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Hi! My name is Nuala Bass, and I am receiving free Bible college training at CLI. I’m from Dublin in Ireland. I have been attending Liberty Community Church for 11 years. Being a Christian leader in Ireland can be a challenge at times. When you mention God, people go to “religion” and close their ears. However, God is moving in our country, and He never gives up.

I grew up knowing God from an early age. My mum brought my siblings and me to church every Sunday and to other events in the church. So, it was a lifestyle for me. We moved with my dad and sister to England, where we lived for five years. I lived there from the ages of three to eight years old. At that time, I went to Perry Wise Baptist Church. When we came back to Ireland, we went to Drimnagh Methodist Church. After that, we went to the Church of the Nazarene in Greystones. Finally, we settled in Liberty for 11 years now. I also got baptized on the 7th of February in 2010, along with my husband and oldest daughter.

Some Important Events in My Life

When I was eight, all I wanted was a Bible. I knew that it was essential to understand who God is. When I was back in Ireland, Billy Graham came, and I remember giving my life to Jesus. As a child, I always knew that God would never let me down. I was obedient to him.

My dad was an alcoholic and was violent, so there were some scary times. When he was not drinking, he would be giving the best advice, and you felt so safe. He passed away on 06/11/2018. He knew God, and his favorite saying in his later life was “by the grace of God.” I had a brother who died of suicide on 17/03/10. My family has not been the same since. I know he is with God as God let me know. This time brought my relationship with God to the next level, as this was important heart stuff that I was giving him.

My Spiritual Dream and Free Bible College Training

My spiritual dream is that all my family will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
The obstacles I faced going into maturity was me. I was told by God what he wanted me to do, and I put different things in my way. I wasn’t good enough to be used by God. If I put myself out there, I put myself down and said I shouldn’t be doing this. I didn’t know that Satan was in my ear. So, instead of listening to what God says about me, I was listening to Satan. I have grown in the last few years in myself and my walk with Christ. Now, I feel spiritually ready to study the scriptures and to take it in.

Out of this free Bible college training at Christian Leaders Institute, I want to share with others how to walk in freedom with Jesus Christ and do God’s work. I have four daughters: Niamh (18), Lyndsey (15), Rachel (11), and Lydia-Judith (3). My amazing husband loves and supports me in whatever I do. He is the head of our household with God at the top. I cannot afford Bible college, so the free ministry training at CLI helps me learn the scriptures and how to disciple and lead others to Christ.

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