training bible study leaders

Training Bible Study Leaders

A church in Abbotsford, BC, Canada is Training Bible Study Leaders using Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). Pastor Marcel deRegt from Gateway Community Church started a mentor center where 19 students meet every other Wednesday to watch videos and go over material from CLI’s Getting Started Courses. They were awarded the Christian Basics Certificate on November 16th. The “Christian Basics Certificate” is available to students by enrolling at Christian Leaders Institute. This course covers the essential elements of Christian beliefs. It also includes how to live out a personal walk with God. You can enroll for free now by clicking here.

It helped a person like Alex Macarie who attended this course at Gateway.

“My ministry dream is to be a good and faithful servant. to my Lord and Saviour in whatever way that He calls me to be; whether it is pastoring a church, teaching in a seminary or being a faithful friend and family member. Gateway church is hosting this class in partnership with CLI. I hope to be more and more involved.”

Training Bible Study Leaders is what CLI is all about. We have introduced our Bible Study Leader Certificate. This certificate will include courses like Old and New Testament Survey, Church and Ministry, People Smart for Ministry and more. It will give you the tools necessary to become a Bible Study Leader in your area. The classes are made to give you the confidence and training you need to be a success.

Gateway Church is one step closer to training more bible study leaders. On November 23rd, they began to go through Old Testament Survey. Pastor Marcel deRegt has a passion for the church. He has led ministry trips to over 15 countries. He sees the value of trained leaders and so do we.

Enroll today!

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