Youth Initiative Zambia

Youth Initiative A Passion For Phillip Zgambo of Zambia

Youth Initiative describes this man’s life, his missions, his calling and even his desired focus ministry. Phillip Zgambo of Zambia has helped his community whenever he could; including working with Global Youth Initiative Zambia. Now he has chosen Christian Leaders Institute to learn and become more effective in his youth initiative efforts.

Youth Initiative basically means young people taking introductory steps or leading action. Phillip desires to learn to be a good teacher, showing young people how to break away from backward traditions and become shining examples to others.

Teaching them how to live with true youth initiative through Jesus Christ.


I am Phillip Zgambo and I live in Ndola; Zambia’s second city and the capital of the copper-rich Copperbelt province. I am married. Together with my wife Noliva we have one beautiful son; Chimwemwe. (His name means JOY in our native language) Both Noliva and I are born-again Christians.

Ndola is the third largest city in Zambia, with a population of 455,194 (2010 census provisional). It is the industrial and commercial center of the Copperbelt, Zambia’s copper-mining region, and capital of Copperbelt Province. It is also the commercial capital city of Zambia and has one of the three international airports, others being Livingstone and Lusaka. It lies just 10 km from the border with DR Congo.[1]  … …Ndola was founded in 1904 making it the second oldest colonial-era town of Zambia… …Many closed factories and plants lie unoccupied in the town… …Ndola is home to one of the country’s national newspapers, the Times of Zambia, as well as its printer, Printpak. These run as one company called TimesPrintpak.

Catholic Church run printing press, ‘Mission Press’, is also located in Ndola. ‘Mission Press’ operates as a commercial entity.

I got saved in February of 1993 during my last grade of Secondary School at Chama High. I had just moved there a month earlier after having been expelled from my previous school and spending over a year at the farm. My previous Deputy Headmaster from school saw something in me and refused to let me rot at the farm. As his last act before relocating, he called me to his office and gave me a transfer letter to another school where my record of miss-deeds was not known.

A month after moving to Chama, I was invited to the Scripture Union meeting; where incidentally the guy preaching shared my last name, Cosmas Zgambo. The preaching that evening was about me even though there were dozens of us in attendance and Cosmas had no idea who I was or what I had ever done. “Some of you are involved in one caper after another and when people applaud it you feel like you are champions. But truth be told, when you are alone, you feel completely empty and useless,” he said. He preached right to me. By the time the meeting was over I was at the altar.

I have been involved in youth initiative and ministry ever since that time. Leading a group of youth outreach ministers in Kitwe, Zambia called Destiny Youths and a Christian NGO, Global Youth Initiative Zambia is some of what I do.

I have no doubt what God’s call is on my life. I feel like Christian Leaders Institute is what I have been waiting years for. I feel a scholarship from CLI will help me prepare to achieve God’s will and vision for my life. I feel the training I will receive from CLI will help me become a better Minister of God, a better Outreach worker, a better youth initiative mentor and a better church member. Jesus will make me a better husband, better father to my son and a better me!

Global Youth Initiative Zambia – “In December of 1996, a number of young men and women met in Kitwe, Copperbelt Zambia over what they termed ‘The Youth Vision’. The idea was to get the youth involved in issues that affect society. A couple of youth ventures were launched from that meeting, one of them being an un-registered group called ‘DESTINY YOUTHS’. As Destiny Youths, we carried out a number of outreach events in Zambia from 1996 to 2009. We narrowed down our areas of focus to issues of HIV/AIDS and Climate Change/Environment issues between 2002 and 2008. We incorporated in January 2010 as Global Youth Initiative Zambia (GYIZ) with our motto as ‘Imparting a Vision…Impacting a Generation!’.”

This Christian Leaders Institute student has been involved with Global Youth Initiative Zambia and many other life changing ministries in and around his community. Phillip Zgambo has shown that you can rise above a jagged past with Jesus and make a difference.

My Ministry goal is to be involved in youth Evangelism. The youth are my passion. When I see the uncertainty that they face today, both churched and un-churched, my heart bleeds. They need someone who has felt what they are feeling and can tell them there is a better way. God’s way and JESUS’ way is for them. I want to preach and propagate the grace of Jesus. That is the passion God put on my heart back in 1994.

I want to reach my corner of the world for Jesus. I may not be able to travel the world for HIM but I certainly will reach my corner for Jesus; with His grace. That is why I need good quality training and preparation. The kind I strongly believe I would receive at Christian Leaders Institute.

I see myself as an Evangelist/Teacher. I have a passion for youth initiative and leading the younger generation to Jesus. I also have a passion to ground them in Christ. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in business Administration and 3 Diplomas in Business and Sales.

For now, I feel led into bi-vocational ministry. If God says otherwise later, He is God. He knows best. Your prayers over my life, family, ministry and my field of practice will go a long way in taking me to His destiny planned for me.

Many thanks from Zambia;

Phillip Zgambo

Whether you are called to minister through a youth initiative in your area or just want to reinforce your faith and learning with God’s Word, Christian Leaders Institute encourages everyone to study what The Bible tells us. To learn more about CLI or become a student CLICK HERE! To Donate CLICK HERE!

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