called as a servant leader

I am Loretta Sorensen from the United States. Called by God to be a servant leader, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Leadership Class Impact

I just finished the leadership class. This class was and is such a blessing for me in numerous ways. It clarified my understanding of how to develop a vision and the importance of understanding the culture around me. It also taught me how to identify potential leaders in my team, how to orchestrate graceful change, and how to successfully deal with conflict.

My favorite sections were the spiritual warfare lessons. What a great blessing to learn more about how Satan hinders our ministry work. I continue to develop my ability to recognize his attacks and am now more prepared to appropriately respond to an attack.

The last two lessons, Developing a Prayer Ministry and Defining My Why were invaluable to me. I wasn’t certain how to take my prayer life to the next level, and now I know! Further, I ordered the book, “The Hour That Changes the World,” and plan to integrate that information in the weeks and months ahead to strengthen my life.

My Why

My “why” is centered around my call to write Christian books for women. I have worked as a freelance writer since 2006. God opened doors for me to write for nationally read magazines and learn from highly qualified editors. I co-authored my first Christian book two years ago and am currently working on the second one. As I complete my studies, I expect God will clarify the next step. Further, I know how to share the Gospel, point others to the Lord, and encourage them in their faith journey. I expect my book topics to show other women how to come to salvation and also how to take steps to deepen their faith and be able to disciple others.

Called as a Servant Leader

Currently, my husband and I lead Bible study in our local federal prison. We have been doing this for 35 years. I’m also co-chair of a local women’s ministry that gives women from the region opportunity to share their personal testimony of coming to faith at a monthly event. I am also one of the speakers for this organization.

Once I complete my degree, I pray that God will open the door for me to write Christian fiction set in Biblical times. Since I’m also a book publisher, I’m able to design and publish my own books (and the books of others) and offer them to national audiences.

Called as a servant leader, every class I’ve taken at the Christian Leaders Institute strengthens me for my call. Furthermore, this leadership class gives me valuable tools that will serve me now until God calls me home!

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