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My name is John. I broke the sound through barrier this year and turned 50. I am married to a fantastic woman, Erica, for four years now on November 14. I have two wonderful sons from my first marriage. I am currently pastoring a local church in the town I live.

I came to faith in Jesus Christ in March 2001, when I had TOTALLY given up on life. Life had presented itself to be meaningless and hopeless in all my pursuit of love, social climbing, happiness, contentment and financial gain. I had worked in the automobile industry as a toolmaker for 23 years where I had many problems, including a serious hand injury caused by an accident with a hydraulic press and the insertion of a pacemaker due to stress at the age of 27. My marriage had also come to a cross road; it too was falling apart. Empty inside and with no purpose to living I was having constant thoughts of ending my life. Having recognized I needed professional help, I admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital. There I was diagnosed with depression and a mood disorder.

It had been 3 months since my release from the psychiatric hospital and I was now facing the family courts for separation and divorce! All my past issues, present pain, rejection, hurt, confusion coupled with my psychiatric illnesses and awareness of my own wrong doings ‘SIN’ eventually caught up with me. This weight of guilt and shame managed to manifest itself in me by desiring to remove the pain by hanging myself. The thought almost became a romance in the planning of how I would do it!

On that evening I went to say a ‘silent’ good bye to my parents…but I was unable to hold back the pain and tears inside. (God was on my case) Having recognized my deep distress they called a local Pastor who came and explained how much God loved me. He explained, God gave Jesus, His Son, as a ransom to die for me, for the guilt, inner pain and shame I was experiencing. The Pastor led me in a prayer of repentance for my sin and to ask Jesus to come into my heart. I was so overwhelmed by this conviction; I wept deeply asking God to forgive me.

There and then I surrendered TOTALLY to the Lordship of Jesus and asked him to fill me and change me. Within seconds I could sense the darkness leaving. Suicidal thoughts were displaced with an inner happiness, a joy! The weight lifted off my shoulders and my mind became incredibly peaceful. This reassurance of His love and grace would assist me in the painful years ahead of court hearings, divorce and the daily disconnection with my children.

Losing everything…marriage, family, health, home, job, savings and allowing Him to turn everything around for my good was a very slow and painful journey. But I was more determined than ever to get to know God personally. He gave me a new (and healthy) heart as the pacemaker was removed too! So with a hunger for His word I have done all I can to pursue the call of God on my life. It took me some years to recognize that God had indeed called me into ministry. He used His word, the Holy Spirit and put many people across my path to encourage me in the pursuit of ministry and continues to do so.

I have been pastoring for the last seven years and at the moment I am pastoring a local Church fellowship here in Carlow, Ireland. We are a church plant out of Portlaoise, Co Laois since 2012. My wife Erica is a teacher by profession who is also studying with CLI’s Ireland bible training. She is a fantastic supporter to me in so many ways and looks after the children’s ministry in our church.

As many of you can imagine being involved in a church plant involves many challenges. We all want to see things happen quickly, but digging trenches and foundations is not easy.

However, I can trust God for everything and that encourages me to pursue what He has put in my heart, which include: to be a more effective leader, to have a closer walk with the Lord; to rightly divide his word; to see leaders raised up to take their rightful place; to see the people in my home town, county and country transformed and set free by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For all this to happen I know I need more training and equipping. I have had some basic theological training in the past, but had to travel on low budgets, which placed a burden at the time. CLI’s Ireland bible training offers me the opportunity to study modules at home online for free, which I would normally have to travel for and not for free. Having a greater understanding of doctrines and theology will assist me in dividing the word rightly. I can see that CLI is a serious organization with very high quality training and I have no problems with recommending it. It will enable me to introduce others who are called that are unable either to travel, afford training or a seminary qualification. In turn, CLI will assist me to raise up effective trained leaders at a greater pace to see a move of God in and beyond my country. Thank you for this opportunity to have studies for Ireland bible training.

I would appreciate your prayers regarding my marriage, family, studies and ministry. May all these areas be in balance and may God raise more people to assist us in what He has started. Please, I ask you to also pray that the hearts of the people here would be open and softened to receive God’s message. Thank you.

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Ministry Knows No Bounds As One Ireland CLI Student Found Out

Hi I am John Corcoran and I am Irish and currently living here in Ireland. I am 52 years of age. I am blessed to be married to my wife Karen for 30 Years. We have been blessed with four sons. Our oldest son is a Pastor here in Ireland and our youngest son is currently studying to go into ministry as a Pastor. Our other two sons, one living and working in Canada and the other is in college.

I was saved by the Grace of God 10 years ago. My background is Military Special Forces and Motorcycle Clubs. At that time I had seen no need for God in my life I did not recognize His relevance. I was born and raised a Catholic, but I did not know Jesus or understood the Gospel story so I never bothered with the Bible. Through a series of bad lifestyle choices and falling on hard times as a result, I started to question the meaning of my life. At this stage, my oldest son had become born again with a new Spirit and a follower of Jesus. He regularly shared Jesus with me, the love Jesus had for me. But my heart was hard and I was not interested. Shortly after, I met a Christian biker from a Christian Motorcycle Club. He shared the Gospel story with me also. I was tormented in my mind. What was I to do if this was true and there was a God who loved me and gave His Son for me?

Ten years ago as a broken man, I surrendered to Christ, His way, not mine. The sense of freedom and joy at being forgiven and the hope for my future just floored me. I am humbled to say that I am still a pilgrim on a journey of faith and by the Grace of God, a follower of Jesus today. I have spent the past 6 years working with people in addiction, the homeless, those in prison, and people in the Motorcycle sub -culture in my country. This is part of my ministry dream. Another section of that dream is to teach and preach the Gospel story and to learn to rightly divide the Word of God as is spoken by Paul to Timothy.

I see myself as many things but after submitting to God in prayer and a time of revelation from the Holy Spirit, I believe in my heart that part of God’s plan for my life is to serve His people in the role of a Pastor. Thankfully this has also been recognized by my wife Karen, my Pastor, and close Christian friends. I have been prompted to give my life to ministry due to the freedom that I received when Christ came into my life. I was set free, out of bondage to drugs, and the worldview and standards of this world. I want to be available to Christ for Him to work through me and lead others to that freedom ( Isaiah 61), to set the captives free.

I have been blessed to have the support of my Church in starting my studies with CLI and also my Pastor, who is my Mentor and His Wife who is also studying with CLI. It was my Pastor’s wife that recommended Christian Leaders Institute to me. So you see, CLI is very important to my ministry dream. I want to learn to rightly divide and teach and preach the Word of God. I am starting a new course with CLI today in order to advance that dream. Please could I request you to pray for me, my family, and my Church here in Ireland as we step out in faith to answer the call of God and for all in CLI for affording me this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Impact The World With The Work Of God

One thing is for sure in our world today, the work of God will never run out. This is a business that will never close its doors. There is much to be done for the Kingdom. Some are called to preach, others teachers. Some are evangelists, others missionaries. Some are called to be in children’s ministry, youth ministry, women’s ministry, men’s ministry. The work of God is endless. We encourage our brothers and sisters, and we introduce the Lord to those who have never heard his name. Wherever there is people, the work of God is possible.

Erica Lowry Is Ready To Do The Work Of God

My name is Erica Lowry and I have been living in the Republic of Ireland for 6 ½ years. I never imagined I would live abroad one day, let alone serving God in a small town in Ireland!

It all started when, at 20 years old, I gave my life to Christ leaving behind a messed up past with lots of hurts and wrongdoings. Not that everything disappeared overnight. There are still things to be treated within my being, but God’s grace and wonderful mercy propels me to stand up and move to the direction He leads me, facing the challenges in life with hope and confidence.

I grew up attending mass every Sunday and thought for a good while that that was what I was supposed to do in order to be right with God. In my teenage years I caught myself thinking about what I was seeing around. That happened several times. I started questioning confession/penance, huge variety of ‘saints’- each one for a specific need, Jesus being kept on the cross full of blood (He resurrected, right?), the performance of rituals and repetition of the same words in order to ‘feel’ that I had been forgiven. I felt trapped in a meaningless and ritualistic life. And God knew that.

Having come from an unstructured home, I felt the need of spending lots of time outdoors and on one of those occasions I saw myself in a Christian camp, being invited by a Christian colleague who was studying with me at that time. Since then, I’ve been walking with the Lord. I have had big ups and downs and after a painful divorce 7 years ago, God brought me to where I am now – Ireland! – and I am forever grateful for that. Not only did He give me a wonderful husband here, but He also put me in a position to be able to help others in their walk with Him. I am truly a blessed woman!

My ministry dream is to be more and more obedient to God and encourage others to do the same and, by doing so, to fully embrace their identity in Christ and enjoy an abundant life.

I am a teacher by profession and God has improved teaching skills by consistently keeping me teaching children since the early days of my conversion. I also have a strong desire to help other women to respond to God’s calling in their lives and I simply love being an encourager for them. I’ve been learning a lot in the process on how to be more effective as I share my personal testimony and God’s Word with different types of people, respecting the stage they are in their lives – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My husband is a pastor and I am also encouraged by him and truly blessed for our sharing similar ministerial goals.

Ireland has a sad past regarding religion and disregard for people. The hurts are obvious as nearly everyone in their 50s, for example, has a story of abuse either in school or in church to tell about their religious upbringing. Their resentment, in many cases, prevents them from seeing God as a loving Father who cares about their lives. People in religious authority (for many years Ireland was heavily under the influence of the established church in all areas of life) mishandled the Scriptures or totally forgot about them. All these problems and many others have greatly impacted the Irish nation and left a bitter taste in people’s mouths concerning Christianity.

My husband and I are part of a small gathering of believers and we are also involved with the broader community. It always amazes me how the small tasks in the local community result in big results for the kingdom. Sometimes we become discouraged for not seeing the results we expect and then we are blessed to hear that our testimony here reached another country. We don’t function in order to always see things happening in front of us. God cannot be boxed in, His message and our testimonies travel distances we cannot imagine.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ support us with prayers and valuable encouragement. It’s a journey we’ve been walking together and we try to be open and honest about our struggles.

CLI will help me to feel more equipped and enabled to do the work of God. The financial resources are limited at the moment and we try to do our best with them. Having the opportunity to study online for free is a tremendous blessing that I hope to honor not only by putting great effort in my studies, but also by donating to CLI when I am able to do so.

Please pray for God’s direction, wisdom and discernment as we go about doing His business and want to do it diligently and joyfully. Thank you

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My name is James Griffin, I was born in 1979 in Dublin, Ireland. Ireland was and is a predominately Roman-Catholic country. However, with the high levels of immigration during the economic boom, we’re now seeing a rise in other ministries, such as Born-Again Christians, Baptist, etc. As with the majority of Irish people, I was raised with the Lord in a large Roman Catholic family. I don’t have a set goal of where I want to go or how I’ll go forward with the ministry, or where my walk with God will lead. All I know for sure now is that the Lord is my guiding light and I want to go forward in His name and with His guidance.

I was born the middle child of five children with two older sisters and one younger brother and sister. Both my parents raised us the best they could in very difficult economic times. But what we lacked in material possessions, we received in love. I lost my father to heart failure six years ago, however, it was the death of my only brother, John, by suicide in October 2013 that began my true walk with God. My brother John’s death ripped my soul apart. I was in deep grief with post-traumatic stress, fragmented amnesia, and demonic attacks. Finally, after six months of heart and soul destroying grief, an uninvited but welcoming spiritual awakening eased and finally lifted me up. 

I truly believe that the Lord saved me from death’s door and the gates of hell, and that I’m here today because the Lord heard my cries and saved me so that I may walk the path He has chosen for me. A local pastor in Dublin inspired me to answer the Lord’s call and pursue my ministry, living the rest of my life saving souls and serving the Lord as He serves us all.

This free organization is an amazing gift for me due to my financial situation and truly is the only way to pursue my path right now. I hope to be in a position in the future to donate for my brothers and sisters who seek to work for and serve our Lord. (Matthew 9:37) “Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.’ “

I would be grateful if you could all pray, not just for me, but for all who are finding their way to the Lord and all who seek to make this a better world. I believe the best way to save many souls is simply this: one soul at a time!