Online Bible School in the United Kingdom

Online Bible School in the United Kingdom

Greetings to you brothers and sisters in the Lord. My name is Pius Otu Nyiam, I currently live in Manchester, England, United Kingdom where I have been for most of my life. I am 54 years old. Ministry in the UK I believe is now being dominated by churches from Africa. The UK brought Christianity to Africa but it has gone full circle because now Africa has brought Christianity back to Europe. There are hundreds of African churches in most cities in Europe now and growing.

Popularly known as HRH Prince Pius because I was born into a royal family from Bokyi nation in Cross River State of Nigeria. As a young boy I attended the Catholic Church and my mother is still a very strong Catholic. My father slept in the Lord in 2001. I have always known God, in 1978 a cousin took me to a Pentecostal Church in Sokoto, Nigeria when I became burn again however, I stopped my walk with God and went into the world doing things that do not glorify God. I prayed most times, went to church regularly and the Lord was very patient with me. Finally, May 2013 a friend took me to another church when I had spiritual attack. God delivered me and I became filled with the Holy Spirit who gave me the gift of Healing and Casting out Demons.

As a young boy I always knew I was going to serve the Lord later in life. I need to fully live up to my name (Pius) “A Religious Person.” My dream is to have an Outreach Ministry for casting out demons, healing and wining souls through music and drama while glorifying God. I have had interesting conversations with Pastors about God and I was already planning to work with some Anointed men and women of God. My plan is to establish my Ministry in my home town in Nigeria and work with other respected Pastors from other parts of the world. During my search for information to help my ministry, I found Christian Leaders Institute and my life has not been the same because the course is so in-depth, very clear, very well researched, professionally presented and surprisingly free.

Since joining my church in Manchester, I have receive tremendous support spiritually, emotionally and physically. The Lord anointed me with the Holy Spirit two days to my last birthday; I was made an Elder and Minister. As an NGO expert, I have helped the church to establish its own members association to look at welfare issues in the church and the community. I want to give something back to the church before I relocate to Nigeria. Most of the members and the church leadership respect my views and I am using the knowledge gained from CLI to help improve the work in my local church. I now have a fruitful walk with God. I joined two men of God and we visit people in their homes to pray with them and give them directions from the Holy Spirit.

My family means a lot to me. I have informed my family about my decision to serve the Lord, my wife has been an inspiration for my calling, she prays for me to be successful in anything I do. My mother was very happy to hear that I decided to surrender to our Lord and Saviour. My children were very surprised, because my lifestyle was of the world. I now preach to my children, my siblings know God some are burn again, my plan is to help save all my family and my larger family. My children are ready to join my ministry and join me to serve the Lord. Since I met Jesus again last year, I communicate with our father everyday and every time and unfailingly searching the Word.

Finally, I need to be well prepared for my Ministry. CLI is my hope for that, at the moment I am out of work and life has been a struggle. I need the scholarship to continue my education. I know that as I start working I will make regular contribution to the work of CLI. When my ministry is in full operation, CLI will play a huge role in the training of my Pastors. At the moment I have been actively promoting this Online Bible School in the United Kingdom and work of CLI to my church members and to other friends that have been Called and those already Pastors. I would appreciate prayers for more anointing from the Holy Spirit and continuous Spiritual growth.

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