Ministry Calling: Denise Anderson

Ministry Calling: Denise has a Ministry Calling . Denise starts by sharing why she has Ministry Calling.

“My name is Denise Anderson and I am actively taking courses with “The Christian Leaders Institute” and I am thankful to have this great opportunity here in the United States. In the country in which I am living I see from my own experiences with visiting many different churches and denominations that the ministers or pastors are treated in relatively the same fashion. They are treated as holy, good and pure servants of knowledge about God and his many wonders. They are treated with respect and high esteem but we are not fearful of them because they are always so kind and caring. I myself am not even close to being able to perform as a minister because I am just getting started but I hope to carry out my duties as like I had described of the ones I have encountered. In order to get the knowledge though I have to learn and learn as much as I can like a teacher who needs the knowledge to teach.”

Denise had a Ministry Calling at a young age.

“I came to know the Lord as a child my grandmother raised me as a devout Catholic and raised me very strictly with the fear of God. I went to Catholic Middle and Catholic High School and had some studies there mixed with prayer in our school. I believe the Lord has always been in my life but I got my first calling about 10 years ago in a dream. I remember the dream specifically was a message to become a Missionary. When I woke up I felt that I was supposed to do it but didn’t know how to go about it. So I continued on with my life. Just recently I recieved my message in meditating and it was that I should become a minister. I did some research right after and I did not question at all what I should do. I am actually excited about taking on this new journey.”

While Denise does not know her exact path, she knows she has a Ministry Calling her.

“My dream in ministry mostly revolves around helping others and spreading God’s Word. I do not quite know what God’s exact plan is for me as of yet and I am taking each step as it is given to me. As I am searching I am finding more and more that my life has lead up to this important calling. I believe that taking the courses at CLI is vital to getting the knowledge and training I need as I cannot afford to go to college or even have the time and patience for many years of college training.”

Denise does not want to waste any time in pursuing her Ministry Calling.

“So to answer that question of why a scholarship is so important to fufill my calling into ministry, I believe God wants me to get right into it and start right away. I don’t want to waste any more precious time that I could be out there helping those in need. I want to do my very best in succeeding in my studies and my work get the very best grades and get out there and do God’s good work. I think CLI can definitely help me to get out there with confidence and trust. The program so far has been a very well organized and easy one to understand and learn. Please pray that I get the top grades that I can get. That I understand everything I need to to get started in the ministry. That I am fulfilled in my work helping others. I want to be very successful  in doing God’s plan for me that he will be pleased.

God Bless,

Denise Anderson”

Denise has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. She continues to progress with her eduction for her Ministry Calling thanks donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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