Bible Study

Bible Study has been going on for over 2,000 years. Christians believe that the Bible guides our lives and thought. Christian Leaders Institute believes that Bible Study is the seed for actually hearing what God has to say to humans whether in our devotion (personal walk), in our marriages (marriage walk)  in our relationships (small groups) and our ministry leaders.

Devotional Bible Study

The Bible is a relational book. The Bible explains how humans can relate to God every day. Christians can talk to God through prayer and listen to God through the Bible via devotional Bible study. See CLI President Henry Reyenga explain how you can start a relationship with God. Click here If you enroll in free ministry training at CLI, you will learn about the seven connections and how to study the Bible in your walk with God. Enroll now

Small Groups Bible Studies

Christian have grouped together to study the Bible. The grouping may be at family devotional groups or small groups at churches, homes, restaurants, and workplaces. Many house churches are really small groups Bible studies. In families, a father or mother may create a culture where the Bible is read and memorized. Home signing may occur. Christian Leaders Institute calls this home discipleship. Christians may group together to study the Bible intentionally. The combined Bible Study effort creates spiritual synergy and many insights come forward inspired by the Holy Spirit. See CLI Provost Explain the work of the Holy Spirit. Click here. Sometimes small group Bible studies are supportive in nature. The Bible is opened in a more devotional way and discussion inspires support of real-life issues and problems.  Another type of Bible study group is more discipleship oriented. New believers meet with mentors to learn the Basics of the Bible as their faith is nurtured.  There are even more types of small groups that study the Bible,  Bible Gateway explains devotional approaches that may add to the list.

The Sermon Bible Study

A Sermon is a Bible study given in a formal setting. Usually, this study is given in front of a congregation of believers. The idea expectation is that the giver of the sermon has formal education. A sermon reflects the study of the preacher in an interesting and organized way, bringing applications and encouragement to those who listen. Christian Leaders Institute offers free formal study for those who are called to preach sermons.

Formal Bible Study

Formal Bible study is often called Biblical studies. This Biblical study has traditionally been done at Bible colleges and seminaries. In most cases, the trained pastors had access to the in-depth curriculum. Through the Christian Leaders Institute now ordinary people can study the Bible in their home. Christian Leaders Institute believes that Bible study truly is the axis of relationship with God in your personal, marriage, family, small groups, church, kingdom, and world contacts. The post is this category reflects our passion to bring the study of the Bible to greater heights.

Trained Christian Leader

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