Online Bible and Ministry courses

Online Bible and Ministry Courses

Expedition Unknown Hello! I am Blaiz Spears, from Texas in the USA. I am on a journey and called to ministry by God. God has led me to the Christian Leaders Institute with its free online Bible and ministry courses (Learn more about free online…
Online Biblical ministry training

Online Biblical Ministry Training

Launched Into Ministry My name is Faith Kajawu, born and bred in Zimbabwe, but now live in Botswana. I am taking online Biblical ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free Bible and ministry training online,…
Bible and Leadership Courses

Bible and Leadership Courses

My Life Story and the Impact of CLI on my Ministry Life I am Obeng Evans Lamba-Nygi from the country of Ghana. Currently, I am studying Bible and leadership courses at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible and…
Ministry training and Bible courses

Ministry Training and Bible Courses

My name is Daniel Tichota. Along with my wife, Melissa, and our four children, I live in Lebanon, Tennessee. At a young age, God called me into ministry. I currently hold the following educational degrees: Bachelor in Pastoral Ministry from…