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My name is Dennis R. Sumner, Jr., and I live in Union, South Carolina, USA. The tuition-free online minister and Bible training at the Christian Leaders Institute are preparing me for ministry (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Beginnings

I was born into a low-income family situation. The way that many very close members of my family chose to deal with that was to become criminals and drug addicts. Some of the closest members of my family spent many years in prison. Therefore, I spent most of my childhood being transported from one detention facility to another to visit my relatives.

I had a good experience with school and did very well with academics as well as extra-curricular activities. I spent a lot of time with my friends. So, I filled my days from the time the sun rose until sunset busying myself with many of these things. However, I always knew that something was missing.

My Spiritual Journey

I did not grow up in a church setting, but I knew of the principles and teachings. I knew who Christ was, but I didn’t know Christ. One day, two ladies came to my door and told me that their church was beginning a bus ministry. So, they were going door-to-door along the route to find people interested in a ride to church in case they did not have transportation. I took these saints up on their offer and prepared myself for what I thought would simply be a new experience.

However, God opened my eyes to a family that I needed. They introduced me to a Savior that I quickly learned I needed even more. At 17, I gave my life to the Lord and vowed to be committed to Him with my life and my love.

He has been with me through those early family struggles, six difficult years in the United States Navy, a divorce, a long period of loneliness, a new love, a loving marriage, children, and grandchildren. There have been many struggles along the way. I’ve fallen many times. Many of those times, I was doubtful that I could rise up again. However, God was always faithful in lifting me up, encouraging me to move forward, and giving me peace.

Minister and Bible Training at CLI

God has given me a heart of love and compassion for my neighbor. My earnest desire is to please Him and to encourage others to come to know the love that I have found in surrendering to and serving Him. I want to move forward in a ministerial mode and learn how to help others in their walk with God. So I looked online and found the Christian Leaders Institute for ministry and Bible training. What a blessed opportunity!

I pray to use my knowledge and skill as a minister to glorify Him and lift up His Holy name.

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