Ministry Training for Romania

Christian Leaders Institute offers ministry training for Romanians who speak English, and many of them do. This country is a hot spot for revival right now. The pentecostal and Baptist faiths are spreading quickly all across Romania. As a result there are many new leaders who are earnestly seeking quality ministry training for Romania. Some of these leaders have found their way to Christian Leaders Institute.

One such leader is Gabriel from Ovidiu, Romania. He has accessed this ministry training for Romania and is pursuing advanced studies. Here is his story,

I’m Gabriel from Ovidiu, a small town of 13,000 people in the Constanta district of Romania, Europe. I came to Jesus in 2007 and I got baptized in March of 2008. I am married with no children.

This is my story. I came from a worldly background.  Although my mother was born a baptist she never practiced her faith and married a non Christian.

I was born in 1984 under a communist regime and witnessed the fall of communism and then the fall of my countrymen after that. I got baptized in a Baptist church and am now the manager of the local Pentecostal Church in Romania.

I am baptized in the Holy Spirit. For three years I was a youth leader and now with God’s help I occasionally preach. I’m not perfect but I hope God will transform me to be more like Him. My goal is to learn more than I know now so that God can use me as He pleases. In the picture below I’m the one on the right, my wife is on the left and my mentors from my early years are in the middle. God bless them.

Romania is ripe for the Gospel to be proclaimed. This is a land of contrasts. This former communist country is now an open door for the gospel so CLI will continue to offer high quality ministry training for Romania and those God is calling to lead this revival!


Stuart Harrison –

“My name is Stuart Harrison, I am 30 years old and originally from Luton, England. I have been living in Romania for almost 5 years now and more specifically in a small town called Balan for one year. In Balan, I am seeking to share the gospel with those in the town, working mostly with teenagers and children as I feel God has gifted me and directed me.

“Christian ministry in Romania has many challenges. Certainly the older generations, and to some extent the younger too, have very strong stereotypes regarding people groups, such as the Roma Gypsies, and denominational groups, such as Orthodox and Pentecostal. For example, a person is Baptist or Pentecostal rather than simply a Christian. It is hard for integration between denominations to occur even though this would be of great value – especially in small towns such as Balan where true believers are few. Events done under the Orthodox banner are disapproved of by the Baptists and vice versa – even if they are done in a similar way and with the same overall purpose.

“In addition to this, Balan is situated in a Hungarian speaking part of the country. However, Balan itself is predominantly Romanian speaking. There can be hostility between the two cultures and also with Roma Gypsies. The gospel doesn’t know those boundaries. It is vital for all people groups and denominations (Orthodox and Catholic being the main two in Balan). The challenge is to share this all encompassing gospel message with all people and help them break down their stereotypes and misconceptions about religion.

“Personally, I was brought up in England in a Christian home. I went to a Baptist church – which I still attend when back in the UK and have some level of support from for the work I am seeking to do in Romania. I can’t give a specific date as to when I became a Christian. I know God worked in my heart in many stages as my understanding grew. However, for me the most significant period in my life for helping to establish my own personal faith in God would have to be my time at university. Leaving home at 18, I now had the choice – do I continue in my walk with God? If I do, which church should I attend and how should I be involved there? It was a challenge for me to see others who were clearly Christians, but who had a different understanding of some theological issues and practical ways that the Biblical truths should be applied to our lives. It was a significant time for me, questioning what I had been brought up to believe to confirm or otherwise that it was accurate to the Bible. I’m grateful to God, my parents and my church leaders that in many things I grew more confident that what I believed was true. In some issues, my views had to change to be more in line with what I felt God said in His Word – but here also, it only served to make me appreciate the Bible more and to make a more personal stand for my faith.

“Now, I want to continue to live out my faith for others to see. While I’m in Balan, I hope to live a life that honors God and is a faithful witness to those around me. I sense a great need in this town for a church that is not limited by a denominational stamp but that embraces only the truth of the Bible and where all people are welcome and valued. I would love to see many come to a true faith and not just be nominally Orthodox or Catholic. I would love to see them passionate to live out their faith and make a stand for God in this town. I would love to see a growing unity between believers from other smaller churches here – where they can work together for the cause of God’s kingdom.”Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison Receives a Scholarship

“I want to tap into sound, solid resources that will remind me, confirm in me, challenge me and further teach me Biblical truth and skills in sharing this. This is why I have enrolled on the CLI program and wish to study additional modules in the coming months and years.

“Please pray for wisdom! Pray for my personal walk with God to grow and be an example. Pray for the things mentioned above – that God would work in individual lives and use me to this end in any way He chooses. Pray for my practical need – language development, finances, health, companionship and partnership in the work of sharing the gospel.”

 Stuart Harrison is a man with a mission. He moved from England to Romania where he seeks to share the gospel with a small town there. In this town, Stuart Harrison sees a divided Christian Community. Where there should be unison and common effort to reach the world for Christ, there exists petty discord instead. It is Stuart Harrison’s dream to help the next generation to see that being a Christian isn’t about your denomination being more right than another. Rather, Stuart Harrison wants to show them it’s about loving God and living out His love for others to see. CLI can help Stuart Harrison achieve his dream!
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