Marine Moorehead's CLI Story - Strengthening Family Through Ministry

Former US Marine David Moorehead strengthens his family by advancing his Ministry Education free at Christian Leaders Institute. Here is his story…

Former Marine Begins Strengthening Family Through Ministry at CLI

I was born March 2nd 1981 in Des Moines, Iowa. My father passed away from a drug overdose when I was 8 years old. I was left with my younger brother (by 4 years) and my mother who at the time was battling alcohol and drug addictions herself. Most of my family became addicted to drugs and were in and out of jail my entire life and watching this made me want to be something more than what I observed. I went to Sunday school as a child and learned a great deal about God and his eternal plan for us as well as his Son, Jesus Christ.

Eventually my mother moved my brother and I to Florida where I went to middle and high school. Upon graduation of high school I entered the United States Marine Corps where I stayed for four years before completing my tour of duty and returning home. I still felt a strong sense of wanting to serve those less fortunate or those in trouble so I decided to go to the police academy. I have been in law enforcement for closed to 6 years between two different agencies. I am married and raising 6 wonderful children. I began going to church again after becoming a Police Officer and the church I started going to awoke something deep in me to want to preach about our Heavenly Father, God, to those who don’t know him or know little about him and his plan for each and every one of us. My church is Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, Florida and it has been eye opening in every way and helped foster my desire to walk with Christ.

I want to be able to lead my family from a Godly view and understanding as well as teach those who lack the knowledge of what our great God wants for us. I am no stranger to His word and the Bible but there is so much more that I have to learn and I thirst for the knowledge and the pleasure of serving our God. My plan is to hopefully preach the Word of God if not in my own Church then within Meadowbrook Church’s congregation. I believe that my story will give those with little to no help some sort of motivation and understanding that God is there for us and will never give us more than we can handle. I have sinned along the way as we all do but I have been forgiven and accepted by a gracious God, a God I want to help others get closer to.

I also look forward to my children looking to me for guidance and to be able to give them the answers to their questions as God commands of me as a father. I also want to be the husband to my wife that God commands I am to be. My wife is my rock and stands behind every endeavor that I have set out to accomplish. She also puts up with so much from me as I know that the Marine in me can be stubborn at times and refuses to quit once my mind is set to a task. I would most likely identify with a Pastor because to me a Pastor has to be so much more than your teacher. He has to be your rock, your ear when you need to talk, someone the congregation looks to for guidance on a spiritual level as well as a personal level. The totality of my upbringing and various dangers jobs and the fact that I am still here has amazed me. I am amazed that God has allowed me to come from a rough start and to be where I am today. I am amazed that God made me mentally strong and able to say no to people whom did not have the best of intentions for me growing up.

My ministry dream is huge and I have a vision in my head that I cant quite put down on paper but I do believe that the scholarship to Christian Leaders Institute will help me excel and reach the first steps of my vision and more. CLI can help pray for my ministry by asking that we are a light to those in the dark, that we find those who are desperately seeking a walk with God and that we provide them with a path that is understandable and forgiving.


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