Nathalia Watson's Story - Free Outreach Ministry Training

Evangelist Nathalia Watson utilizes Christian Leader’s Institute’s free training courses to help her build her Church’s Outreach Ministry! Read about her Free Outreach Ministry Training here…

Outreach Ministry Training Free Through CLI


I was brought up in a Baptist Church in my town in the u.s. When I married in my twenties I began attending a Pentecostal Church. This is where I really began to have a relationship with God. I attend a small Church where my Pastor is my mentor. I would greatly benefit from a scholarship from CLI. I have a full time job and cannot afford to attend the University in our area. My dream is to build the outreach ministry of my Church and see souls saved in the surrounding areas to Glorify my Lord and Savior. As an evangelist I would like to assist my Pastor in Church planting.


Christian Leaders Institute offers Ministry courses such as: People Smart for Ministry, Church and Ministry, Theology I, Theology II, Wisdom Literature and many more!

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