Ministry Credentials

Hello, my name is Brenda Pascascio. Currently, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to get my ministry credentials (Learn more about ministry credentials and Bible courses online, Click Here).

My husband, Egbert, and I are the proud parents of two beautiful adult daughters, who love the Lord. We currently reside in beautiful Southern California, in the United States. Our city is located about sixty miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. We’ve lived here for almost fifteen years. Before that, we lived in Hollywood, California, for twenty-two years.

My Journey

The fifth of eight children, I grew up in Belize. I grew up in a home where my mother was a Christian, but my father was not. My mother ensured that my siblings and I attended Sunday School every week. I am thankful for her commitment. It was the beginning of my relationship with God. I gave my life to Jesus in Sunday School at age seven. As I learned more about God’s love for me, I desired to live my life pleasing to him.

I strayed a bit in my teenage years. However, my knowledge of God’s Word kept me from going far off the path. I continued to attend church and got involved with the youth ministry. Egbert and I first met there and later dated. Within the next four years, we got engaged and relocated to Los Angeles to reside with family members. Two years later, we married and will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary next month.

Egbert and I helped to plant the church that we served at for twenty-six years in Los Angeles. He was the Senior Pastor until his recent resignation. I served in several different areas over the years, including in the women’s ministry, financial and administrative, teaching, and preaching.

Healing Ministry

About fifteen years ago, I heard a teaching on healing titled, “God Wants You Well (Healing is in Christ’s Atonement).” It spurred me to research God’s Word concerning healing through those lenses. That changed my life! I spent a couple of months researching. In the process, my mind was being renewed. Immediately thereafter, I prayed a prayer in agreement with my newfound knowledge and revelation about healing, God’s grace, and the believer’s authority. Instantly, God healed me from a twenty-year-old back problem! That was just the beginning. I’ve seen many people healed, delivered, and set free over the years. God is amazing!

Ministry Credentials Through CLI

I did not pursue any credentials during those years of serving with my husband. Now, I am very thankful to Christian Leaders Institute for making credentials possible at little to no cost, at my convenience. Since I’m now in a new season, obtaining the proper credentials will make things easier for me as I continue to walk out God’s purpose for my life. My husband and I are excited about this new journey and all the things that God has for us to accomplish.

Blessings on your ministry, CLI!

Steps to Sign Up At Christian Leaders Institute

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Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.