Christian family values carried Emmanuel Ainu of Ghana through his life. Sometimes things happened to strengthen his faith which drove him to learn more about Jesus. God’s plans are already in place for us. This Christian Leaders Institute student is pressing forward to strengthen his calling.


My name is Emmanuel Ainu, a 28 year old Ghanaian. I was born in Ghana and currently live in Essikadu, Ghana with my wife. We are expecting our first child by the end of the year. We are a Christian family living in Essikadu, a town within the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly of the Western Region in Ghana.

Wiki: Essikado is a town in the Western region of Ghana. It is 20 kilometres from the centre Takoradi[1] the Western regional capital. The town is within Sekondi. It is used mainly as a dormitory town for various workers who work in the regional capital and its environs. The town is in the Essikado-Ketan constituency of Ghana.

I was born into a Christian family. My dad and eldest brother are both serving as Ministers of the gospel with the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Ghana. I was brought up and baptized under the Christian faith. I developed a deeper love and understanding of the faith ten years ago. I was listening to a preaching message on tape and I had a strange feeling in my mind and body. After this feeling, my desire to read the word of God, fast, pray and teach the word became insatiable. I later came to understand that the strange feeling, as I described it, was not a mere feeling but rather a filling of the Holy Spirit of God within me…

I had a nearly fatal car accident in 2012 that made the reality of Heaven and hell even more real to me. I survived but have always wondered where those who died went. Even as a Christian family we hadn’t really established the belief in me of what Heaven was; up to this point. This singular incident really fired in me the passion to spread the good news about Jesus.

Like the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:21(KJV) “21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.” I want to be a vessel of honour sanctified and made ready for the use of God. I desire for God to use me to touch many people across the globe. People need a Christian family life. I look at life in Essikadu and there are many churches but lifestyle and behavior patterns show this land needs serious revival. I desire for God to use me to stir up this revival even beyond the borders of my country.

Ghana is a largely Christian country and I believe a majority of the population really love the Lord. I am a youth leader and deacon of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church at Essikadu. There are many Orthodox and Charismatic denominations in Essikadu. Sadly the town needs revival of the Holy Spirit now more than ever. Christian family values and examples are fading here.

Essikadu as a town needs the revival of God. Most of our churches are virtually empty during Church services. A lot of the youth are vagabonds without parental supervision. Deviant behaviors are rampant. Teenage pregnancy is a common sight. Most parents are more interested in work and making money than seeking God, leading their children to seek God or building a solid Christian family. Oddly, Easter and Christmas are periods when deviant behaviors reach unimaginable proportions in this area.

My local church has been of immense support to my ministry efforts. The Pastors and elders are reliable sources of inspiration and advice at all times. Most of our church members also hold me in high esteem and give me necessary respect even though many are older. My family is an unceasing flow of love and support. As a Christian family they do everything they can to move my ministry forward. The calling on my life is to be a Pastor (Shepherd); to teach, preach, pray and strengthen others. This reflects my passions and now has become more obvious after going through the Getting Started Class with Christian Leaders Institute.

A scholarship at CLI will give me the much needed opportunity to receive adequate training, sharpen my skills and strengthen my mental resolve to succeed in ministry. CLI will also place me in a larger Christian family who share in the same focus and direction. Christian Leaders Institute has already been a blessing. The scholarship will help my ministerial calling succeed.

Pray for my ministry at Essikadu. There are many souls to be won and many hearts to be turned to God. Essikadu for God, Ghana for God and the World for God.

Thanks to a faithful Christian family Emmanuel Ainu has learned to follow his calling. If you feel inspired to follow a calling with Jesus CLICK HERE to join our Christian family.

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