Study the Bible more in depth

God’s Work in My Life

My name is Ni Putu Airawathi Kryml. I am from Bali, Indonesia. Married with three children, I want to study the Bible more in depth and found the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Youth

I grew up in a common Hindu family. My childhood was full of fun, dirt, friends, ferns, and dragonflies. We lived in a small village surrounded by rice paddies. My days were spent chasing dragonflies or picking ferns for dinner. Besides these activities, the next best thing was my grandmother’s bedtime story about heaven. I was always fascinated by them. I don’t remember exactly which stories she told us just that they were about heaven and I liked hearing them. From a very young age, I was already very interested in the unseen world. The world of the spirits and God.

During one Hindu festival, my father took me to the beach to watch some performances. There were also many stalls selling toys and trinkets. He let me buy a necklace that day. So, I bought a necklace with a cross pendant. When we got home, one of my grandmas, who is Catholic, saw my necklace and asked if I want to be a Christian when I grew up. I didn’t say anything, however, I think that stayed in my heart. It feels like our Heavenly Father was speaking to me through her. I was around 5 or 6 years old.

Loss, Anger, and Salvation in Christ

When I was 17, my mother passed away in a car accident. Devastated, I had so much anger and pain in my heart. I felt God didn’t love me because He took my mother away. I felt alone and abandoned.

In 2002, there was a bombing in one of our cities and many people died. At this time, I was in college studying hotel management. Some students arranged for a group of volunteers to help out at the nearby hospital. So I joined them. I was at the crisis center when I met two people who told me about Christ. They shared the Good News.

I still wasn’t sure until the night I watched the Jesus movie. The Holy Spirit helped me to see myself for who I am, a sinner who needs salvation in Christ Jesus. I opened myself to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. From that day, I joined a Bible study and went to church. In March 2003, I was baptized.

My New Journey

My new journey with the Lord was wonderful. I met many brothers and sisters in Christ. They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. I had joy in my life. The wound from losing my mom was healing. Knowing I was loved by my Creator and other believers healed my heart from my pain.

In 2004, I left for the USA. During my time there, I had lots of experiences. I saw the beauty and ugliness of creation. It made me see my own culture in a new light, from the view of the Bible. Being part of and living in the culture itself, I couldn’t see any goodness in it because of its tight relationship with the Hindu religion. Studying the Bible more in depth helped me to see goodness in my culture.

When I got back to my island, I joined a ministry reaching out to the surfing community. I managed a community center with recreational facilities for kids and young people. We also ran a club for the local kids where we shared Good News and taught English.

Expressing My Faith Through My Culture

After some time, I started to play the gamelan, a Balinese musical instrument. I met some Balinese who are also believers and artists. From them, I learned how to express my faith through my culture.

I worked with this community for 10 years. During this time I learned more about the Bible and church planting. My passion for reaching my people group grew strongly. I undertook training and learned to put everything into practice. God allowed us to see a harvest from the fields. It boosted our faith.

In 2012, I married and continued working with the community, however, not as much as before. When I gave birth to my second child, I retired from full-time ministry and volunteered within the community. During this time, I focused more on my family.

Desire to Study the Bible More In Depth at CLI

When war broke out in Ukraine, it made me think more about the end times. I wanted to study the Bible, know more about God, and understand His future for the world. As time and money didn’t permit me to attend college, I searched for free Bible courses online.

I am very thankful to have found the Christian Leaders Institute online. God led me to walk this journey with CLI. I am grateful for the free courses you offer. Thank you for accepting me as a student. Currently, my passion is to reach my family and community. I also love teaching and would like to teach God’s Word to children in a school setting one day. At CLI, I want to study the Bible more in-depth and get the qualifications to teach formally. I look forward to walking this journey with Christian Leaders! Blessings!

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Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.