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Nakavuma Barbarah had a calling from God, and is fulfilling it through Christian Leaders Institute’s free ministry training to become a Youth Pastor! Here is her story…

Free Ministry Training for CLI Student’s Youth Pastor Calling


My name is nakavuma Barbarah and am 33yrs of age from Uganda, and that were I live currently. Am from a family of six children, three boys and three girls and am the third born. When I was four years, I never saw my father home, and only mummy struggled to bring us up, moving from one rented house to another. So with little time for us because mum was the breadwinner at home, we as children had little time to meet as a family and talk about Christ, all we knew about him was what we were taught at school.
In the year 2002 after the death of my mother life changed for us, I witnessed once a united family going from breakage to shutters and by then I was only 18yrs. Rejection, denial, and abuses were what we received from relatives and friends, but this didn’t keep me low. I had to stand strong.
In the year 2007 while being housed by a friend, I was sitting with her nanny, a thought came to me and i said to my self that “barbarah you have cried for so long seeking the mercies of the Lord but if Jesus comes to you and asks what you need what will be your respond” i went to the nanny and asked her the very question I thought of. She laughed but I insisted and rushed to the bed room got a pen and wrote down my prayer request, I asked for every thing a teen could ask but what surprised me that very night while sleeping the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a dream . With this sweet soft voice he told me “YES JUST LEAVE WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING FOLLOW ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU ALL YOU ARE ASKING OF ME”. Right now you can figure how i felt i remember i never went back to sleep i got a friend’s bible tried to read but the joy i had could not allow me do it . That was when i said i must find my self some one to guide me on how am to make this dream a reality. After taking time in prayer and reading the bible i was guided by the Lord Jesus to a local church for deliverance. It was my first day in church and it was the day the pastor announced that he needed ushers. The secretary for the church picked me out and told me ” the pastor wants to see you after service”. I met him together with other thirty two girls who were well conversant with Christianity. To my surprise, we were chosen two out of that number. I was the least among, but the most favored before Jesus Christ.That is how i saw my self into the ministry of the synagogue church of all nations lead by Prophet Samuel Kakande.
Life was not as I thought it would be, but my pastor always told me “pure gold is tested by a furnace, Jesus loves you allow him to train you. You are not being persecuted, but that is ministry grooming” Day by day I saw my self-grow stronger in faith from a cleaner to a pastor right now. All this I call the GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY. After seeing what the Lord is doing in me, i later discovered that my call requires me to upgrade my skills in so many areas where I serve. I discovered that I needed to know the deeper knowledge about ministering. This forced me into a search for who would help me do it. A friend of told me about online ministry courses. That’s how I made a search and got an opportunity to get into Christian leaders institute where I was given an application free of charge, and everything that follows all free charge. Where will on earth can one get this great opportunity of quality education free of charge if not the love this institute has for Christ Jesus. I will live always to be grateful for this mercy.
With this bursary to be offered to me i am to take it on me as if it is all on me to improve in the area of ministering as a pastor and a youth pastor, applying all the skills and knowledge I will acquire from CLI and live as a ministering servant and not as it was with authorizing. Am humbled to ask for your prayers that the Lord’s grace may be continuously upon me as I live day by day and the spirit of the Lord to give me his wisdom, knowledge and understanding to pass and implement all that I learn from CLI. Long live CLI and may the Lord remember all your efforts of spreading his word and the knowledge you give to people like us who didn’t have the skill.


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