Couples in Ministry: Simone James

Couples in Ministry: Simone is part of the Couples in Ministry movement. She knows that a strong Marriage will help her succeed like other Couples in Ministry. She starts by sharing her journey to study as Couples in Ministry.

“Hello, my name is Simone James. I am a 22 years old.  How I came to know the Lord is an interesting story. My household was never really religious. We grew up in our younger years as Muslims because that’s what my grandmother and everyone else in my family was that was close to us. We went by some of the Muslim religion rules but we weren’t grounded in it. I believe I always had a connection will God, a calling on my life but I just wasn’t clear about exactly who God was and I didn’t know anything about his son Jesus. My mother wasn’t happy in that religion and prayed and searched for the truth. God led her to the church (World Changers) where she brought my brothers, my sisters, and me. I tell you in that day I fell in love. I understood the word so clear and all I wanted was to hear and receive more!”

Social networking makes Couples in Ministry have an impact.

“I currently reside in the United States. Ministry in the United States is awesome. Because of the technology I am able to reach so many people at once when God gives me a wonderful word to share. Even things such as social networks sites that’s seems to be a place for nothing but drama are now conforming to Gods rules. I see more and more people talking about God and seeking him. They are many places to go to worship here, and many different types of religions.”

Like other Couples in Ministry, Simone spreads the word to anyone who will listen.

“This gives me a chance to evangelize and talk to others about there religion. I can tell them my story and what Jesus did for me and what he will do for them in accepting him. My ministry dream is to touch the world with Gods word. I am a dancer and my husband is a singer/ artist. We have combined our God given talents and want to travel around the world and tell people about Gods words through our performance. Also it is on my husband and mines heart to be Pastors/Ministers. So I want to gain the knowledge and wisdom behind my passion of wanting to work for God.”

Christian Leaders Institute allows Couples in Ministry to study for free.

“CLI scholarship is so wonderful. If I receive this scholarship I can go to school for free. PRAISE GOD! Some people don’t realize how important this is. I don’t have the funds to pay for school out of pocket right now, and when I graduate I want to live in peace doing what I love, teaching for the Lord. This scholarship will allow me to not have to worry about student loans during or after I graduate! I can gain all the knowledge about the bible and being a wonderful new creation in God. I believe I know the basics, but I want and need to know more!”

Couples in Ministry can grown and expand thanks for her training from CLI

“CLI will help my husbands and my ministries grow. I can communicate Gods word in a more effective way; I can have plenty of confidence because I know what I know. I would love it if you all could pray for my husbands and mines ministry. Just pray that we learn all that God has for us that were able to give his words effectively and passionately. That’s our talents always glorify God, and that our supernatural gifts are magnified in the Lord. Please also pray that were able to endure the trails and tribulations in our life now and to come. Thank you in advance and May God bless you.”

Simone has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. As part of Couples in Ministry, she continues to expand her education thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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