Ministry Warrior

Ministry Warrior

My name is Kathy Janzen, and I have a dream to be a ministry warrior for the Lord. I live in the Cypress Hills in Alberta, Canada. Christian Leaders Institute has been my dream long before I even knew they existed. I wanted a place where I could be challenged to learn more about Jesus and His Word. I met Jesus when I was about eight years old. He and the Father would come to me at night when I cried. My childhood was not safe, but I felt their presence. It would not be until I was 30 before I heard the salvation message and finally knew who walked with me through my darkest valleys.

I have always had a heart for the broken and mistreated. My childhood dream was to be a psychologist who worked with the most damaged children. Now my heart continues to beat for them, but my vision has changed. God is my Creator, and I want to use the simple gift of acceptance to reach others and show them His love.

God’s Call and Ministry Warrior Training at CLI

About two years ago, I was praying aloud in my room when the words “I want to be in full-time ministry within ten years” came out of my mouth. I know it was from the Lord because it was never a thought until that moment. Now that I have CLI, I am finally making real steps towards this dream He has given me. I do not see myself as a leader, evangelist, pastor, or church planter. I do not even know what the title will be. “Ministry warrior who saves the hurting church” is a little long for a business card. This course on leadership has helped me begin to put words to where I want to go.

Some obstacles that I will need to overcome are due to distance. It is difficult to get reliable internet and we do not have close neighbors. So, the small one-to-one connections are difficult to cultivate. We are looking to move in the next year. Therefore, I pray every day that God will place me somewhere that I can complete what He has laid on my heart. I have always loved public speaking, teaching, and writing. These are my strengths. I want to finish my education here at Christian Leaders Institute and begin to share with authority what God has done for me.

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