firm biblical foundation

Hello! My name is Christian John Schlegel, born in June 1976, and living in Germany. I turned 48 this year. I have four adult children. Separated since February of this year, I want to restructure and organize everything in my life. Since the separation and for a while, I realized that my faith and hope in God give me strength. That is why I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute. I want a firm biblical foundation for my faith and to be a witness for the Lord.

Since last May, I worked as a service coordinator at Motorola in the US Government Service. There were many ups and downs in the previous few years, both professionally and personally. Therefore, I realized last October how much I missed God in the past few years and neglected my faith.

My Journey

However, this was not always the case. In my youth, I was very religious for family reasons. I received confirmation, went to church camps, and had friends in the faith. However, then my life got a bit off track. I lost my faith and my love for God for many years.

Thankfully, I found it again, bit by bit. I helped many friends in the past, no matter in which areas. However, it never brought me the fulfillment I wished for. Therefore, after my best friend died in a fire in a house two years ago, I started to rethink things. Unconsciously, at first. I concentrated on my work, having previously worked in the security industry for 30 years. I got to know a lot of people and different situations. After Herby died, I realized how short life on earth is and how much one can achieve in life with the little things.

I have been a volunteer for a long time. I served in the volunteer fire department and the German Red Cross. There one not only learns to help but also to see and listen to interpersonal relationships.

Return to Faith and Study

Anyway, last year I sat with a friend, and we talked about the past, her youth, and also her love and faith. It was the first time in a long time that I realized how much I had missed church and praying. This was the first evening in a long time that I prayed again. Honestly, it felt strange at first. However, the more I repeated it over the following days, the freer and more relaxed I felt. Then, I remembered that I wanted to study theology earlier in life. That was a strange thought. Then I talked to my friends about it, some thought I was crazy. However, others said, do what makes you happy.

That was the moment when I actively sought a change in my life. Then, I found the Christian Leaders Institute. At first, I hesitantly thought about what to do. In the end, I wrote to my other university, asked them to give me my credit points and transferred them to CLI.

CLI Gives a Firm Biblical Foundation for My Faith

Now I try to do what my heart and God tells me. I want to do what I do best. Why not try to help everyone as much as possible? Faith and hope are the best things that I can share with others. It is easy to offer a shoulder to people in need and advise them. Furthermore, to actively spread the faith through the church, missionary work, or simply through talks and group sessions is a blessing.

In the end, the important thing for me is that I have regained my trust in God and a firm biblical foundation for my faith through the courses at CLI! I want to rekindle and deepen what I previously gave up. I want to strengthen my trust in God and help others with what I can. Perhaps, God can use me to bring one or more people closer to faith in Him.

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