God Given Ministry Call

God Given Ministry Call

My life started as a tiny baby, two months premature, to a mother who was still a child of 15. I began life as Melissa Ann Doolittle. I was born in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America in a Quaker town where religion was a ritual. At 14 months old, I was abandoned in an apartment and found three days later. This horrific action led to my adoption. I became Heather Nicole Kaltreider, and I have a God given ministry call on my life.

A childhood of parental divorce, childhood abuse from sexual to physical and wrapped up with emotional torture, led me to a place of suicide. Life was of no value. I was of no value. I wondered, “God, where are you?” The razor blade left scars that remind me today that He bled with me. This spiral of low self-esteem took me on a journey of two abusive marriages and wondering why that tiny baby lived.

One day, a small church presented the opportunity of a door that I choose to walk through. I found Christ in a way I never knew. I would love to say that life became easy and blissful, but that would not be true. While this church shared the love of Christ, it lacked personal discipleship of what this new relationship is. It took a few years of falling down. Then one day, my art was discovered. I learned how painting could be a form of worship. Tears of healing and brokenness began to come out with the brushes and paint. I found my voice with colors on a canvas. I started a business, and that has developed into an opening to minister to women and children.

God Given Ministry Call and Gifts

I am gifted in small group leadership and evangelism. God has used me to form a nonprofit ministry, 4 Christ Thru Christ. This ministry materialized after I started at Christian Leaders Institute. In fact, we filed a nonprofit EIN this week. These courses at CLI are teaching me not only how to be a better leader, but a better person and in a better relationship with my God.

The challenges in my area are the very legalistic and conservative culture. There is not a lot of room for the gifts of the Spirit. People are not growing because churches have bound them with many rules created by those wanting a powerful platform instead of a powerful Kingdom.

This study opportunity at CLI is vital because it allows an abandoned little girl, abused by the system of man, to learn her value as a daughter of the King. It takes my life from being written as a third person view, to me, Heather, a woman of worth. Finishing these courses will allow me to grow and use my gifts from God to take other women from a third party view of themselves to look at their reflection and see the daughter of the King.


Learn about ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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