Free Ministry Training Journey

I am on a free ministry training journey at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and am the oldest of four children. I grew up in a Catholic home. My great grand uncle was monsignor Carlos Valiente who was the builder and founder of the first cathedral in my city, the first school for poor children, and also a hospital. I always went to Catholic school and learned from the priest. It was at the end of my teenage years that I went to a Christian event in my city with Pastor Yiye Ávila from Puerto Rico. It was the first time I witnessed a complete stadium full of people praying so devoted and happy. That to me was a very exciting moment and also to hear the Bible for the first time openly preached that my heart never forgot the experience. (Personal note: Until 1999, the Catholic priest would not teach you 100% based on the Bible, and in fact, I will never forget the two times a priest told my whole class, and I quote, “If you read the Bible you go crazy.”)

In 2005, I was hired to work with a company called Eternal Pictures, to produce and distribute Christian movies, documentaries, and animations. Soon I was invited to go to a service at Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I just remember I was overwhelmed with love for Jesus. As soon as I was asked if I wanted to give my life to Him, I said, “Yes without a doubt.” I started going to church more often, got baptized and participated in many Bible study groups and also started with another Christian brother an addiction study group.

I sensed God calling me into ministry in 2014 and I was avoiding the call. Everything went down the drain in my life (just like Jonah) to the point I was asked for a divorce (for no reason), my business started to go bad, I started drinking, and I struggled with my desire to go back into a business versus God calling me into ministry. I reasoned with myself that as a believer in Jesus at the end of my days He would not condemn me for continuing my path in business. And in my heart, I promised to be faithful in tithing when the good job came. Then when finally I gave up the alcohol and my weaknesses, the Lord started turning everything back to me. A good job came and I joined Christian Leaders Institute on my free ministry training journey.

The call to serve in ministry was still upon my heart. Eventually, I moved on from working in various jobs but with feelings of not belonging, being very unhappy and my life stagnant.
When I finally started to study at CLI, it was like all the crying, all the wailing, and all the begging to our Jesus to forgive me for not listening was finally heard and the blessings started to come little by little.

I stopped drinking for good (the Lord showed me the worst of the addiction), joined a gym and started to work in Real Estate again. My eyes have been open wide, my heart is loaded with happiness, and my mind is guided by the Word all day long. I feel like Jesus made me a brand new creature and with all my senses, my heart, and my mind waiting for his order to serve wherever he wants me to.

I really appreciate with all my heart, the fact that the Lord used CLI to show me my path and my spiritual freedom again. I will never forget it. These are the best days of my life.

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Alvaro Baquero Parra –

“My name is Alvaro Baquero Parra. I live in Colombia, South America. I believe that ministry in this country is very important because you could find a lot of christian people who love to serve with humility. The ministry in Colombia is reaching a lot of people with the precious and holy love of God. We will worship in this country in a new level of friendship with God.

“I came to God in the year 2006. He helped me a lot because I was really sick. I had a disease in my hands. Jesus is the most precious gift of love, so now I am free and I want to share the good news of salvation. I came to God because He has wonderful mercy on souls. I am sober now (I was an alcoholic), and I want to know more about his precious life.

“My ministry dream is to be a very good friend of God. I want to understand and practice the word of God. I want to worship with all my life and reach people for the wonderful glory of God our heavenly Father and Savior.”

Alvaro Baquero Parra Receives a Scholarship

“The scholarship at CLI is so important because I want to follow and understand the word of God. I want to become a Pastor and help people that do not know God. I want to prepare my life with a good study of the Bible, and I think that the scholarship is a perfect tool for these dreams.

Alvaro Baquero Parra has experienced the hand of God on his life. He has recovered from sickness and from alcoholism through the grace of God. Now Alvaro Baquero Parra wants to share the love and the saving power that turned his life around with others. He desires a scholarship to CLI so that he can increase in his knowledge of the truth.



Mission Latin America: Willahar Mahecha Bolanos of Bogota, Colombia

Mission Latin America: Willahar has a plan for Mission Latin America. He starts by talking about Mission Latin America.

“Brothers and Sisters in Christ: May God bless all of you now and forever. My name is Willahar, I am living in Bogota Colombia. This is our capital city with around ten million people. I am a member of the first Presbyterian church. I am leading the music ministry with a choir of about 25 people. We are doing evangelism and social service. Our top goal is to get the message of Jesus Everywhere.”

There are distractions in Mission Latin America.

“Doing ministry in this city is quite hard. There are many people wanting to hear about God. People get confused because the different messages. Everybody knows the situation around the world with false masters and prophets preaching everywhere. We the evangelical main stream are doing the work for the glory of God.”

Willahar converted at a young age to pursue Mission Latin America.

“I was born in a Christian protestant family. I met Jesus At the very young age. Despite that I was walking away from God. He in his mercy and love called me back again. Seven years ago, I renewed my faith. I take my faith seriously and since then I have been walking with Jesus as my Lord.”

He wants to have a church for Mission Latin America.

“My ministry dream is to serve my community church teaching to walk with Jesus. Also doing an important ministry and in that way help for a authentic biblical revival. Getting a scholarship from CLI will be the best answer from God to help my ministry. This will give me the right tools to fulfill the commandement from Jesus to preach the gospel.”

Prayer is needed for his success with Mission Latin America.

“Please pray for my to get the best from CLI and for spiritual strengthen and for the people under my charge. I hope to have done my best with my English. My first language is Spanish.

Willahar has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue Mission Latin America and his education thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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