Formal Study of the Bible

My name is Randy Ducsay. I live in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for a more formal study of the Bible and doctrine.

My Journey to a New Life in Christ

Born in California, I moved to Wisconsin with my mom and siblings at the age of six when my parents decided to divorce. My dad died before they finalized the divorce when I was seven. Although my mom did her best, as good as anybody could do really, raising five children must have been enormously complex for her. Most of us did not grow up on the straight and narrow.

In my teen years, I got into heavy drinking and drug use. I skipped school often and eventually dropped out of high school. Though I always believed in God, He remained in the background of my life until I was eighteen. Then, I had to decide how to live the rest of my life. I knew the road I was on would put me in an early grave. That’s when I became a Christian.

It was a long road back to what most call a normal life—the years of constant drug use left me emotionally and physically drained. My lack of education and motivation led me to work in a low-paying job with little to show for it. However, life got better over time. I became a member of a church with many congregations worldwide. Eventually, I married at the age of 23. We had a couple of children, and I found a decent job in construction. I joined a church-sponsored speech club to hone my leadership skills through public speaking and even preached some at my local church.

New Direction, Trials, and Change

One person founded the church I attended. Yet, it grew into a worldwide organization. Sadly, the founder had no formal study of the Bible or sound doctrine. It led to several doctrinal issues, such as the need for sabbath keeping and the Holy Spirit being the power of God instead of a full member of the Godhead. Still, we were a sincere and faithful church.

Therefore, God led the new leadership to realize their error after the founder’s death. In self-evaluation, the church leaders studied their doctrine to ensure it was consistent with scripture. They found the need to make some significant doctrinal changes. Sadly, it caused the church to fracture. So, several splinter groups formed to maintain the old beliefs. I supported the changes. However, there wasn’t a viable church because so many people left the area. This fact necessitated the need to find a new church home.

Another trial in my life was the loss of my job in construction during the housing crash of 2008. I tried to see this hardship as an opportunity. Therefore, I went back to school. God blessed me in so many ways that I can’t begin to recall them all. Furthermore, I got a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Leadership and a national laboratory technologist certification. it was a blessing as I got a much better job than before the housing crash.

Formal Study of the Bible at CLI

Therefore, throughout the struggles of life, God continued to bless me and my family. Nearly 40 years after becoming a follower of Christ, I’m working part-time as I get close to retirement. God has blessed me with the financial resources to retire early. With my extra time, I want to devote more time to God through study and service to church and community.

I feel confident I have a good grasp of foundational scriptural doctrine, but all my learning came through sermons, church Bible studies, and my study at home. Therefore, I’m taking classes at the Christian Leaders Institute to deepen my understanding of scripture with a more formal study of the Bible and doctrine. The more prepared we are, the more avenues God can lead us down to serve Him.

I look forward to learning, growing, and serving God, church, and community in any way God sees fit.

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