Youth Ministry - Beth Clavette of USA

Youth Ministry: Beth Clavette has a goal of being part of a youth ministry. She shares her journey and challenges she faces in becoming part of a youth ministry.

“Grace from the Father and may He bless CLI! My name is Beth Clavette and I was born at Camp Le Jeaune, North Carolina. My biological father was in the Marines, my mother was in the Navy. I was born on April 26, 1977 in a military hospital. We resided in North Carolina for a few years before my parents were sadly divorced. My father had an affair, and on the same day of the divorce he remarried. My mother remarried a few years later to my step father, who was serving in the Army at the time.

Beth was part of a military family, this influenced her path to a youth ministry.

“We left the Unites States for two years while my father was in the service to the United Kingdom. When we returned to the United States, we resided in Maine and remained there while I grew up. I count it a joy and blessing that here in the United States, serving and ministring is more open than many other nations of the world. Unfortunately, there is still persecution but not nearly as bad as it could be.”

She was targeted by a youth ministry when she was young.

“When I resided in Maine with my family, my parents were witnessed to quite often and finally came to the Lord. We began going to a small but wonderful church. Each summer, the church would participate in a youth ministry program designed to witness to children, while giving oportunities for learning different crafts such as, fishing, canoing, and other fun and enjoyable activities. When I was nine, my mother and I stayed in the same cabin together as she was the Senior counselor for my age group. Another girl in my cabin caught the heart of my mother due to this girl’s bad situation.”

Beth envied another girl in her youth ministry.

“I became jealous, and angry that my mother began treating me harshly while this other girl was being treated more gently. It got to the point where my mother told me she wanted to adopt this girl, bring her home and that I would not only have to accept this but also make peace with this girl. I left chapel that night in tears, angry and frustrated. A different camp counselor came out to see if I was alright. After being ministered by this woman, I came to know the Lord and knew that God would be with me no matter what happened.”

He empathy for other children pushed her into youth ministry.

“My ministry dream is to be a part of a youth ministry since I have always had a strong love for them. Seeing young children come to know the Lord is such a joy and blessing! Right now, however the church that I am currently am attending needs much help. So, while I am not able to have that youth ministry right now, the Lord has shown me that this church deeply needs to be uplifted, and encouraged. So, my ministry has begun to help reestablish this church for His glory.”

Free tuition is the only way Beth can be properly equipped for her youth ministry.

“A scholarship would grately benifit me while I am in ministry because of the financial burdens of not only the church but in my own life. I have a young child and we are both disabled. My son is Autistic while I have learning disabilities and other disabilities which have kept me from working a secular job. I have had a few jobs before but for one reason or another, was not able to continue. Having the scholarship would provide me the training, and the encouragement that I need and will be able to share this blessing with the church.”

Her youth ministry dream can finally be realized thanks to Christian Leaders Institues Scholarships.

“Please, pray for the pastor and the members of the South Riverside Baptist Church. Pastor Hart is about to retire, and a different person is taking over. During his ministry, Pastor Hart lost many of his members due to being taken by the Lord to go home. Many of the members have become discouraged as they no longer have the numbers or the family size that they used to. During the economic crisis, many of their programs they had in place have had to be removed. Pray that there is a revival of renewed spirits and hearts, that more people would come in to worship God. Also, I am asking for wisdom to be able to witness, invite and minister to all that the Lord allows me. I thank God for this school, and thank CLI for helping make my youth ministry dreams come true.”

Beth has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. She continues to expand her education for youth ministry thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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