Christian Leaders Minister Training

I’m Caushika Fernando from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). I wanted to follow a course in Theology after my graduation. However, I’m not earning since marriage, so it was not financially feasible. Spending time and money on traveling for lectures would have inconvenienced my family. The Christian Leaders minister training being free, online, and flexible to do at my own pace was unbelievable!

Although a stay-at-home mom at present, I’m a teacher of Music and English and served as a visiting Instructor of English at a university before marriage. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Diploma in Technology(Civil). Also, I have excelled in music as well. In addition, I am an Anglican and a Sunday School teacher.

Being a Christian Leaders Ministry Student in a multi-religious and multi-cultural society is challenging. Many people are money minded, selfish, and competitive. Even those who are financially stable seem to lack something. As a result, they have a sense of insecurity and no peace of mind. There are many trials and daily struggles for me, too. However, the difference is that, as a Christian, I have hope.

My Youth

I’m the first child of three born to Anglican parents from generational Christians. I drew closer to the Lord through a great tragedy in our family. It was when we lost the elder of my two younger brothers, who was just 11 years old. His death was so sudden that we were not even given a chance to pray. This puzzle led us to a mighty man of God. The Holy Spirit revealed through that my brother was resting in Jesus and that God intended to use us all for His service.

Later on, during one of his fasting and prayer services, I was convicted of my sins and experienced inexpressible joy! Before, my world used to revolve around my family. Still, since that experience, everyone seemed to be a part of my family. I also felt more sensitive to other people’s concerns and prayed for them with a burden. God changed me.

We continued to serve the Lord in our Anglican church. I played the organ, taught in the Sunday School, and joined the Youth Fellowship and choir. My father served as a lay preacher and warden, while my mother was an active member of the Mothers’ Union. Later on, my youngest brother completed a Diploma in Theology and started serving as a lay preacher. But, by then, we all realized that God’s plans were superior to ours.

My Marriage and Family

Later, our family shifted to the Capital city, where I completed my higher studies. During this time, I married an Anglican, and we’ve been blessed with a wonderful daughter, now 17 years old. Since marriage, I have been a stay-at-home mom and continue to serve as a Sunday school teacher and in the online prayer ministry of our church.

Christian Leaders Minister Training at CLI

My spiritual dream is to be able to reach out to many, especially children, through music as well as various other talents. The Christian Leaders minister training will help me better equip the children in our Sunday school, serve in the Prayer Ministry of our Church more effectively, and reach out to society through my talents more confidently.

May God bless Christian Leaders Institute more and more!

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