Journey to Ministry: From Wreckage to Reconciliation

Journey to Ministry

Start your journey to ministry today! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who used Christian Leaders Institute to continue his journey to ministry:

I was born and raised in Genesee county Michigan, USA. I still reside in Genesee county and currently, I am the outreach and evangelism pastor at my local church. I have been in ministry for a total of 15 years and have held numerous different positions. My wife Samantha Kelley and I are in ministry together.
At 13 years old, I felt the call of God on my life to preach. I come from a line of men of God who uphold the Christian walk and have taught and lived out the truth of who God is. My spiritual mentor is my father. My father’s spiritual mentor was his uncle, my great uncle, BL Kelley. It is my desire to continue this legacy to be the best pastor that I possibly can be. I am currently fully ordained as a minister of the gospel, and I hold an associates degree in biblical theology from Christian Leadership University. I am in a position where I can no longer afford to pay the fees associated with the traditional seminary. This scholarship would give me the ability to achieve a degree in Divinity, as well as give me the training necessary to be the best minister I can possibly be. Christian Leaders Institute will allow me to follow my dreams.
What I love about CLI so far is the quality information and training available. I’m not looking for the easy road for some online school to hand me the paper of completion. I look forward to learning the material so I can apply it to my local church. In my local area, we have a key demographic of low-income families, alcoholism, drug addiction, broken families, All of which who are in desperate need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited to learn in greater detail different ways I can engage our local community to present Christ. My father is the pastor of my local church, I have been called here for a reason. I do not want to have to leave my local church for a bigger denomination that has the ability to train within. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in January 2017 that I am to stay put and help my father pastor our local church. With that said, I am in need of further education and further training. I am excited to be a part of Christian Leaders Institute to continue my journey of ministry. 
I was born and raised in the church but like most, I went astray for a while. Because of my personal encounter with God the Savior, I have a desire to see the lost saved and to see the broken be made whole. In my testimony, God has delivered me from drugs and alcoholism, he has delivered me from depression, PTSD from combat, and saved my life when I attempted suicide. The best advice I have ever been given to be effective in my journey to ministry is that we cannot be afraid to show our own scars. Just like when Jesus resurrected from the dead and some of those who are closest to him did not recognize him. His identifier was his scars.
I identify most with being called to serving as a Pastor because I truly have a desire to see people be filled, to see people healed, and to see people step into their calling.
My local church has been more than supportive and willing to help in any way possible to see us trained and ready for ministry. My family plays a vital role in our ministry because we have gone from absolute wreckage to reconciliation. My wife is truly my other half in ministry she encourages me, loves people, and is a prayer warrior. My children help me lead worship. We are all a package deal.
If there is anything that I can say we would ask for prayer for it is that God continues to direct our path, so we can be successful in creating disciples who will bring value to their own local church.
Sincerely thank you
Pastor Matthew Kelley

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