. I was born unto Mr. Nya Yeanay and Ma yah Flymo on July 2, 1986. I live in Karnplay with My wife Ruth Yeanay and two Girls Children. I graduated from high school in 2006. Later in 2007 I got born again through the influence of one Apostle Philip B. Martin. With out any help and founds to forward my education, I moved to live with the Apostle and his family in their home so as to have more time to focus on the things of God and to Learn more about the Bible. By the grace of God this year may 2015, I was browsing the Internet I God directed me to the web site of the school to enable me get more training for the work of the ministries. 1. My ministry Goal is to help bring revival in my country since we came from a 14 years of war, and most of our citizens are not spiritually transform. 2. It is very easy to do ministry in our Country since according to our history we were founded on a Christian principal and further more, we have majority calling on the Name of Jesus than Mohammed.

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 Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr. –

“I am Rev. Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr. currently living in Saclepea City, in the republic of Liberia, West Africa. To do ministry here is to have the heart of Christ, accepting all trials and persecution that come your way. This region of Liberia needs real evangelism.

“I came to know Christ when war was in Liberia, and I was hit by a bullet. I accepted Christ’s offer of redemption then and there and promised to do His work.

“My ministry dream is to preach the gospel to the lost, even to the unreached areas of my country.”Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr.

Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr. Receives a Scholarship

“This scholarship will be a help to me, because it will help me grow in ministry and fulfill my dream. It will give me an opportunity to learn more about my Savior and equip me to accurately present the gospel to the lost.

“I want you to help me pray for ministry growth spiritually, physically, and financially. I am also looking for support to plant churches. I have started already, having planted 2 churches in my region.”

Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr. was at the verge of death. He came to know Christ through great personal pain, but God called this special man to be His minister in a way nobody else could! Now Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr. is answering God’s call, pursuing an education that only a few years ago would have been beyond his reach financially.

Now that has changed! CLI can use your donation to give called leaders like Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr. the education they so desperately need. Using Christian Leaders Institute, God has made this quality education available to His leaders free of charge throughout the world, and all they need is an active internet connection. Just think how happy a small donation could make the others out there like Jones Yeats Wratee, Jr.