Disaster relief ministry

My name is Aaron, born and raised in Southern California. I am studying at Christian Leaders. The tuition-free Biblical classes at the Christian Leaders Institute are equipping me for my disaster relief ministry calling (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Journey

I currently live in Canyon Lake in So Cal with my 16-year-old son. God blessed me with a loving Christian family. My parents and my upbringing were very impactful on my Christian walk and perspective in life. My dad is the greatest man I know and an amazing Godly example to follow. So, m goal is to provide the same upbringing and example for my son. Then, we can continue to pass it along to future generations of the family. It will fortify and expand our Christian impact in this world.

After life’s journey took an unexpected turn, I have been a single father for approximately 10 years. Like all challenges in life, I’ve learned and grown so much from these struggles. I fully trust in God’s perfect plan for our lives. My quest as a single father has been centered around providing my son with a stable and Christ-centered upbringing.

Spiritual Growth

Baptized as an infant, in my mid-20s I made a decision to get re-baptized as a personal statement of faith. I attended California Baptist University for my college Business degree. There I had some incredible professors who taught Old and New Testament classes that helped to deepen my biblical knowledge.

Now, I am 17 years into a full-time Fire Service career. I am a Fire Captain Paramedic on a ladder truck in a mid-size city in So. Cal. The career has been rewarding in many ways. This includes meeting other good Christian brothers and sisters in the Fire Service, as well as having opportunities for discussions, witnessing, and shining light on others in the department.

Service and ministry in the disaster relief setting is a big interest and passion of mine for the future. I love the perspective of Ecclesiastes 3 that “there is a time and place for everything,”  My time now is raising a Godly son and transitioning into a service ministry in the future for disaster relief and service to those less fortunate around the world. Christian Leaders has been an exciting discovery for me. I look forward to furthering my knowledge and equipping myself with a service-geared ministry in the near future.

Disaster Relief Ministry Calling

God has put a calling on my heart for ministry through disaster relief. My experiences and training in the Fire Service have given me a passion for serving in the emergency setting. I see so many natural and man-made disasters around the globe. So, I would love to minister and show God’s grace and love through disaster relief and rescue ministry.

I also love the experience and training being a paramedic in the fire service has given me, and look forward to using my skills in future ministry. Being on the front lines on the streets in So Cal through the COVID pandemic has given me a taste of the health crisis that so many experiences around the world and in less fortunate places. I’m grateful to say the career that I’ve been blessed with will provide a pension in retirement that will help fund these disaster relief ministries that I feel called and groomed for.

I am enjoying the equipping that CLI is providing in my deeper learning of my faith. Also, I take ministry opportunities in the meantime with short-term local trips as well as everyday contact with friends, coworkers, and those around me. Thank you, CLI, for the great education to further my own understanding to lead an effective ministry in my future opportunities!

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