Ministry Training Accreditation

I attended the ACEA ministry training accreditation conference in Portland, OR. The conference was held from June 9-11.   This year’s conference included Portland Bible College Internship summit. The conference was represented by various world wide ministries.

City Church of Anchorage Leaders

Anchorage Leaders Passionate About Ministry Training Accreditation

One ministry was City Church School of Ministry.   Al Woods is a director organization in Anchorage, Alaska. Ministry training accreditation for this school is about accountability and support.  This local school raises up local leaders in the journey of calling and ministry preparation. This can potential lead to ordination at City Church.  I met the senior pastor of City Church of Anchorage, Rich Irwin.  I enjoyed his generous spirit and calling into ministry training at the local level.

The ACEA Brand of Ministry Training Accreditation

ACEA has gathered partnering schools that are interested in ministry training accreditation issues. This non-traditional accreditation organization stands in contrast to the government accreditation models.  The government accreditation models feature things like the need for a physical library, tenured professors and residencies. These models do not work will with the passion of Christian Leaders Institute to remain free and available to train Christian Leaders in the free model of funding.

Ken Malmin

Ken Malmin, Dean of Portland Bible College

Christian Leaders Institute values accountability and creditability.  We seek to be members of a non-traditional organization that is encouraging us to bring students and graduates excellent and high quality ministry training. Ministry training accreditation is important to Christian Leaders Institute.

The Dean and Professor of Theology of Portland Bible College, Ken Malmin, talked about the place of preparation for ministry training. Every ministry training group needs to encourage personal effectiveness. No amount of Ministry training accreditation can mentor students into many of important effectiveness traits.

Some Mentioned Ministry Effectiveness Traits:

People Skills
Hearing God
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Administration Skills
Financial Skills
Life Skills
Wisdom Skills

Each of these skills are required for effective ministry, and none of them can be learned in a classroom. There are core practices and principles surrounding many of these that can be taught in a class, but the only way to become effective in these skills is to practice them. One of the best ways to gain experience and really learn the skills is also to see them in action. This is where mentors can play a crucial role in developing ministry leaders.

This ACEA conference has given me more ideas of how to implement ministry training accreditation culture at Christian Leaders Institute.

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