Evangelism Mission

My name is Yitagesu Mulugeta and I have an evangelism mission. I am from the Northern part of Ethiopia and I was born on October 17, 1983, in a place called Zuti. I once was a religious person but didn’t know anything about the real life that I could have until that historical day when I was born again. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 15 years old. Ever since that night, I have been hungry to serve the Lord. I was so bold, I would speak about the good news to everybody, even if it was risky to preach the gospel. After a year, some of our church’s choir members asked me to join them and serve the Lord with them, and I was very happy to. Ever since that time I have been in ministry.

I came to America 10 years ago on March 8, 2008. Right now I am ministering in the church through worship and leading the young adult group. I see myself as a missionary and evangelist. For this evangelism mission, vision, and dream, Christian Leaders Institute has been helping me right from the beginning. I learned a lot about communication, leadership qualities, prayer, Bible study, and so much more. I am sure that I will learn more and more while I keep taking the CLI training.

My wife and I have the same evangelism mission and vision for our people where we were born and raised. Most of them are Ethiopian Orthodox and Muslims. The born-again Christian number is not even 2%. So this is our opportunity and method to address those people who live in the dark:

1. Preaching the good news by using one-to-one witnessing and crusades.
(By the way, my wife and I went there in 2016 to hold a big crusade and it was a powerful time).
2. Helping the poor and orphaned children (right now we helping 25 children).
3. Giving different kinds of training for the pastors and leaders about how to spread the gospel with knowledge and wisdom.
4. Building institutions like schools, hospitals, and clinics.

With God’s grace, we will continue this evangelism mission and vision as long as we exist on the earth. Thank you, CLI!

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My name is Abebayehu Abdela from Ethiopia, east Africa. Currently, I am a lecturer at EIT-M and I am participating in the ministry, specially in church planting and evangelism as a bi-vocational. I am happily married to my wife in 2016. I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior 6 years ago after hearing the saving gospel of Jesus Christ in the congregation I have visited for first time. It was an expected as I had been persecuting the believers and their respective faith mightily. Glory be to God He has won me through His pure love.

I have clearly identified that I am called to the ministry of Lord and I am making the possible effort to be prepared for the required ministry I am called for. Jointly, I strongly believe, this ministry training will help me in many ways as I am sure that I am called to the five-fold ministry. It will equip me in doing the work of Christ Jesus in such a way that He can get the honor and His body, the church get benefited. It will be a nice capacity building for the spiritual ministry I am called to.

Finally, the scholarship I am going to get will play a great role in removing the stress i am expected to come across as we are now have limited resource that we can expend to our life and the the ministry work. It will be a nice bless brought to us by God almighty through Christian leaders Institute and I ant to bless the ministry in advance in Jesus mighty name!

“Evangelist and Church Teacher are the words I identify most from the ordination by CLI. In case of revival calling I place myself as fetus. I have a call to teach the bible and preach the Gospel, but still waiting my time while using effectively the opportunity I have. As I mentioned before I served as a small group leader and during that time I taught and preached the word. I used my gifts because the grace of God helped me to train a bunch of leaders in three years and even the group I left is now with two other leaders who received the group from me.”    – Bibiyam Fikadu Geleta, CLI ministry training student

CLI Ministry Training Blessing Those To Advance The Kingdom In Ethiopia

My name is Bibiyam Fikadu Geleta. I was born on December 03, 1984 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I’m not married but on the way if Lord wants me to. I’m always active in reading and learning new things in the free time I have. I like to play basketball, table tennis, chess and pool in my recreational time.

I have a B.Pharm from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. I’m always in search and learning theological education online base including from CLI ministry school and many other short term and long term classes. I obviously use Viber and Facebook to communicate with both believers and unbelievers to exchange ideas of biblical truths.

I was raised within a divorced family where my mother was a singer (worldly song). My mother was always reading the bible even though she was in the world which didn’t resemble what she read to me and told me. This act of my mother led me to read the bible since I was 8. When I was an elementary school student I was preaching the gospel even though I was under the influence of my uncle. I was believed but didn’t have any communion with Christians but God used me to lead others to the truth.

While I was in high school and university I asked my Christian friends to take me to the local church, but none of them responded to my request because everybody was taking my word as jokes. After my graduation I came to realize that I should be involved in communion with the brothers and sisters and I did it by moving to the local church near to me. Immediately after I responded to the call of the Holy Spirit within me, God started to use me while I was a student of Salvation education. God talked me in visions and dreams. Since then He promised to use me till I compensated the years I lost in delusion between the godly and worldly life. I started living in peace and dependent on the Lord of my soul.

I was a servant, as a leader and teacher of youth, in the Youth Ministry of Ethiopian Full Gospel Church, Gullele local church. I served for three years in this ministry and it was hard but by the grace of God, Jesus did it through me. I currently moved to Egypt and one of the church found in Cairo, the Army of Righteousness Church accepted my service as a teacher and I’m just preparing myself to serve the Lord in this country.

Christian Leaders Institute contributed a priceless contribution in my fellowship with the Bible. From CLI I learned how to read and dig out the exact meaning of Scripture technically. I learned how to deal with believers, how to council, how to preach, how to teach … In addition, I can’t explain the great contribution of forum discussions and posts, and the sequential courses in Biblical Greek. In short term God highly used Christian Leaders Institute to build me up for the current and the future service in the Kingdom. In addition to the quality education from the institute the Ordination helped me for the acceptability of my service by the church.

In my previous location it was comfortable geographically to work the kingdom’s work. But now I can’t say anything because I’m just arriving there and not familiar with this area. But I believe that because I moved there due to the call of God I’m sure there may be challenges and the delivering power of God with me. The local church is accepting me as a servant of God and offering me an opportunity to serve the Lord.

God has equipped me with CLI ministry online training and other personal and educational experiences, and giving me a mission to stand against the false teachers and prophets not by focusing on their false teachings but by teaching and preaching the truth of the Word. And as I mentioned it earlier God used CLI ministry school and equipping me in so many powerful weapons that helping me to reveal the truth from the Word of God. CLI ministry school is the answer for my prayer because in the time I couldn’t pay anything for education. God put a desire to learn the Word but also CLI in parallel. The most amazing thing about CLI ministry is that they started ordination in the time I called for wider service. CLI already doing what was expected to make me stand for teaching.

I also wish if you pray for me to follow the will of God in doing everything that benefits the kingdom of God and lead others to salvation. In serving the Lord human wisdom (worldly philosophy and thoughts) and self desire are the obstacles that need to be removed, so please pray for my ministry to be cleansed from the teachings which lead to astray. God bless Christian Leaders Institute.

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Andnet Dagnew –

“I studied theatre arts and graduated in 2003 from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia). I prefer to study the subject because I was very interested on defining life through performing arts. After I have been graduated from university I wrote, translate, direct a lot of theatre performances. I received Jesus Christ while I was reading a book of Myles Monroe titled “Understanding your potential” trying excelling my potential in my career. In the book I understood the source of potential, power, and the means to release it is Jesus. I decided to stick with the trunk since then.

“‘John 15: 4 Abide in me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.’ I was growing in His word and spirit while I was practicing theatre performances. Finally God called me to define clearly truth of life for believers and unbelievers than blurred definition of theatrical performances.”Andnet Dagnew

Andnet Dagnew Receives a Scholarship

“My ministry goal is to establish a unity of believers as Jesus told us emphatically we must do. Together we will establish cultures, a way of living which is a standard of God’s kingdom knowledge. ‘John 14:15 -16, 21 If ye love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.’ ‘John 15: 10, 12 – If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.’

“It is very important to me to get a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute. Because I need to know how to live as church leader; I want to know God’s kingdom knowledge us much as I can because I am responsible for a lot of people in the future; I want wisdom how to manage churches.”

Andnet Dagnew received his ministry calling while studying theater arts. The world is full of denominations, churchgoers, and new and great answers to the age-old Christian dilemmas, but Andnet Dagnew has learned that there is only one proven method of building godly communities. Now Andnet Dagnew is seeking a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that he can be made perfect in his knowledge of the Lord. Andnet Dagnew wants to use the methods taught at Christian Leaders Institute to bring a reproducible Christian culture to his country that is sustainable and Christ-centered.

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Mission Ethiopia - Messay Fantahun

Mission Ethiopia – There was a famine in Ethiopia in the last two decades. News Agencies reported on famine and mass starvation in Ethiopia. In this 2004 article, One New Agency reported,

“The symptoms are severely wasted or marasmic children with oedema or swelling of both feet caused by fluid and sodium retention. This is also called oedematous malnutrition or kwashiorkor, the survey said.

The survey showed 26 nutrition areas in Ethiopia where children with severe acute malnutrition could die. They would die if they did not receive medical support like antibiotics and enriched foods for feeding.

The stunting rate among Ethiopia’s 12 million children under five years is 52%. This indicates poor nutrition over an long period, according to Unicef.”

Messay Fantahun was around 10 years old when severe famine struck Ethiopia. Messay had no idea about mission Ethiopia. But God was working in his life and getting him ready. Check out his story,

“I am from Ethiopia, My name is Messay. I am pleased for the privilege to study the word of God online. When I was 10 years old I heard the message that Jesus loves me and wanted to love him as well. I accepted Jesus as personal savior and Lord.”

At this young age leaders involved in mission Ethiopia where sharing the gospel to Messay and meeting his needs. Now years later Messay is helping children like he was helped years earlier, Messey says,  “I’m involved in children ministry for more than 10 years. My vision is to serve orphans in a holistic ministry in future and would like CLI pray about it for wisdom and God’s provision to reach those orphans in both physical needs and spiritual needs as well.” Like he was reached when his was ten, this CLI graduate of the Christian Basics diploma is now a missionary to his own people. He has been sent be God for mission Ethiopia.

Mission Ethiopia Needs Trained Ministry Leaders

Messay needs the advanced ministry training because he is ministering to the spiritual needs of those he is now reaching. Messay communicates,  “In This program will give me more biblical insight and understanding of the word of God.  Knowing the word of God is my always desire and I’m always eager to know His word and to equip my self, and to use it for the expansion of His kingdom.”

Messay has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue Mission Ethiopia thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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