Ugandan Ministry Journey

My name is Daniel Angole and I have been on a Ugandan ministry journey. I was born in May 1981 in Kampala, the capital of Uganda in East Africa I am the second born in a family of 2 brothers. We were raised by a single mother and had a non-resident father who passed away in 2013 and with whom we never had a close father-son bond. So we had were closer to our mother’s extended family. My mother was from a devoted Catholic background.

According to my mother, I fell ill at the age of 2 years. The political situation in Uganda at that time was very unstable. Afraid for their safety, people would generally be inside with the doors locked as early as 6 p.m. One night, my temperature rose so high and my mother was very worried. She had no first aid kit and no medicine in the house. She couldn’t get out of the house to look up any neighbors and see if any of them had some medicine. She whispered a prayer asking God to keep me alive just until morning so she could carry me to the hospital which was about 5 kilometers away. She kept putting a wet sponge on me to cool the temperatures but later on in the middle of the night my breathing stopped and I looked dead. As she silently wept, she heard a voice tell her, “Don’t you know that Jesus is the doctor of all doctors?” So she crept back to my still body and laid hands on me. She forgot all her Catholic recital prayers and said whatever was on her heart as she wept, going on and on for some hours. Eventually, she put her ear near my nose and felt my breath slowly return but from very far. Later she carried me and tried to breastfeed me. I hadn’t breastfed for some days but that night, she says, I did with some degree of urgency and for a long time. By morning I was completely well. When she carried me to go to the hospital, she detoured instead and ended up going to an Evangelical church that was along the way to the hospital. There at that church that day she gave her life to Christ. We all started attending that church (The Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church). I grew up with that as my home church.

As I grew up and began to understand, I started attending Sunday school. One day the uncles and aunties told us that our parents’ salvation is not ours, but that each one had to confess on their own and accept Christ into their lives. So in 1989, I confessed Jesus Christ as Lord of my life and in 1990 got baptized by immersion on my Ugandan ministry journey.

I was very welcoming towards ministry and started off in the Sunday school choir, and later joined the youth ministry. We did ministry by observation, by doing what we saw others do. I personally had never had any proper discipleship or ministry training. I did what I saw others do, progressively taking on more responsibilities and some leadership roles.

In 2004, I met up with some youth leaders from the neighboring country of Kenya and they invited me to join them in some school ministries they conducted. It was then that I realized that some of the ministering we thought we were doing was actually motivational speech and sharing our experiences. Around that time, I met up with some people who were studying at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. My desire for ministry training was aroused. I was pursuing a career in I.T. I decided that one day I will also pursue a course in Theology so that I can be a better minister who is well equipped to correctly represent Christ. I didn’t consider being in full-time ministry, but doing ministry with my career and reaching out to the unreached in industry or by being an example to them directly from the workplace.

In 2011, I moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and joined the Dar es Salaam Pentecostal Church. The church had spiritual growth classes that I attended and also had a center where the Transformational Church Leadership (TCL) course offered by the Pan African Christian University in Nairobi, Kenya was conducted. I joined the TCL program until I came back to Uganda in 2018. Unfortunately, I did not get to complete all the courses offered in order to be awarded the diploma.

I still need proper theology and ministry training. as I am on this Ugandan ministry journey. So as I was searching on the internet, I came across Christian Leaders Institute. This was like a dream come true and a prayer answered on my Ugandan ministry journey. I can get the training I dearly desire without physically having to relocate or give up my other responsibilities. All this with an opportunity for a scholarship! God answered my prayer and what is required is my faithfulness and commitment to walk the course. Thank you, Jesus.

My heart and ministry desire is still with the youth and also ministry at the workplace. Everything I learn at CLI will be aimed at preparing me to be an approved minister who will correctly share the word of God in all truth. And just like Simonie Carkeet (another CLI student), I would not want to be telling people the wrong things. So I believe that Bible education/theological studies are crucial and something that I will be able to get from CLI.

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  Trained Christian Leader

Become a trained Christian leader today! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI as a tool to follow his dream of becoming a pastor and serving God:

My name is Faustin Buteera. I currently live in Uganda. My parents came to Uganda escaping the genocide in Rwanda. I am currently running a small business in Mukono district as my official work. I was given the privilege to go back to school and attain my bachelor’s degree in procurement and logistics management in the year 2011.

I serve in a local church of a small congregation of about 50 people. In this part of the country I live in, Kayunga road, people are still so much into witchcraft even though they claim to know and believe Christ. At one time, we were attacked by a group of Muslim youths who wanted to remove timber from our church. We are glad the local authority was around to put the young men to sanity.

Growing up as a young man, we always went to the local catholic church at our previous location before we moved here. My mom really wanted me to go to the Catholic seminary school, but I never attained the right grades to get the scholarship. Like many young men here, education is such a huge privilege. I attended the catechism classes which I excelled. But still, I couldn’t join a seminary college. My mom was disappointed, but she really had nothing to do about it. I miraculously managed to go through high school with help of lots of mom’s friends. My dad was that kind of father who was never responsible.

By 16, I had started making wrong decisions, drugs, alcohol but, always made sure my mom had no idea. I pulled it off for 2 years until one evening when I met young Mormon missionaries who were moving in my previous area of residence. I was taught and finally got converted and eventually stopped all my old habits. I really didn’t care so much about the doctrine. I was enjoying the company of young men who strive to live according to the precepts of the Lord. Fast forward a few years. While at work, I met a nice lady who later financed my second year of my college education. This is when I started questioning many things I had learned from the Lord’s church. I started reading my bible and understanding who I am in Christ and what the bible says, about marriage, grace and biblical authority and not adding or reducing on the word and the holy spirit. It was after this deep search for the God of the bible that I started attending Pentecostal scripture unions and later on by the end of my second year I confessed the lord Jesus Christ. And finally got baptized.

My dream is to be a pastor, share the word, and start my own ministry. We have many church leaders here, but the field is ready but the laborers are few. I dream to become a trained christian leader within my community. The Lord delivered me from drugs through people who really never taught biblical doctrine, but nevertheless, he did. I dream to minister through the holy spirit and help the souls I touch. I hope to cultivate a relationship with the Lord and understand Jesus Christ. Many young men and women still struggle with tuition. Eventually, because they can’t study, they end up joining peers that lead them to paths that led to their destruction. My aim is to touch the youths and remind them of the grace of the Lord.

My pastor has been very instrumental in my growth, he has always given me a chance to preach on Thursday, which is the youth Thursday every week. I have been able to inspire and revival in our youth service which has been a strong indicator in my ministry journey. I have also been able to move to different churches courtesy of my pastor’s network.

I have always struggled with tuition; this has made me search for free lectures, papers on the internet until one time the Lord revealed CLI. I had to wait as it was hard to access the internet and a personal computer but now glory to the Lord I can.

My scholarship will help me build my knowledge for the gospel and also be more confident when sharing the word. It will also enable me to be recognized as a trained Christian leader through my certificates and diplomas eventually in ministry.

Please, pray for me so that my ministry dream will come to fruition.

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Nakavuma Barbarah had a calling from God, and is fulfilling it through Christian Leaders Institute’s free ministry training to become a Youth Pastor! Here is her story…

Free Ministry Training for CLI Student’s Youth Pastor Calling


My name is nakavuma Barbarah and am 33yrs of age from Uganda, and that were I live currently. Am from a family of six children, three boys and three girls and am the third born. When I was four years, I never saw my father home, and only mummy struggled to bring us up, moving from one rented house to another. So with little time for us because mum was the breadwinner at home, we as children had little time to meet as a family and talk about Christ, all we knew about him was what we were taught at school.
In the year 2002 after the death of my mother life changed for us, I witnessed once a united family going from breakage to shutters and by then I was only 18yrs. Rejection, denial, and abuses were what we received from relatives and friends, but this didn’t keep me low. I had to stand strong.
In the year 2007 while being housed by a friend, I was sitting with her nanny, a thought came to me and i said to my self that “barbarah you have cried for so long seeking the mercies of the Lord but if Jesus comes to you and asks what you need what will be your respond” i went to the nanny and asked her the very question I thought of. She laughed but I insisted and rushed to the bed room got a pen and wrote down my prayer request, I asked for every thing a teen could ask but what surprised me that very night while sleeping the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a dream . With this sweet soft voice he told me “YES JUST LEAVE WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING FOLLOW ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU ALL YOU ARE ASKING OF ME”. Right now you can figure how i felt i remember i never went back to sleep i got a friend’s bible tried to read but the joy i had could not allow me do it . That was when i said i must find my self some one to guide me on how am to make this dream a reality. After taking time in prayer and reading the bible i was guided by the Lord Jesus to a local church for deliverance. It was my first day in church and it was the day the pastor announced that he needed ushers. The secretary for the church picked me out and told me ” the pastor wants to see you after service”. I met him together with other thirty two girls who were well conversant with Christianity. To my surprise, we were chosen two out of that number. I was the least among, but the most favored before Jesus Christ.That is how i saw my self into the ministry of the synagogue church of all nations lead by Prophet Samuel Kakande.
Life was not as I thought it would be, but my pastor always told me “pure gold is tested by a furnace, Jesus loves you allow him to train you. You are not being persecuted, but that is ministry grooming” Day by day I saw my self-grow stronger in faith from a cleaner to a pastor right now. All this I call the GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY. After seeing what the Lord is doing in me, i later discovered that my call requires me to upgrade my skills in so many areas where I serve. I discovered that I needed to know the deeper knowledge about ministering. This forced me into a search for who would help me do it. A friend of told me about online ministry courses. That’s how I made a search and got an opportunity to get into Christian leaders institute where I was given an application free of charge, and everything that follows all free charge. Where will on earth can one get this great opportunity of quality education free of charge if not the love this institute has for Christ Jesus. I will live always to be grateful for this mercy.
With this bursary to be offered to me i am to take it on me as if it is all on me to improve in the area of ministering as a pastor and a youth pastor, applying all the skills and knowledge I will acquire from CLI and live as a ministering servant and not as it was with authorizing. Am humbled to ask for your prayers that the Lord’s grace may be continuously upon me as I live day by day and the spirit of the Lord to give me his wisdom, knowledge and understanding to pass and implement all that I learn from CLI. Long live CLI and may the Lord remember all your efforts of spreading his word and the knowledge you give to people like us who didn’t have the skill.


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