Australia Free Online Ministry Training

Australia Free Online Ministry Training

Jarad Bennet was taking a nap. Suddenly, he sensed the power of God and the Holy Spirit put a thought in his mind, “Search Free Online Ministry Training on the Internet.” Jarad did so immediately and found Christian Leaders Institute. He is part of many leaders who have found Australia free online ministry training for their callings. Jarad’s story is incredible. Here is a guy that God has saved, brought to a great church, mentored by a local pastor and now called into ministry.

Jarad was born in August of 1988. He grew up having knowledge of the Lord. In his youth, he struggled with ADHD. His family life was complicated, and he experienced much abuse in extreme ways. Jarad said, “I was regularly abused in over-the-top ways and would ‘look to the skies and blame God.'” He still attended church until age 18. Jarad was kicked out of his house when he was 18. That was in 2006.

Jarad married and started having children. But his life was heading in the wrong direction. He said,

During the years of 2013-2014, I was a horrible person. Horrible to my wife and kids, family and friends. I was IN the world and I was OF the world. After a major life-changing event in 2014, I slowly came to want to change myself honestly and forever.

Jarad attended church again in January of 2015. The journey back to God was beginning.

Australia Free Online Ministry Training Inspiration

Jarad and his wife moved to a new community and found a local church. Interestingly, Jarad’s wife had a friend from school days that attended the church. On Easter of 2015, Jarad and his family started to attend this local church. They began to attend regularly,

Then, after a while, we went back again and continued going. Our pastor started coming to our house regularly, teaching us the word of God, and we were changed and renewed.

The ministry of this local church and the power of the Holy Spirit descended on Jarad’s life, and this calling to study was connected with Australia free online ministry training in a powerful way. Jarad tells the story this way,

God showed up through certain events, and I seriously felt the presence of the Holy Spirit working in my life.  I felt I was being urged to learn more. Not to know more but because the Lord has a much larger plan for me. I brought this to people at church, and they were really encouraging so I decided to tell our pastor. Before I did though, when I was taking a nap, I felt the Lord’s voice in the form of a thought, search ‘free online ministry training’. I awoke, searched and here I am. I told my pastor that night about my urgings, and he was indeed encouraged, but, because I am only recently back, asked me to relax for a while so I didn’t mention CLI.

Jarad realized that the pastor’s wisdom to proceed carefully in pursuing ministry was sound. The Bible warns us about not laying on hands too quickly. Jarad was listening to a sermon on the radio where the preacher encouraged everyone to develop their talents. Jarad knew that he needed to heed the calling to learn and take classes at Christian Leaders Institute. The fact is that Christian Leaders Institute presents this Australia free ministry training in such a way that allows new students to examine and test their callings.

After Jarad had signed up for this Australia free ministry training, his pastor committed to supporting and mentoring him. Jarad commented,
“My pastor is extremely supportive with my calling and wants me to fulfill God’s desires and is always there for me whenever I get stuck.”

Australia Free Online Ministry Training An Opportunity

Future ministry leaders of any economic ability now have an opportunity for high-quality ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute promotes a donation model where the ministry training is free. Enrollment, classes, and tests are all included. All the classes can be taken online on computers, Smart Phones or tablets. The only fees charged are small fees for official awards. The divinity degree also has a small fee that pays for personalized attention needed for an accredited degree. The total amount of that four-year degree fee is $1,500. Major seminaries like Calvin Theological Seminary will admit CLI students. Jarad appreciated this opportunity, and he wrote,

Studying with CLI is going to enable me to follow God’s will. I do not have the funds to study in this country and in my current situation, but God always provides when our desires are in line with His Will so CLI is helping me to fulfil God’s will.

This Australia free online ministry training is not just for Australia. Christian Leaders Institute serves over 150 countries now. Thousands are graduating in certificates, diplomas and degrees.

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