Free Ministry Training Blessing

Read how this Australian woman and her husband are serving God wherever He sends them. She is excited about the free ministry training blessing offered at Christian Leaders Institute.

Free Ministry Training Blessing

My name is Kelly, and I am so thankful for this free ministry training blessing at Christian Leaders Institute. I currently live in Limerick, Ireland. This place is where the Lord sent my husband and me into a calling known only unto Him. Originally from Sydney, Australia, I spent around eight years in London in the United Kingdom. Then, I moved back to Australia where I lived in different states and worked in a variety of jobs.

After meeting a wonderful man, he and I married a few months later. At that time, I also discovered the love of my life in Jesus Christ my Savior. So, my husband and I began our journey together in the adventure that is in Christ. First, we moved to Cambodia where we set up Seraiah Cambodia. Then from there, we were sent to Ireland where we now run a training and fellowship group called Seraiah Ministries.

We wanted to learn more about God’s word and how to be a knowledgeable Christian leader, so we searched online. Now, we feel so very blessed to be here and undertaking these courses at the Christian Leaders Institute. It is a privilege to receive this free ministry training blessing offered at Christian Leaders Institute. CLI is a Godsend to us. We are learning many new leadership skills and are growing in our daily walk with God. Thank you, CLI, for this free ministry training blessing!


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