Evangelism free training

Evangelism Free Training

My name is Edward Kiggundu, and I am receiving evangelism free training at CLI. I am a resident of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. I was born on June 10, 1987, in Kampala. My wife’s name is Hanifer Kiggundu, and together God has blessed us with three birth children and one adopted daughter.

My father died when I was three years old. So, I ended up living in different families as I didn’t live with my mother most of my life. This separation harmed my life. At most of the places I lived, I was never accepted as part of the family.

I started going to church very early in my life. It was a Pentecostal church where my aunt attended. Soon, I joined the Sunday school and other free activities in ministry. At 12 years old, the call of God was evident in my life. However, I fell back into the world and sin took control of my life. I ended up on the streets smoking weed, doing drugs and alcohol, going to clubs with women.

But after a while, when I lost everything, God met me at my darkest moment. I came back to the Lord and soon the call took over my life again. I preached on the streets, roadsides, and also in the markets. Soon, I went to villages to organize GOSPEL crusades. I still do this today because evangelism is my passion.

Pastoring and Further Study at CLI

Today, I pastor a church called Emmanuel GOSPEL Christian Centre in Kampala. It is in the slums of Kitintale. It’s been two good years of pastoring a church as I write this on Feb 25, 2019. I give all glory and honor to God.

In 2018, I started at Christian Leaders Institute. It’s one of the greatest journeys of my life. I have grown as a leader through this evangelism free training. I hope to take on the degree program because, in my country, theological schools are very expensive. With the knowledge I get here, I hope to train and teach more church leaders in our land. I also hope to reach the unreached areas.

My dream is to share the gospel to as many as possible. I want to share the love of our heavenly Father with His children. Today, we have a school called Emmanuel Children’s Centre. There, we care for children and support them with their basic needs and education. The church I lead is very supportive of me and my ministry dream. They do what they can to share the love of God.

Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity to learn and increase my knowledge in the word and ministry. This sponsorship means a great deal for me because there is no way I could afford a college degree at this time.


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