Mission Zimbabwe - Peter Nyakudya

Mission Zimbabwe: The African continent is an area of great need for the gospel in the world. Mission Zimbabwe has a speficic challenge that is unique in the ministry world. The people of  Zimbabwe are very literate which requires a high level of biblical understanding to effectively share his word. Peter Nyakudya starts his story by sharing about his life with Mission Zimbabwe.

“Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I live in Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa. I am a church Leader in my church. Zimbabwe has the highest literate rate in Africa at the moment. Preaching to the unsaved people require someone with knowledge of the Word of God. I am enjoying sharing the Word of God for mission Zimbabwe.”

Peter saw a need to understand the word of God for Mission Zimbabwe at a young age.

“I was saved when I was 16years old. I was born in a Christian family. When I was 16, I dedicated my life to the Lord has I started to understand the Word of God.”

His dream is to fearlessly preach the gospel for Mission Zimbabwe.

“My dream ministry is Teaching Ministry to further Mission Zimbabwe  Hosea 4 vs 6 says, My people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. Has man and women of God seek knowledge today, we are hindered by the economic hardships of today. We have man and women of God today who seek to get that knowledge but were hindered by lack of funds to pay at various Bible colleges.”

Mission Zimbabwe is not possible without the right training.

“This scholarship will enable me to continue mission Zimbabwe and fulfill Jeremiah 1 vs 8 and 1Timothy 4 vs 13. That will make sure that I go into the world well equipped to tackle any questions regarding the Word of God as I enjoy Teaching ministry.”

Christian Leaders Institue is instrumental in the success of Mission Zimbabwe.

“Thanks to Christian Leaders Institute organization, who are offering the training of Leaders for free on-line. For the organization to continue operating, they need funding in form of donations. I am humbly asking your organization to donate towards this noble cause. Always remember Hebrews 6 vs 10 which says, God will repay for every good work you have done towards His work.”

Peter ends by asking for your prayers for him and Mission Zimbabwe.

“I would request a prayer that I will be strong and increase in wisdom, understanding and explaining the Word of God that many will know and be strong in the Lord through my ministry. Yours Faithfully – Peter Nyakudya”

Peter has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to lead The United Assemblies Church thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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