Nigeria Ministry: Adedeji AdewunmiNigeria Ministry – Adedeji Adewunmi wants to make an impact for Nigeria Ministry. He starts by talking about some of his background in Nigeria Ministry.
“My name is adedeji adewunmi, I am from Nigeria,I  am from a family of four. Having a ministry in my country is not bad. This is because my country is a christain country even though we have some muslim barrier in some state.”
The call for Nigeria Ministry first came when he was young.
“I have known Jesus from when I was 11yrs. but due to the world I backslided couple of times. I fully gave my life to Christ 2009.”

Nigeria Ministry was his true calling.

“I just visited a church one day and the preaching touched me. Those things I thought was right to do, became unrighteous for me. Thats how I surrender my life to Christ fully. I receive a call from God that he want me to work in his sanctuary 2010.”

The bible spoke to him about committing to Nigeria Ministry.

“To be precise he gave me acts 26:18 as my purpose on this earth. That is where I develop passion to save the lost and speak like into people. CLI scholarship will be my gateway to start something foe God.”

He wonders if he will be called beyond Nigeria Ministry.

“I was feeling the need to have something to show that God is truely on my side. I want to start my ministry outside my country but no means. I decided to take every opportunity I have.”

Pray for Adedeji Nigeria Ministry and its success.

“Pray that God will show me way and ideas to do his work according to his will and strength. My desire always eager to know His word and to equip my self, and to use it for the expansion of His kingdom.”
Adedeji has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue Nigeria Ministry thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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