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My name is Kristi Collier, from the USA. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for ministry training and credentials (Learn more about free Bible and ministry training and credentials online, Click Here). A verse of deep meaning in my life is Jeremiah 1:5. “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.”

My Story Begins

My mother had prayed to be able to have me after going through several miscarriages. She told me I was an answer to her prayers. She fully gave her life over to Christ and was filled with the Spirit shortly after I was born. I was born at the end of 1980 and named, Kristi LaRee Collier. As a young child, I prepared sermons with my older sister, and we held mock “church services” with our mom and dad. We did this since we traveled and didn’t attend a church often.

My childhood was full of heavy heartaches as a result of my father’s abusive nature. At age eight, I fully grasped the salvation message. So, in the midst of my parent’s divorce, I devoted my life to Christ. I clung to the comfort of Scripture that God is the Father to the fatherless and near to the broken-hearted. For a short time, I was in foster care homes. There, I learned to dig deep into my relationship with God at an early age. Adversity gives us an opportunity to develop richer lives through what would otherwise be devastating when we pull in closer to Christ.

Longing to Serve God

As far back as memory serves, I longed to serve God in full-time ministry. In 8th grade at a private Baptist school, I had the privilege of praying and playing piano alone over lunch break. From then on, my longings were deeply set to live my life out serving in ministry. I practically lived in the sanctuary at my church, especially in high school. From as early as 6:30 am to as late as 9:30 pm, you could find me there if the doors were open.

Building my own ministry resource library by the age of 15, I also delved into every Bible study I could. I served on the teen worship team, ran overheads (yes, it was the 90’s) for adult worship, played ministry time background piano, sang special music, and prayed over people with the prayer team. I did anything I could to be there including stacking chairs, vacuuming, folding programs, cleaning bathrooms… anything! After high school, I planned to get my worship ministry degree. I had even begun the application process for a Bible college in Tulsa. However, when I married in 2000, it sidelined those plans.

Challenges and Victory in Christ

My whole heart and mindset were to raise a family and be in full-time ministry. We have an adversary who does not want the Kingdom of God advanced. The devil seeks to hinder, stumble, and at the very least, delay all efforts toward God receiving glory through our lives. Heavy onslaughts came to destroy my heart and cut me from those longed-for places through a hostile, abusive marriage.

After nearly ten years of holding the marriage together, it came to an end because of his abuse and unfaithfulness. I fought to protect my two miracle children after my dreams of a family were destroyed. For the next decade, the financial load and court battles accosted my life. I dug deeper in my time with God and went to battle spiritually for my children.

What the enemy meant for my destruction, GOD used for good. God built in me greater resilience with each battle. I learned the deep importance of daily delving into the Word to saturate my heart and mind. There is power in reminding my thoughts and situations of the character of God! I dug into my faith in the trenches of life’s battlefield. I did anything I could to stay connected in serving the church. However, with three jobs and trying to hold my children together, I had nothing left beyond regular attendance and coming to Bible study groups.

Study at CLI for Training and Credentials

Now, with my children safely grown and on their own, I can focus on my ministry calling. I can get the ministry training and credentials my heart has longed to honor the Lord with as I serve Him. Passionate about the health of the church, I long to teach and equip the body with hope for the weary, healing and comfort for the broken, and truth to bring deliverance from things interfering in relationships. I long to share my music and testimony and to write and speak. One day, I prayed for God to allow me to serve in practical ministry in a local church as a pastor’s wife. My heart is especially drawn to the needs and health of the church in family and marriage.

At first, I felt like I was disqualified for marriage and family ministry because of the loss of my own. I felt like a failure to the church, branded by the word “divorced.” Yet God has provided healing for those scars regardless of the stigma. He has given beauty for ashes to help bring life and hope. He has turned what was meant for harm to be used for His glory and my good.

By that sorrow, I see ministry needs met ahead for so many people who need to see the comfort and purposes of God through their unique heartaches. It will be a great blessing to be greater equipped for the journey of ministry God has been preparing me through life to serve Him. It is a joy to be given the opportunity to get ministry training and credentials through the Christian Leaders Institute. I look forward to all GOD has ahead through this process!

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