Lesotho Bible Study

Lesotho Bible Study

Lesotho Bible study is spreading though trained leaders from Christian Leaders Institute. This ministry training is free and available for Christian Leaders. Lesotho Bible study is critical because Christian leaders and pastors in Lesotho have not had access to high-quality Bible study training. This testimony from Atisang Mokhele at Christian Leaders Institute illustrates the need for Lesotho Bible study training.

Greetings to you all. I live in a country called Lesotho in the town of Maseru. MY counry landlocked by  Africa. It can be pretty tough sharing Christ here simply because most of the people believe that they are Christian even though that may not necessarily be the case. There are no laws in particular that impede sharing the Gospel or being a believer. The landscape is flooded with churches but very little transformation is taking place largely because of the lack of training within the clergy and the many strongholds that Basotho have bound themselves to.

How I came to the saving knowledge of Christ was pretty gradual. Christ pulled me out of darkness, He came to me and called me out. For years I would see Christians with their Bibles in school and I would wonder what awkwardness and total weirdness that was, not knowing that His work in my life had begun. when I was in university as a freshman, I raised my hand at a service held in campus when people were asked to raise their hand in order to receive Christ. My conversion wouldn’t be complete and genuine until I met a missionary, who is now a dear friend, with Africa Inland Mission, who lives and carries out her ministry in the town of Maseru. She is the one who fully explained the Gospel to me in a Lesotho Bible study and I made a decision for Christ following that and have never turned back. That was back in 2007/8.

Lesotho Bible Study Training at CLI

At present, I know for sure I need to be getting ministry training. I had been seeking a way to get training when incredibly at about the same time I came across Christian Leaders Institute which I believe was God’s plan for me. My personal ministry dream is not entirely clear at this point. I am however passionate about evangelism, teaching the Word and making lasting relationships with other believers. I believe these things God has put in my heart and in time it will become clearer what it is God has planned for me and my family. For now I just know I need to get training.

Evangelism as I have already mentioned is a very huge part of what my ministry ambitions are. I wish to see my countrymen come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In the book of Romans it talks about people knowing only when others tell them about the Gospel. It is my hope that those who will come to know Christ will with the same excitement share the Good news of His Love.

Right now I’m not in active ministry, I am part of a local church and a bible study group. The desire to see people being taught the Word of God in Spirit and In Truth I believe is what launched my quest for ministry Training. It is The Holy Spirit I believe who put it in my heart to not just be a pew warmer but to go out, fulfill His mission and edify the Body through all that He has put in me. For the longest time in my faith walk, I was not getting solid bible teaching so when I met Jo Fernandez, my ministry mentor and my bible study facilitator (my missionary friend), I received solid biblical teaching and from then on I knew I wanted my countrymen to be at the receiving end of sound teaching from the Word of God.

The key challenge I believe the Church face here is the thick, tough wall of ancestral worship that veils our spiritual eyes as Basotho. Put that together with the many churches that colour the landscape, you have a strongly intertwined sycretism of a Biblical Worldview with an animistic African worldview that is hard to penetrate and untangle. It took many years for me to personally come out of it. The same applies for most Basotho. Very few see that its even something that exists. Its okay for a person to go to church on Sunday and slaughter a white chicken tomorrow to remove some bad omen or curse they were placed under for one reason or another. This gives many a pastor and missionary much headache.

After finding out about CLI, I immediately let my local church pastor know that I was considering taking up the scholarship. He was more than okay with the idea. I also talked with him about letting other church folk know so that if there are any who want to get the training they could. The church fully supports this move. At least I know that the pastor knows, I don’t know if the rest of the board knows.

What I know for sure is that my family fully supports me and the path that I have taken concerning ministry. By family I mean my wife. Her consent is all that matters. As long as I have time for the family, and they don’t feel neglected, I’m happy. Her support means the world to me. I’m grateful that she is behind me all the way. As for my 8 month old son, well, I’m sure he’ll understand. I do hope to minister together with my wife, in whatever way that may look like.

It really is a wonderful thing that God is doing through CLI. Thousands upon thousands will benefit from free ministry training saving many thousands in costs. I know for sure I could never afford to go seminary from my own pocket. I was always looking for a window of opportunity The Lord would open up for me. I believe CLI is that window. Quiet simply put, without CLI, i would probably never realize my ministry dream. So it [CLI] has helped me at least believe that I will live to see my ministry dreams and goals come to fruition.

My ministry calling is gradually unfolding. I don’t want to force The hand of God, that is both impossible,  but I would like to see more clearly what it is He wants for me at this point in my life. It would be wonderful to get some prayer support here. Also for more and more Basotho to desire to get training ministry training as we continue spreading the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The need for well-trained Lesotho Bible Study leaders is great. Christian Leaders Institute operates on an offering based model, click here for more details. The training is free. Click here to make an offering

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