Ministry Evangelism Training

My name is Twana Mack and I am receiving ministry evangelism training at Christian Leaders Institute. I currently live in the USA, but I have also lived in Germany and Canada and in five different states in the USA. I have traveled to many countries including Israel with the most recent mission trip to Uruguay last March. He has truly blessed me with my heart’s desire to travel the world.

Being raised in a Christian home, I found the Lord at a young age, but understanding and having a true relationship with him came many years later. I found myself away from God living in sin and one night He called me out saying, “Chose this day whom you will serve.” From that moment, I cried out and asked him to forgive me of my sins and cleanse me. He saved me and I felt the wonderful grace, mercy, and love of my Savior. My life was changed, it was amazing. I desired to share what God did in my life and to tell others of Jesus Christ and His love. I desired to evangelize. As the Bible says in 2 Peter 1:10 KJV “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.”

When I was called into ministry, I had a lot of fear if it was the right path to follow. But I began to pray and really search His word. I attended a Bible institute to prepare for the ministry. My husband is a minister in our denomination and we have found our ministries compliment each other and we are a team. God uses us together. So, I’m living my dream in that I desire to please the Lord with my whole life. Ecclesiastes 9:10 KJV “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

We are currently serving as overseers, pastors, and we also take mission trips. I found I desired more knowledge in the word. This life is a battle and when you have gaps in your knowledge it is a weakness. My husband studies his word very diligently. Since I had suffered from a coma, I found I needed more structured learning which Christian Leaders Institute provides me.

I feel my calling as an evangelist most clearly in my ministry evangelism training journey. I feel the anointing as I tell others about Jesus Christ and how he can change them through salvation, sanctification, and the Holy Ghost. I feel a burning in my soul to reach out to those who may have never heard of him. I ask the Lord every day to let me meet someone to share the love of Christ to and God has never failed that prayer.

Nineteen years ago, Satan had convinced me that God did not love me, would never love me and others would never love me. I had a very simple surgery shortly after I was saved. Well, it went horrifically wrong. The doctors gave my family the news that I only had a five percent chance to live. I’m thankful that they loved and prayed for me. It was four months of being in a coma and then waking to find myself in such a horrific situation. Unable to talk, walk, feed myself, and more. I felt God’s love and peace. I felt this mercy I had never felt before. It was like God knew my very secret parts and he said I wasn’t done until I knew his great love. I sat in that bed as he repaired my body, and I also felt him repairing my soul. The breathing ventilator soon came out and I took my first breath knowing I was his child loved beyond measure. I thank God for what he did for me. I have completely healed in my body and my soul. And I never felt unloved again.

Last September, my husband and I were living in another state and he was called back to my home state to minister. We found that hurricane Harvey left devastation. Our local church had five feet of water and had been gutted to the studs. Every house in that community was destroyed. Everywhere you look there is the loss of things and when you look at their faces, you see the hopelessness of people trying to survive without God. There is great need for the message of hope in Christ. I found I can live without a lot of things. We lost our retirement home in the hurricane and we currently live in a house without carpet, doors, and cabinets. But I can not live without Christ. So the struggle in my location is to reach out to the broken hearted. It is more than just helping to rebuild a house. My area needs a Savior!

My local church is amazing and very supportive of my ministry. They encourage and pray for me. I am able to preach regularly and minister to the members as needed. I work very closely with the pastor. I serve as co-pastor.

I had a wonderful grandfather who was a Bishop who mentored me in the ministry until the day he died. I didn’t realize how much this impacted me until I became a minister myself. I did not even realize what mentorship involved. I look back and always smile and say he was a great man of God. My parents served as deacons and called teachers. They gave me wisdom, direction, and many payers. My husband has supported me in so many ways for the last 33 years. And my children pray for me as I continue in my ministry evangelism training. I would not be the woman I am today without my family.

A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is important to my ministry evangelism training to increase my knowledge of the word of God and to be able to apply that knowledge to make my ministry more productive and effective.

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Bi-vocational Leader

Become a bi-vocational leader today. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who was a lost son of God and found CLI as a tool to rediscover the pathway to Christ:

You may wonder when you first look at my name “Is he Italian or French?” Well, I’m none of the above… I’m Canadian. Born in a 100% French speaking small town of the Province of Quebec. Back in those days, people from Quebec were referred to as French Canadians. Nowadays, we are known more as “Quebecers” or “Québécois.” My first ancestor “Zacharie Cloutier”, who arrived from France in 1634, was a carpenter. Yes… like our Lord! As for the Italian roots of my first name, in spite of my best efforts, I just can’t find any from both sides of my family. Mom said she just picked it up because she liked it.

I’m not proud to admit that my walk with Jesus has not been a straight line, to say the least. I have been the “lost son” Jesus talks about in Luke 15: 11-32. Only times two…

I accepted Him at the age of 19 in the Spring of 1983 and got married in July of the same year. Then followed an insane 10 years stretch in which I found myself running after the world’s shiny objects. It took a monumental business failure for me to go back to Him when I turned 30. I got baptized a few months later in November 1994. Then guess what? I aimed again for the world! Objects were only bigger and shinier this time around… and I got divorced at the turn of the century.

In my chaotic years, the biggest sin I did, among so many, was to try to “mold” God to my liking. Although I continued to believe in Him and often expressed gratitude for the blessings of my life, the God I worshiped and praised was diminished to a stature that I had designed TO PLEASE ME. So I diluted Jesus. I adapted His gospel to one that better fit my prosperity thinking and the kind of literature I swamped myself in. Shamefully, I became my own Savior…

In the Fall of 2013, the Lord chose a pure stranger to throw me off my horse… After a back treatment, a chiropractor I was seeing for the first time, witnessed to me. His testimony was so pure, loving and candid that it literally rushed me home to my bible! After I repented for my sins, the Lord took me back ONCE more with open arms. Glory to Him! Although it took me too many years, I finally acknowledged Him not only as my Savior but also as the Lord of my life.

I am now married to the woman of my dreams since September 2001. Together we are the proud parents of 3 adults children. Diane has a son from a previous marriage and I have 2 daughters. She accepted Christ in June 2015 and got baptized in December 2016. We still live in Quebec but in recent years, we have been blessed enough to spend about half of our time on the Treasure Coast of South Florida, in the United States. Diane and I are serving in three local ministries in our Florida church and are honored to be hosting a weekly Life Group in our home.

The serving ministries and fellowship have given me ample opportunities to share my story with several brothers and sisters in the faith. What I noticed is that many have revealed to me that they too have had a similar “on and off” walk with the Lord. It has since become clear to me that this was to be my main ministry. My dream is to become a bilingual bi-vocational pastor, in Canada and/or the United States, whose main focus will be to reach out to the sheep that have drifted in the world from their Holy Shepherd. I feel that a CLI scholarship would equip me with the proper tools to do just that and become a successful bi-vocational leader of Christianity. 

By His grace, I am now willing to follow any path He will show me to bring Him glory. Please pray that I remain faithful, obedient and active in the furthering of our Father’s kingdom.

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Continuing Education for Pastors

Continuing education for pastors is very important for a number of reasons. Ministry Magazine published an important article called “Why Continuing Education?” by John Osborn that underlined the need for continuing education for pastors in local churches. This article points out how not only do doctors need to have updated knowledge, but pastors do too.

John Osborn wrote,

It’s not only physicians who are caught up in the knowledge explosion. Ministers are too. The minister is constantly called upon to face new conditions and problems demanding fresh knowledge and increased skill. Often he faces an active, aggressive, highly educated laity. They sometimes challenge the preacher more than he challenges them. They want him to update himself. They want increased performance, better preaching, more efficient pastoral care, and greater capability in running church organization. In fact, I firmly believe that the minister is expected to do more things, and do them well, than is any other professional.

The fact is that pastors today face many challenges. These challenges are difficult if the local pastor is not informed about lacking areas.  One of the most popular classes at Christian Leaders Institute is the People Smart in Ministry Class. The People Smart in Ministry course discusses how to be intelligent when dealing with people in life and ministry. This class helps Christian leaders identify common principles for effective communication and how to improve their effectiveness. Hundreds of students have taken this class. This is an excellent example of continuing education for pastors on topics that may not be covered at the typical seminary. Barbara Kalvelage shared why she appreciated the People Smart in Ministry course,

This course was very helpful for me in preparing for possible pitfalls that I may encounter in my ministry. I was especially interested in Clergy-killers…I now understand what one family was able to do to a true man of God “for the good of the Church” and how they accomplished their mission to destroy him because he changed the music from organ to piano.  I hope that I will be able to recognize the danger signs.

Many pastors have not had the advantage of formal seminary training. In many churches and denominations, pastors must be ordained without formal training because the need for ministry in their local area is great. Local denominations often provide alternative ministry training but continuing education for pastors courses would be considered valuable for ongoing ministry effectiveness. Pastor Stan Raibley of The Church Moving Closer to People is one such pastor. He is a recent Certificate Graduate of Christian Leaders Institute. He wrote,

I was apprehensive in taking courses at my age, but I did it anyway. I’ve been pastoring for the past couple of years and though I’ve never had formal training, I was able to get enought credits through my denomination’s courses for ordination. I still felt lacking in proper training. Now that I’ve completed the first certificate, I can’t wait to continue learning. The layout and pace is exactly what I need. If you are serious about leadership, I encourage you to sign on with the Christian Leaders Institute. God bless.

The Ministry Magazine article pointed out that continuing education for pastors is optimal if that education is a systematic process, meaning that,

Education, then, to be not only continuous but strenuous, demands mental sweat. It is a systematic process. It has purpose and an objective. It is not light reading or a casual listening to tape-recorded materials. It is more than accumulated experience. It is the result of consecutive and organized study.

Christian Leaders Institute provides the systematic study in a growing curriculum of ministry education. Continuing education for pastors is free at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute opens the door for opportunity. If you are a pastor and interested, just sign up and give this a try. If you are a leader in your church, share this opportunity with your pastor.