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Michael Greene

Michael is a 2009 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Finance. Michael continued his education at Charleston Southern University obtaining an MBA in 2012. Charleston Southern University is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and is under the direct supervision of the Board of Trustees (elected by the South Carolina Baptist Convention), who are charged with the responsibility of operating the university within the purpose for which it has been chartered.  Michael worked in the Seniors Living industry overseeing operations of 16 Assisted Living facilities in the Knoxville, TN area.

Meanwhile, Michael obtained a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Ohio University (online) in 2015. Michael also went to work for Wells Fargo Bank 2015, and relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. At Wells Fargo, Michael was a Relationship Manager in a specialty lending group in the Seniors Housing industry. Michael worked hand in hand with corporate executives to underwrite and originate multi-million dollar construction loans. While enjoying a nice career with Wells Fargo, Michael was called by the Holy Spirit to enroll in Christian Leaders Institute, as a student, and pursue a life of ministry. During this time, Michael left Wells Fargo to pursue ministry full time and moved back to his hometown of Crossville, TN. He is now responsible for establishing the Business Enterprise curriculum for CLI.

Bible School Leader Education

Bible School Leader Education

Join today and receive a scholarship towards pursuing Bible School Leader Education and being a part of the spread of the Christian revival. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers the ability to earn a scholarship for high-quality online ministry training. This training allows you  CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the scholarship for pursuing women’s ministry leadership training. 

Hello, my name is April Lookabill. I live in the United States of America. God has blessed this country to allow us the freedom to worship and share God with others openly. God protected me all my life from the sins of the world. My parents taught us about the Lord, but we did not go to church when I was little. When I enter high school, we started attending church and the LORD saved me on March 29, 1998, when I was 18 years old.
I have a dream of teaching children and women in my area about Christ. I want to write bible studies and children books to share my Lord with others. By taking the starter class with CLI, I have only grown stronger. Through the course, God has opened my eyes to many things that I never saw before. Things that I have questioned about myself have been answered by our Lord. I see myself as more of a youth leader in the church. I have always loved teaching and I do have a teaching degree. I homeschool my children and I also am teaching Hebrew to a youth class at church this year. These experiences bring me great joy. There are a lot of poor children and poor families in our area that need extra teachings and help with food and daily needs. The bible is with me everywhere I go. This is a transformation in my life. I have found that not only is god with me spiritually, but physically. My pastor has welcomed me under his wing along with the ladies study group at my church. It gives me great hope and joy to know they support me. My husband and children are behind me 100 % and that is making me want my spiritual dreams to come true more. CLI and the bible school leader education they offer is helping my follow my dreams.

This scholarship means so much to me and my family. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool my children. My family and I rely on my husband’s income. Without CLI offering this to me, I would not be able to fulfill my dream. My family, my church, and I can always use your prayers and support . The families in our area can always use prayer also.

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Benjamin Alexander for Ordination as Officiant

Training for Officiant Ordination

I am Benjamin Alexander, 71 years old, born and reared in the state of Texas, United States. I was married to Peggy Alexander for 41 years until her death in June of this year after an extended illness. We had four children, one of whom died in 2001. The others live in New Mexico, Texas, and Rhode Island.

We have four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. I served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving two tours in Vietnam with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. I spent 24 years in the U.S. Department of Justice as a Special Agent, retiring in 2002. In between I worked for AT&T, the Post Office, and on a cattle ranch driving cattle between Texas and California.
I grew up in a Christian family in Texas and was baptized at about age 14. When I graduated from high school I pretty much became the prodigal son until I married Peggy in 1975. It was then that I believe the Lord began the process of bringing me back to Him through Peggy and my mother. In 1997 we returned to the Church in California, where Peggy and I became seriously involved in caring ministries. We served as Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders for ten years in both California and Colorado. I commissioned as a Deacon, and then was ordained and served as a “Ruling” Elder for three years in our Presbyterian church in California. I now attend an Evangelical Free Church in Austin, Texas, although, because of my wife’s illness which struck shortly after we moved here, I have not been much involved other than worship, Bible study, and small groups.
My initial desire for seeking ministry training is to be able to unite my grandson (and his fiancée) in a Christian marriage this coming October. I looked at various offers for on-line ordination and discussed them with several pastors, but felt that such ordination would not allow me to legitimately serve my Lord. When I looked at CLI I realized that this might actually be a means to a “legitimate” ordination. I signed up for Training for Officiant Ordination at CLI! As I looked further into it, I began to feel a true calling from my Lord to pursue it, so I am. Where it leads, if anywhere, after marrying my grandson and his fiancée remains to be seen, but I feel that God is leading me somewhere with it beyond the marriage ceremony.
Although some of the courses leading to Officiant were, for me, a review of Christian principles, most of them offered a very interesting, informative, and challenging study into Christian leadership concepts. I am extremely grateful for the staff of CLI to have put their hearts into a project that provides instruction in matters that pertain to real-life Christian issues. The resources provided during this course, and the ability to refresh myself on issues that may arise, should prove to be very useful not only in any Officiant duties I may be called on to perform but for other Christian leadership duties. I do wish I had had this focused training previously.
So far, I intend to perform the marriage ceremony for my grandson and his fiancée this October. Beyond that, I have no other such plans. Small group and caring ministries will be my focus in the near future for which this course has given me much guidance.

Pastoral Training-Christian Leaders Institute

Pastoral Training

Join today and receive free training for Pastoral Ministry. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the free training for pastoral ministry to answer his call from God.

Hi, Fellow Brothers and Sisters. Jesus Loves you and we love you too. I am Carlos Perez from Belize and I currently live in Belize City. Ministry work is very pleasing and can be challenging as there is a great need in this Third World Lesser Developed Country and a lack of resources. I am the Youth Pastor at a local Church Ministry in the little village of Duck Run III of the Spanish Lookout Mennonite Community. We are “Faro A las Naciones” or Lighthouse Ministry.

I had my encounter with our Lord God when I was a grown Man who was taught that I knew everything and needed no one, even God. I was successful in business greatly because I would lie about everything and steal opportunities from fellow businesses. There came the moment when the lies caught up with me and I was on the verge of facing Jail time. When no one came to help me, not even my family members, I felt the cold and harsh reality of the world and realized how cold I was myself. I lost it all, and the one person who came to my rescue was my wife who was a devoted Christian.

She did not help me in any financial way at first or gave me anything at all to comfort me. She left me to struggle through the odds. All she did was lead me to have a relationship with God. I accepted under pretense and things seemed to get a little better for me. My wife was a Physical Therapist and did very well. She prayed for me every day and all the time. But, I was not in it with all my heart. I continued to lie and eventually and slowly started to make adjustments and started reading the Bible. It would make me so sad to see her struggling to take care of the household and everything else.

I loved her so much and through it all, I still treated her bad by not showing my appreciation. Slowly, I found the courage to embrace a relationship with God and changed my life. She would then tell me that everything would be “all right” and that this was just a test. I drew close to God and started to lead the Youth service at the church. Our relationship started to flourish and I reconciled and was anointed as the Youth Pastor by our General Pastor of the Ministry. That made my wife so happy and she even joined me and we became co-youth pastors.

Five weeks after things were looking up in all areas of our lives, even the business was back on track, my wife was in a traffic accident and lost her life. This was the last thing I ever expected!!! I felt my own life was not worth it anymore. In my pain and grief, I had an encounter with our Father God. It was the moment when I felt that I could not continue, but he comforted me in bringing my family together. The entire family felt a deep loss and were all touched by her. God has since blessed by life and at times I am afraid to ask him for anything else.

I thank him for the time he shared Rubi with me and the kids. My dream is to continue to serve as the Youth Pastor and develop a Bible school in Duck Run III. I have learned a lot from this CLI’s pastoral training and classes so far, especially since I have never had any formal pastoral training in ministry before. It has prepared me to see the great need for proper training and mentoring. The class has also given me strength and confidence to take on our youth service with a much more prudent approach.

The word that I associate with more is Pastor because it is the title that is given to those who serve in the ministry as Christian Leaders for the congregation or part of the congregation.

One of the key challenges in our area is dealing with the culture and traditions that all lead and depend on wizardry and witchcraft. The other challenge is the poverty and lack of resources. Since we lost Rubi, we have banded closer together as a youth group and taken on the Title “Rubi’s Squad”. The parents are slowly breaking their traditional phobias and are coming out to support our youths. Once a month we bring all the parents to the youth service and we do dramas and dances. The youths bring the parts of the service and also prepare food and snacks.

Our local church has supported me tremendously by first of all giving me the opportunity to serve and to encourage and support me through a very difficult time in my life. My family enjoys being a part of the ministry and are active members. The kids are the leaders in music, drama and dance and prayer. This year for the first time we are participants in the annual Festival of Hope that takes place on the 20, 21 and 22nd of July 2017.

A scholarship is important to me at CLI because it will allow me to achieve my goal of constructing a bible school via myself receiving the necessary education and pastoral training. Also because I am financially committed to paying college for three of our four children at the moment.

I welcome all the prayers from the CLI ministry for us here at the Lighthouse Ministry Belize. We are trusting in God for the kindness of a building which will become our future Bible School and the first of its kind in Duck Run III. There is a great need for prayers of healing for the citizens here as they have limited access to medical services. The norm is bush medicine as the hospital is far away and two, they can’t afford it. Finally, we have much need for the spiritual shield of all the citizens, and especially for our Spiritual Leaders.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for this great privilege and offer of getting an education in Ministry online via CLI. I know that my wife would have been on this journey together with me. She perished this 9th March 2017 and I honor her Life by making good on the journey to certification by your Institution.

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